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[Drama 2019] Angel's Last Mission: Love 단, 하나의 사랑


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Could 'You never loved me' have actually come from Matil? Or KW's as he imagined Matil talking to him?

It had happened once when he was watching a video of Matil and she said something to the effect of if it was Dan or his heart which bothered him....

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Just now, Dramanoona said:

Could 'You never loved me' have actually come from Matil? Or KW's as he imagined Matil talking to him?

It had happened once when he was watching a video of Matil and she said something to the effect of if it was Dan or his heart which bothered him....


But she is wearing same clothes when with Dan. I doubt it. It seemed to be Dan in front. 

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Finally was able to sit down and just watch the episodes and my gosh soo much is happening and I feel like we won't have enough time to explain everything and let our OTP have some more romance.


With LYS seeing Dan with his wings at the end was shocking to her, like she must be saying in her head "So they are real!" Cause last time she thought they were fake.


6 hours ago, jakey09 said:

Why do they look so good together?! 


And I’m so happy to see Dan in Green! I’m seriously not kidding ... Green and Purple are my two favourite colours.


And OTPs wearing ‘em! :bawling:


In these scenes, I'm worried that LYS will start to avoid Dan, because she's going to pin it against him that he hid secrets from her all along. Remember how Mrs. Jung kept saying to her "If a man keeps secret from you, he doesn't love you." something like that. Her not knowing much, she must feel extreme betray, because she has no one left in the world and Dan kept secrets from her.

But then, again, it makes me go, as he leaves to go find answers of why he was sent to LYS, he's going to get "hurt" and she'll realize she loves him regardless. Just my guessing for the next episodes.


7 hours ago, jakey09 said:


They won’t go the Goblin way. I would be more worried if she lost all her past memories with Dan. An other concern of mine is, if she ends up remembering, I hope her facts don’t end up being wrong. Her asking him, So You Never Loved Me? I wonder where she is coming from? What made her say that? @briseis Put some light on this! :lol:


They wouldn't go Goblin way of memory loss. There's too much going on to have LYS loss her memories. I think she's just going through another difficult time like how she did with Mr.Jo and starts to loss her sight and walking abilities, again. She'll recover. Her character is strong, she's been through too much.


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INFINITE’s L Impresses “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” Crew With His Hard Work + Dedication

INFINITE’s L Impresses “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” Crew With His Hard Work + Dedication

Jun 22, 2019
by E. Cha

The production staff of “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” can’t say enough good things about INFINITE’s L!


L is currently starring in the popular KBS 2TV drama as Dan, a trouble-making angel who ends up falling in love with a frosty ballerina named Lee Yeon Seo (played by Shin Hye Sun) who doesn’t believe in love.


Many believe that one of the reasons for the drama’s success is L’s multifaceted acting—from the beginning of the drama, L showed off an irresistible cute side as the cheerful, optimistic Dan, and his adorable bickering with Lee Yeon Seo stole viewers’ hearts early on.


However, starting with Dan’s recent discovery that he was once human, L has begun to depict a deeper, more serious side of the character. The growing intensity of Dan’s love for Lee Yeon Seo has also proven his ability to move viewers’ hearts with his emotional acting.


On June 22, the producers of “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” released several stills of L hard at work behind the scenes. One photo captures L discussing a scene with director Lee Jung Sub, while another shows him carefully studying his script between takes.




The producers also raved about L’s attitude and work ethic, remarking, “Kim Myung Soo [L’s given name] is breathing life into the character of the angel Dan. Before filming every scene, he talks to not only the director but also his co-stars [about the scene], exchanging opinions and practicing together. Seeing him work so hard gives strength to everyone else on set.”


They added, “As the drama’s plot progresses, [L] will show even more radiant growth in the future. We hope that many viewers will keep a fond eye on him.”


“Angel’s Last Mission: Love” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 p.m. KST.


In the meantime, catch up on the latest episode of the drama with English subtitles below!



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8 Simple reasons to why you should watch Angel’s Last Mission: Love







Netizen comments on episode 19 - 20




Article: Naver 'Angel's Last Mission' Kim Myung Soo saves Shin Hye Sun again... will his identity as an angel be discovered? 

1. [+379,-2]
Geum Ru Na went overboard trying to kill Yeon Seo while making it look like a suicide... And even Dan who tries to figure out who tried to kill her next week.... Scriptwriter ㅠㅠ I want to see the two of them being happy. You aren't going to show us that only on the last episode, right? 

2. [+237,-2]
He finally showed her his wings, but it seems like she lost her memory. We don't know who erased those memories yet. How do I wait till next week..? How did that line "You don't love me" come up? ㅠㅠ  I only have one wish.. and that is to see DanYeon being happy... Even if you continue giving us sweet potatoes, we don't have the throat to swallow them anymore. Just when will DanYeon's romance begin officially? It isn't right to give us 99 sweet potatoes and just 1 cider. [t/n: sweet potatoes = frustrating scenes / cider = refreshing scenes] 

3. [+236,-12]
It seems like Kim Myung Soo is more handsome than Song Joong Ki today. ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+179,-12]
I kind of laughed at the end when L appeared. 

5. [+136,-3]
Everything is perfect today except those wings. Can't they do something about the wings CG?? DanYeon's chemistry is really crazy. 

6. [+67,-0]
Geum Ni Na.. I can understand her situation of always being second place.. But she's been the lead for 3 years when Yeon Seo wasn't around. And she still couldn't stop herself from being Yeon Seo's shadow. Yeon Seo came back after 3 years, but is still better than her.. Shouldn't she be satisfied for being the lead for 3 years and know where she stands already..?

7. [+39,-0]
It's a drama that will do well even if they fill it with Hye Sun and L romance scenes. There are so little romcom scenes. 

8. [+35,-2]
Myung Soo's beauty ♥♥ It's healing just by looking at his face~~

9. [+33,-2]
I was so immersed while watching it. But I laughed when Kim Dan appeared with those wings at the end. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+27,-0]
Dan loves Yeon Seo more sincerely than anyone else. It hurts my heart. I'm not sure if her memories are going to be erased, but when will DanYeon be happy? That's my wish. 




Article: Naver 'Angel's Last Mission' Shin Hye Sun X Kim Myung Soo, a kiss that consoles each other 

1. [+232,-8]
L's acting skills are better than I thought. He's really handsome too. 

2. [+215,-8]
What should we do about Kim Myung Soo's gaze.......

3. [+102,-2]
Time just flew by today. It's really fun. DanYeon's chemistry is so good, but what's with the memory lost in the preview? That's just a bait, right? I'll be baited for the whole week, so please let DanYeon be happy on broadcast. ㅠㅠ

4. [+48,-5]
Kim Myung Soo, Dan's eyes, did everything today too. 

5. [+26,-1]
I'm surprised that L is doing his angel role well. His eyes are the best. Those eyes are mesmerizing. 

6. [+25,-3]
L is doing so well. His acting, the song, and even his face. The two match each other well. I like the drama. 

7. [+14,-1]
This is so interesting. 



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1 hour ago, titania1000 said:


For me, the three leads deserve a happy ending: they all suffered a lot of hardships. I think that they will get it but maybe not in the way we expect it...  

i agree with you about all three leads deserve happy ending. i hope ji kang woo become the one that help dan and yeonseo to be together....

after ep 10, i see ji kang woo with new light, as he confront the truth with senior hu and i think his also pitiful although in the beginning i quite annoyed with his obsession toward yeonseo. 



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I'm just upset if Dan asked Hoo to erase her memories. Her saying "You don't really like me" breaks my heart. Next time please KBS don't give previews and make us sad for a whole week. I rather not want any previews. :crazy:

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