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[Drama 2019] Angel's Last Mission: Love 단, 하나의 사랑


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3 hours ago, Shosi_for_9 said:


alright choose danyeon dimpled babies or soosun dimpled babies?


me: of course soosun dimpled babies


well, my wish if writer -nim can make happy ending for our couple danyeon. please make soosun couple happy ending. it will be satisfied

I would have to say both as I am creedy person:P

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18 minutes ago, Ni Wen said:



Lots of good comments on HS and L's acting :)


OMG! I really enjoyed reading all those comments and loved seeing people praise our leads and their undeniable chemistry on and off screen.


This is one of my favourite comments on there :wub::wub:


"can we take a minute and talk about L and his acting?

yes, shin hye sun was amazing but when is she not? i’m more interested in how L became amazingly believable in his role.

i’m not a fan of L or his boy band and i have never been. yes, he’s cute. yes, he looks handsome. but when it comes to acting, he was very green.


I watched this because i wanted to see shin hye sun and how my girl has come from second lead to first lead so fast. i love her and every role she portrays.

but then when L came in and acted as the ditzy angel, i was blown.


In this episode he shows love, heartbreak, loneliness and so many more emotions and all i could say is as someone who would usually swoon at handsome actors, i never expected him to capture my heart like this.

watch out for this angel who will steal your heart.


jesus, i need to take a cold shower. or two."

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To continue about what I said about Dan’s death ... from Yeon Seo’s perspective ... The woman already doesn’t believe in God. When she finds out that Kid Dan died ... Hell, if I was in her place my faith in God would lessen more. Why would you bother believing in God? 

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So there’s this Chingu of mine who watches ALML, who is not good in English and she couldn’t understand what is happening so sometimes she needs me to explain certain scenes. Such as Giselle audition. I thought there could be others as well. So I thought of posting it here - I’m not good at, so I’ll try my best: 


So basically what happened was when Yeon Seo danced, she imagined KW to be Dan. Her mind, her thoughts were filled with Dan. All that yearning, all that passion, all that love, all of that pain, all of it that you could see was basically for Dan whom she was imagining. She didn’t realize it was KW until he suddenly jerked his head aside. 


She felt so overwhelmed, taking a step back, probably disgusted in her heart that she thought Dan was KW.


Tada. So that’s what was happening. 


If your English is weak, read it couple of times you’ll get what I’m saying. 



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“This is yours now. Are you going to give it to me for good? I don’t need this because I’ll be here with you.” 

OMG! When Dan give Yeon Seo his handkerchief it’s such an understated and quite moment which only betrays how poignant it actually is because that handkerchief is the only thing in the world that he owns - it also represents his angelic self - and by giving it to YS and telling her that he’s going to stay by her side, he is basically telling her that he doesn’t need anything in the world but her, that everything that he has or is, be it his human side or his angelic side, belongs to her. He’s now become the very thing he promised her he would: the one person in the world who exists only for her. 


@jakey09 @Ni Wen Thank you for your best wishes :wub: It's actually the penultimate exam for me this year, the last will be on Wednesday morning so I should make it home just in time to live stream with you :)

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