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[Drama 2019] Angel's Last Mission: Love 단, 하나의 사랑

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Thanks  @immorethant and @meechuttso for all the translations and for generally keeping this thread so well updated!


I must admit my head hurts with all those infos, vids, pics : it's almost too much! 

Near the indigestion despite the sweetness!

I feel like i have seen too much while i know nothing!


Unpopular opinion Alert!

I intensely dislike the pic where our angel is stuck on her face like glue on paper! 

At this stage of their relationship , it's just creepy, even if we consider him asexual because he's still a celestial creature.

I don't know which one: the writer or the PD decided to go for it, but someone should tell them that this is not a 2000's romance and nobody wants this period back where heroines were touched without their consent and when stalking was seen as a romantic gesture!

 By the way, what's the point to recruit a cute actor to make him play an angel, but instead to transform him in a creep that our heroine has no choice but to assault in order to keep her peace of mind?  


I'll go to watch few gifs where she's hitting him and imagine that it's the PD or the writer or both, who are beaten instead to bring back my peace of mind!         


On 5/18/2019 at 1:17 AM, uncool said:

will there be an annoying female love rival?


Welcome to the thread!

We don't know to be honest: very few infos have been revealed about the supporting cast to the point where if it wasn't for the character descriptions and press articles, i would wonder if this drama has hired anybody else beside the main leads.


In her character description,   it said that there's a feeling of rivalry between the main and the second female lead but she hasn't appeared in the trailer, so we don't know how much annoying it will be. Or if the rivalry is professional only or if it extends to love... 

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Posted (edited)


Did they skip D-2?? Well, we can't do it in order, becoz D-1 is HERE!! :wub:


"Dan, Only One Love", tomorrow at last! The first broadcast it shall be! :love::love::glasses::innocent:


4 hours ago, titania1000 said:

but someone should tell them that this is not a 2000's romance

Hi @titania1000 you're just getting properly warmed up, I see! :w00t: I am not stressing. I am withholding judgment until I see the actual 1st episode. It is true, there will be romantic love between these two (Dan and Yeon-Seo), but that doesn't mean the still cuts where they can feel one another's hot breath is necessarily suggesting a fast cut to human eros type love. There's much in store, and I am sure some of the cuts are purposely a ruse to get us all worked up, too. :sweatingbullets:

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Quoting from @immorethant post in the SHS thread.


Actress Heo-un (허은) cast in 'Angel's Last Mission : Love


The new actress Heo-Un who played in drama 'It's My Life' (KBS1,  Nov 2018 - Apr 2019) was cast in role of Kyeong-Ae (경애) , an employee in ballet company. 




A very young looking 1994 born new actress. Giving some spotlight to her since you never know what good actresses might do with tiny little roles. ;):phew: Especially ones who have SHS for role models and work hard and stay humble. :wub:


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That was Daebak!


They asked, in light of the Dr Prisoner high ratings if they feel any pressure and what ratings they would like, and Kim Bo-Mi said sheepishly, 23%. Then they asked Kim In-Kwon (Hoo) what they'll do if they achieve such ratings, and after some hemming and a hawing he said, I guess I have to put on ballet tights? Me and Lee Dong-Gun. Then LDG said it would be incomplete if Kim Myung-Soo didn't also put on tights with them.

So let us all pray hard for that 23% ratings, yes!! :naughty::frown:


27 minutes ago, seunhyel said:

I hope some kind-hearted person will be able to translate the whole highlight, which is here.

Yes, working on it - what a loong 'trailer' - it's fantastic! :love::love::smile::love::smile:


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Posted (edited)

Thank you so much @meechuttso for translating some points for us. 

Really don't have time to sit down and watch properly, I lost focus of everything today, so busy :wacko:


Can I ship this couple instead ?










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I thought the same too  :kiss_wink:  (And the way he looked at her.)







(credit : @lerreyn twitter)

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I know which guy she will choose in this drama, the answer is the brooch on her dress.

It said 'R' which means the guy on right side of her.

Or even the brooch is 'L' , then it also mean our 'L'  anyway :P

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00:05 - (LYS) Once dance disappeared, it was bitter pitch-darkness


Caption - In the darkness


00:11 - You, you've died here once before?
00:20 - (underwater) I really can't see a single thing


Caption - Met her


00:28 - Hello (or goodbye?) Sky
00:30 - Hello (or goodbye) World


00:34 - (Choi Young-Ja CYJ) We can't go back now

00:36 - (Hoo) If a human touches the divine then (you) disappear right away


00:40 - (LYS) I want to live ... Every day I wanted to die, but...

00:48 - (LYS) (I'm saying) I want to live!


---- 6 character intro ----


01:30 - (Bridge car crash scene) Ji Gang-Woo runs to LYS bleeding in car.


01:35 - (JGW) It's alright. Everything's alright now ( holding LYS hand )


01:40 - (Dan) Like smoke, like dust....
01:49 - (Hoo, to Dan opening eyes) What on earth you doin'?
01:58 - (Dan) I ... didn't disappear??

02:04 - (Hoo) If you succeed in your special assignment for 100 days... then the door will open again. You must not exceed the 100 days.
02:10 - (Dan) I'll do whatever it takes. What is it?


02:15 - (Dan) Greetings (bows). I am Kim Dan, here for the interview

02:18 - (Hoo to Dan) Live (survive)

02:22 - (Dan) Have I done something wrong? If you can tell me what I did...(gets flipped on a judo move)
02:27 - (Dan) Whoa, why does an assistant have to learn Judo??!!


02:31 - (LYS) You clean this up completely!


02:34 - (Dan) Sheesh, why of all people, her, hmm?? Why?
02:37 - (Hoo) Why, of all people, did you save her?


02:38 - (JGW) A program awash in same old routine. With performances betting only on popular appeal...
02:46 - (JGW) South Korea's top Ballet Troupe...  Can you claim?
02:47 - (Kemm Ni-Na KMM) My team and I, we are working harder than anyone else on stage. ... Music please.
02:52 - (JGW) This season, we're not doing the Swan Lake performance.

02:57 - (Voice) Is Lee Yeon-Seo making a comeback?
03:00 - (CYJ) Ah the problem is (looking at JGW) director-nim has not yet been able to persuade Yeon-Seo
03:05 - (JGW pounding table) I will bring her, Yeon-Seo!


03:10 - (LYS) My heart (mind) is the issue you say?

03:15 - (LYS Guardian) Just once more I would like to see again...
        Your sparkling, big-wide smile like before.

03:22 - (LYS) Ajussi (weeping) I ... just don't know...
03:30         I opened my eyes but I can't walk


03:37 - (JGW) Ballet ... Let's do it again. With me.


03:45 - (car crash scene)


03:47 - (LYS softly) I want to live!


03:55 - (Dan) I will ... Do it (for you)...
04:00         One who exists only for you.

        (Dan falls to the earth, seemingly as a full human)


04:04 - (LYS) Who sent you?
04:11 - (Dan) Let go on three? (LYS) OK (Dan) 1,2,3 - Ouch!


Caption - Troublemaker Guardian Angel and


04:18 - (LYS) Perv Lunatic
04:20 - (Dan counting with fingers) Con artist, spy too??


04:23 - (Sec Jung Yoo-Mi JYM) Joook... drink it up
04:28 - (Dan sweeping drunk) This, becoz LYS could mis-step and slip on


Caption - And a ballerina who does not believe in love


04:37 - (Dan) Let's live prettily (not-ugly) for once


04:41 - (Dan tying kerchief on LYS wrist) This one, is me

04:46 - (LYS) The day of the accident?
        (LYS clasping at bench) Was it you??


04:48 - (JGW) If you're going to be like this why don't you just stop
04:50 - (Dan) Even if I get fired it'll be by Lee Yeon-Seo that I'm cut
04:51 - (JGW) From the start your calling her 'Yeon-Seo-yah, Yeon-Seo-yah' really bothered me!


Caption - Fantastic Heavenly Romance Begins


04:59 - (Dan) Look only at me. Just think of it as though only you and I in this world.


And for our minion listening comprehension pleasure - transcript :P


00:05 - (LYS) 춤이 살아지자 원통 암흑이었다

Caption - 어둠속에서

00:11 - 너, 여기서 한번 죽었었구나?
00:20 - (underwater) 나 진짜 하나도 않보여

Caption - 그녀를 만났다

00:28 - 안녕 하늘
00:30 - 안녕 세상아 (jumps)
00:34 - (Choi Young-Ja CYJ) 이제 못돌아가요
00:36 - (Hoo) 인가가 대각에 손되면 그대로 소멸이다
00:40 - (LYS) 살고싶어 ... 매일매일 죽고싶었는데, ...
00:48 - (LYS) 살고 싶다고...

---- 6 character intro ----
00:59 - 01:30
01:25 - Woo Hee-Jin (우희진)

01:30 - (Bridge car crash scene) Ji Gang-Woo runs to LYS bleeding in car.
01:40 - (Dan) 연기처럼, 먼지처럼....
01:49 - (Hoo, to Dan opening eyes) 뭐하냐??
01:58 - (Dan) 나 않살아졌어요??
02:04 - (Hoo) 백일동안 특별임무를 성공하면 ... 다시문이 열릴것이야
              절대 백일을넘어선 않되.
02:10 - (Dan) 뭐든지 할게요. 뭔데요?

02:15 - (Dan) 안녕하세요(bows). 면접보기로한 김단
02:18 - (Hoo to Dan) 살아라.
02:22 - (Dan) 제가 뭘잘못했습니까?
              이유를 말씀해주신다면 (gets flipped on a judo move)
02:27 - (Dan) 아 비서가 왜 유도를 배워야되는데요??!!
02:31 - (LYS) 너 여기 싹치워놔!
02:34 - (Dan) 아 왜하필 그여자에요, 에?? 왜?
02:37 - (Hoo) 왜하필 그여자를 살렸어?

02:38 - (JGW) 타성에 젖은 Program. 대중성에만 목을맨 뻔한 공연들로
02:46 - (JGW) 대한민국 최고의 발레단이라고...  할수있습니까?
02:47 - (Kemm Ni-Na KMM) 저와 저희의 단원, 무대에서 누구보다 최선을 다합니다.
02:52 - (JGW) 올해, 백조의 호수 공연 않합니다.
02:57 - (Voice) 이연서는 복?하는겁니까?
03:00 - (CYJ) 아 문제는 (looking at JGW) 감독님이 아직도 연서 설득 못했다는거에요
03:05 - (JGW pounding table) 데려오겠습니다, 이연서!

03:10 - (LYS) 마음이 문제라고요?
03:15 - (LYS Guardian) 딱 한번만 다시 보고싶구나...
        그때처럼 반짝 반짝, 환하게 웃는얼굴
03:22 - (LYS) 아저씨 (weeping) 나는 ... 모르겠어
03:30         눈을떳는데 것질못해
03:37 - (JGW) 발레... 다시합시다. 나와 같이.

03:45 - (car crash scene)
03:47 - (LYS) 살고싶어
03:55 - (Dan) 내가 ... 해줄게 ... 너만을 위해서 존제하는사람
        (Dan falls to the earth, seemingly as a full human)

04:04 - (LYS) 누가보냈어?

04:11 - (Dan) 셋하면 놓자고? (LYS) 콜 (Dan) 하나둘셋 - 아아 (screams)

Caption - 사구뭉치 수호천사와

04:18 - (LYS) 변태 또라이
04:20 - (Dan counting with fingers) 사기군, 스파이까지?

04:23 - (Sec Jung Yoo-Mi JYM) 쭈욱... 드리켜요
04:28 - (Dan sweeping drunk) 이연서! 이건, 이연서가 밟고미끄러질수있으니까

Caption - 사랑을 믿지 않는 발레리나의

04:37 - (Dan) 이쁘게좀 삽시다
04:41 - (Dan tying kerchief on LYS wrist) 이건, 나야

04:46 - (LYS) 사고난날?
        (LYS clasping at bench) 당신이었어요?

04:48 - (JGW) 이럴거면 관두시죠
04:50 - (Dan) 짤려도 이연서한테 짤릴겁니다
04:51 - (JGW) 전부터 '연서야 연서야' 한느거 아주 거슬렸습니다

Caption - 판타스틱 천상 로맨스가 시작돤다

04:59 - (Dan) 나만봐. 이세상에 딱너랑나만있다고 생각하는거야



I will share tidbits from the interviews later. Lov'y'all :wub::w00t:

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Sorry that I posted a lot because there are a lot to be posted.






Shin Hye Sun Says INFINITE’s L Is Perfect Fit For Angel Role In Upcoming Drama


During the press conference, Shin Hye Sun explained her reason behind choosing to star in the drama. The actress said, “I liked the character [Lee] Yeon Seo. The character had already stolen my heart, and then I found out that she is a ballerina. I felt a bit of a pressure knowing I will have to learn ballet, but I didn’t want to miss out on [the character].”


When asked about her chemistry with her co-star L, Shin Hye Sun answered, “When I first met [Kim] Myung Soo (L’s given name), I wondered if he were an actual angel. I remember thinking that he is the perfect person to play the role of an angel. I cannot imagine anyone else playing the angel besides him.”


In response, L stated, “There were not a lot of angel roles in Korean dramas in the past, so I tried to look more at the character and storyline. [The character] is a troublemaker, but he is also pure and simple. I tried my best to bring out those sides of myself and apply them to my character.”


L also received a question asking for his reason behind challenging himself in a new genre of romantic comedy. The actor explained, “People had already established a specific image of me and prejudice against me because I am an idol. I wanted to escape from that and show [the public] different sides of myself.”




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My bias and favourite actress Hyesun at the press con today oozing with charm and beauty yet looking so cute, bubbly and bright. I never expected myself to like and adore an actress so much in my many years of watching Kdramas because I used to be part of the kfandom group who only like handsome cute oppas and actors:lol:. This changed ever since I got to know and grew to like Hyesun three years ago through her Five Enough drama.


To the most amazing actress I've ever like, you have been nothing short of amazing in your journey to lead actress status. Talented, unassuming, humble, unpretentious and never ever hogging the limelight, you are so beautiful in and out. Here's to your drama to be as successful as ever and hit high ratings because we've all been anticipating to watch you in this drama since Dec 2018 when casting news was first confirmed. I hope everyone will love your performance as Lee Yeon Seo and chemistry with your L angel. Fighting Hyesun sshi. Love and support you always :heart:

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