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[Drama 2019] Angel's Last Mission: Love 단, 하나의 사랑


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Just finish the drama with subs.... hmm.. i guess i understand why those who followed the finale episode on this thread were at wits end due to the "short" ending... hehe... (i was eager on the ending and was waiting for the updates on this thread).


Overall it was okay, though i had wished for a better and clearer ending, ie, on what basis did Dan became human after God him a second chance as an angel. His wish to protect and see her forever was granted? Even though,  why did he become human? 


Im seeing better visuals of KMS in this drama and hope to see him future in other dramas. As for SHS, im sure she has a lot of offers :)


im curious why there is no article on the drama ending on soompi but there was one for One Spring Night, hmmm...

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10 minutes ago, realistic2280a said:

i had wished for a better and clearer ending, ie, on what basis did Dan became human after God him a second chance as an angel. His wish to protect and see her forever was granted? Even though,  why did he become human? 

Very good question @realistic2280a. I believe the answer to the question 'on what basis', if you mean under what conditions, Dan was allowed to become human with a beating heart that can love Yeon-Seo in all the ways we can now imagine for them, is - no conditions attached !  Dan was given back his life (Yoo Sung-Woo, his original life, maybe with an upgraded, fully capable male exterior but the same tender heart of the guardian angel protector and friend and husband forever) to do with Yeon-Seo whatsoever his heart desires.


While the 60+ minute last episode was exasperatingly spent on dotting the I's and crossing the T's by this ocd writer who seemed to have wanted proper closure for many irrelevant items which she herself drove into dead-ends (too many to mention which others here have discussed), at least she did her due diligence with the exact reasons why first off Dan wasn't evaporated into dust like others but was allowed to 'return to heaven', and secondly, some time (a year?) later was finally granted this final MIRACLE (which was promised from the beginning). So in a way there was the strange mix of conditions attached to why the miracle could be granted (there were tests they had to pass along the way), but once granted, it was a cart blanche grant of a life back to Sung-Woo/Dan - probably because by going thru all those hurdles the writer supposedly has satisfied herself rationally and feels like she's rationalized why it should be satisfactory for the viewers, too.


Methinks the writer has some formal religious affiliation and catechism or creed to which she wanted to stay true as much as possible within a fantastic drama framework, and I respect her first amendment rights to do so. But it is quite clearly most or vast majority of us drama audiences don't need any of that.


I applaud very much the effort, though, and enjoyed participating in dreaming the impossible along with everyone here. :kiss_wink:

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I made my confession after watching the last 2 eps with eng subs.

The scene that made me cry non-stop in the finale was this scene...it was so heart breaking.

I watched the drama because of myung soo and ended up being blown away by SHS's acting.

Myung soo's acting has also improved alot compared to the last drama i have seen him back in 2017.

How could I not love our Danyeon couple?

For the last couple of months, they have made us laugh and cried so hard.

YS and Dan's characters really make our otp shines brightly in this drama.

I'll be looking forward to the KBS drama award at the end of this year.

Hope that they will attend the award together and win Best couple award, Best Actress and Actor awards, Best OST and Best drama award and Daesang for SHS.

KBS, is it possible?

This is the best kdrama that i have seen so far in 2019 that lured me back into soompi once again.

Hope that they will be able to reunite for another kdrama in future.




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20 minutes ago, glass_shoe15 said:

I love kim dan dialog toowhen he said @ write 'happy 30th anniversry. Im still love you'


So touching.i cry like river to finish final episode with eng subb.

i think i cry every episode of this drama...i really indulge in the emotion for ALML. there are soo many scene really hit the spot....i would like to remember this drama for a long time.:bawling:

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1 hour ago, glass_shoe15 said:



Who know the song tittle in bts background in kbs youtube when danyeon go out together when yeon seo wear yellow dress? (Picnic scene)


It seems to be an unreleased song. Either way the complete OST does not contain it, just as the English version of Stay. I hope O.When will eventually release the English version.


A lot was said about the acting in this drama but not much about the child actors who were also very good and really sold the childhood part of the story.




















source:  jennykje0517 IG,  youngsun2481526 IG

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