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[Drama 2019] Angel's Last Mission: Love 단, 하나의 사랑


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2 hours ago, jakey09 said:

Maybe the answer lies in Yeon Seo after all. YS may have something those two women didn’t. What could that be? Strength? Fighting spirit? Unwavered heart? I’m not sure. But there’s definitely a twist. 


I have thought from the beginning that the answer lies within YS as well. She has some magical powers when she was able to "see" KD, before he was made human when she was blind. When she was at the cliff, she could also sense someone there.  She is the only one who can tell that Hoo Sunbae was in nun disguise through his familiar scent.  There is something about her and I am ready for the epic plot twist. 

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Best. Episode. Ever.


I swear I try to concentrade on subplots and other characters but I fail miserably every episode. Blame Kim Dan and Yeon Seo's magical love story! So many beautiful scenes that we had in this episode, I was smiling to my laptop's screen like an idiot, ugh, I'm really going to miss this drama after it ends. :tears:


And of course I'm going to comment on THAT kiss (you know which one!!), I'm still recovering from it omg!!! A hot make out in the rain followed by a bed scene??? We deserved that LOL! (And I'd like to thank L and SHS for going in with that kiss as if there was no tomorrow whoa! *fans self*)



Seriously, I can not gush enough about all the lovely scenes our otp had in this episode, I'm in shippers heaven




5 hours ago, digi223 said:

Just a thought, the first time KD's handkerchief glimmered, it was when he first kissed LYS, and the second time it glimmered, it was when he was in bed with LYS. Does that mean his handkerchief will glimmer when he tastes the forbidden fruit, so to speak? He is going to get married with LYS in the next episode. I wonder if his handkerchief is going to glimmer a third time, or something else is going to happen?

If the preview to the next episode is any indication, I hope that thing glimers throughout their entire wedding night :wub:

Just kidding (not really lol), thank you for bringing that up! I so agree with you and @taeunfighting on this. I think there are many details that could be read as hints for a happy ending instead of the tragedy most fans are worried about. Call me naive but I believe there's a big chance we will get a really good ending for the OTP this time. ^_^


I mean, they already suffered enough, it's time to give them a reward. The deity will catch these hands if Danyeo don't get the ending they deserve -_-


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1 hour ago, Ameera Ali said:





Sorry but I am really disappointed, I wanted to see angel talking shower or some kind of angel abs :mrgreen: 


my partners in crime  @Sarang21 & @triplem couldn’t the director do better . How we know he take a shower :joy: . 


See that's why I said that we need to become directors for dramas. The male lead wouldn't be wearing any shirts for the entire drama :lol:. I think we need to fly to SK and have a talk with the director, (looking for an excuse to skip exams):phew:

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Wow how is this gonna end? Ideally I would love it that JW saves YS from dying, then actually turns back to an angel where SH is waiting for him as an angel too...or maybe YS becomes an angel and forever they roam the world as angels. Whatever it is, please give everyone a happy ending sir diety 

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3 minutes ago, Nymeria289 said:

So ratings are 5.5 and 6.6....Spring Night got 5.5 and 7.8 so they edged us out I guess

rating decreases but it okay....hope for a awesome episode tonight.:lol:


one thing for sure, yeonseo and dan would get best couple for KBS DRAMA AWARDS.:thumbsup:

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7 minutes ago, Nymeria289 said:

So ratings are 5.5 and 6.6....Spring Night got 5.5 and 7.8 so they edged us out I guess

I think it might have something to do with the release of Spiderman in the cinemas. In any case, for me this drama has already received allot of recognition, not to mention an award, the outstanding praise for SHS acting and the undeniable chemistry between our OTP.


All I want now is a freaking HAPPY ENDING for DanYeon!!!



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4 hours ago, briseis said:

They are so desperate for each other it's unreal!




I can't get enough of this scene. It's soo beautiful :heart::heart:

Also this scene is one of my favorite from today's episodes. It's just soo warming the way Dan slips LYS into his arms. :love::kiss_wink:



Source: Mine

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KBS has uploaded an extended version of the preview and it contains some worrying scene - JKW standing in front of YS's mansion (presumably on the wedding day judging by his clothes), talking to someone on phone and having tears in eyes. There is also a meeting between JKW and Dan. I really hope the preview is extremely misleading because Dan tells JKW that he should live and stay by YS's side. I hope Dan doesn't want to draw the noble idiocy card or pull the runaway groom (which I think is really unlikely, though); I suspect Dan might want to use what is left of his life and use it to protect YS, save her from her inevitable death, sacrificing himself for her. Remember, he is no longer invulnerable. On the other hand, there is YS who wants to save Dan. The upcoming episodes are going to be total nailbiters.


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I can understand why the rattings decreased. I think this drama started pretty cool, but some of the narrative were off. This does not mean I don´t like it, I'm still following this thread after all. If the drama was not good, I wouldn´t be here. But I think the drama lacked in some points.


First: LYS eyes. I thought the writes lost a great opportunity to develop her issues and I think it would be beautiful because it's not every time we see plots like that in drama (I think the last time I saw this kind of plot it was in "That Winter the Wind Blows". But okay, they didn´t drag it, but what about LYS develop as a character? I can understand how she became more happy and how she start to regain faith in the world. But I thought they could put more episodes on it. They kind rushed this plot because the whole issue about "angels who cannot be human".


Second: They showed many good plot, but they didn´t develop anything. Nina issues, the problems some ballerinas had with weight,... I think they add too much, and they couldn´t handled it, so they just forgot.


Third: JKW. I can understand why some people are so upset because of this character. They bassically made him a stalker. They made him following our couple everywhere without a clearly reason! They also didn´t develop more about his relationship with his ex lover, but they made him develop feelings for LYS. I just can´t buy that. Because of this, I feel that JKW didn´t love anyone and he was just some narcissist, but it's not the reality and we do know that.


Fourth: Our couple. I think they lack something, is not about chemistry. They have chemistry! It's not about the story itself about them. But somehow, I think the writers lost too much time in the "what if". The amount scenes of JKW and LYS didn´t help it. I think it would be better if they showed more scenes between our couple. Now I think it's too late, but I still like it because I think they have a good chemistry and because I don´t think the couple is bad.


But at the end of the day, I don´t think the drama is bad, I think it was the best drama I watched this year. But at the same time I think they have many opportunities to make this drama something more than what is now.


I also think if we don´t get a happy ending we will lost some of the beautiful narrative of this drama: faith.

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“But other than those things, I’m just like any other man.”

WOW! He is blatantly and unapologetically flirting with her! And that was quite a suave invitation laced with sexual innuendo and no one will persuade me otherwise.


We’ve been completely deceived by Dan’s innocent face. One night he is telling Yeon Seo about all the ways he is a complete man (and he really uses the Korean word for ‘male’) and the next thing we know he is showing all of them to her. This angel’s got game!


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Is KD disappearing to be reborn?

I am still optimistic for ultimately a happy ending for our OTP.

However, I would love some progression about Ru Na and the voices. She is manipulative and in a sense 'evil'. The rot was there when YS had her first accident. And she is still going to continue. Is it because YS was meant to die anyway and so she is like the grim reaper intent on getting her soul?


And what about her minion?


I have yet to see the latest episode with subs but hope to do so before tonight's episode.

I am still deciding whether or not to watch tonight's episode live because last night, although I was squealing because of the kisses, my heart was wrenched from my chest when Dan realises what was happening and YS knew that KD was slowly disappearing. 

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I think, the problem with this show is ... it has potential to be a 20/22 episode drama but makers just want to rush everything.


I agree it’s one of the best romcoms out there but it tends to get distracted by unnecessary secondary characters drama. Also KBS keeps on changing what’s shown in the previews to what’s actually seen in the episodes. I’m not sure if anybody is noticing but I have seen the dip in the TRPs since KBS started playing with previews and actual episodes. Of course that will frustrate the viewers. 


I think, the makers became too confident regarding MS/HS performances and chemistry that they started neglecting the quality of the show. I think, also because they are on tight schedule right now. They are currently shooting episode 15, how many days left to shoot the last episode? Crazy. 


The main problem with this show is too much to tell in too little time. 


Otherwise this is such speculation. We can judge by what Koreans are saying under the articles ... 


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From that extended preview, tomorrow will be very bittersweet... I may not be able to handle all the sweetness and sadness at the same time. :w00t::wub::skull:



But I know we'll have a "satisfying" happy ending for our DanYeon couple and the others. So come at me, Angst and Torment! Finale is next week! :)


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