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[Drama 2019] Angel's Last Mission: Love 단, 하나의 사랑

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@immorethant @jakey09 and @iffy21, y'all are making my heart flutter with SHS and KMS post! Kudos to you all who are still making this forum active when new episodes aren't aired yet. :lol:



At the deleted scenes @immorethantposted, the last gif of KD smiling and looking at possibly LYS like that, kills me... I can't wait to see that scene!:wub:


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Hapdeok Catholic Church [합덕성당 or 천주교 합덕성당],

built in 1929, is a catholic church located in the village of Hapdeok [Hapdeok-ri/합덕리] in Dangjin’s Hapdeok Township [Hapdeok-eup/합덕읍], about 2 hours South of Seoul by public transport. This church stands out in terms of architecture as it is built out of a rather unconventional wood and brick mixture and comes with twin bell towers.

22 Hapdeokseongdang 2(i)-gil, Hapdeok-eup, Dangjin, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea









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On 6/16/2019 at 5:32 AM, blademan said:

YES I've been waiting for this one :wub: 


An unofficial MV for this unreleased song - Pray by Klang



THANK YOU! Thank you! Thank you so much!

I've been waiting for this song for ages because it became Kang Woo and Seol Hee (and Yeon Seo indirectly) song for me since i heard it.

My shipper heart is on the verge to explode  that it was used to make a MV for them only! :love:

It was so unexpected and so perfectly done! Whoever did this deserve a coffee truck for being so kind to shippers and fans of characters that are so largely ignored! 


I'm so grateful too for the kindness of the comments under the vids: full of praise for the drama, no attack against the second lead and his ships. People just happy to have a better version of the song to hear. :lol:

It put the biggest smile on my face! 

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21 minutes ago, jakey09 said:

Add an other scene. The kitchen one. When pushes her hair strand aside. That scenes missing as well. 




Bonus :P









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I usually don't believe this thing called astrology or whatsoever, but I did it just for fun of our SHS & KMS.. And the result, well surely not disappointing. There are words strong sexual tension in creative project, no wonder they nailed the kitchen scene :wub:


For those of you who wants to read, I put them hidden:



















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Posted (edited)


More personal thoughts on the last episodes since my feelings have changed a lot between watching without subs, with subs and on rewatch.

My head hurts because of the length. Not sure anyone would want to read but once i started i couldn't stop. So i should at least share it to make it a little worth the time.:tears:


I understand why KBS promoted so hugely this midseason: if Ep 7 and 8 are a certainly a mixed bag in term of quality, they also really are the game changer what we were promised.  In term of character development for Yeon Seo and Dan, they delivered beyond my expectations.   

Starting by what went wrong to get it out of the way:

  • The editing and sometimes the directing were all over the place: It’s like the director and the writer weren't  on the same page when it comes to define how to tell the story. I felt the PD had to juggle with many scenes that were too radically different from each other and it broke the usual well balanced tone of the drama. At times, it felt like since he worked so hard to elevate the drama beyond the usual tropes of romantic comedy, he’s not thrilled by the conventional turn (childhood connection) taken by the writer in term of character development.    
  • The supporting cast became too loud and took too much place, especially the ballet dancers. I appreciate that they got more to do but the contrast between the scenes at the retirement home and their usual elegant dance scenes was too jarring. 
  • In ep 7 everything related to the ederly looked like it came from a different drama: not only the interactions between the elders and Yeon Seo and Dan, but also the way it was tied to the supernatural world: suddenly this supporting character who was just an old man in love with his blind wife turned to be an angel too and "illegally" in love with a human too! That was too much coincidence and the acting didn’t live up to the usual level.
  • I still don’t get how Yeon Seo and Dan managed to go from being awful to growing a brain in less than a week, the transition could have been handled better but at this point, I’m just grateful to have positive feelings again about the drama, so I’ll take it.




Yeon Seo was the highlight of the episodes and SHS stole the drama. Our heroine went through a rebirth.:w00t:

The massive crisis that she lived last week that questioned her mental stability and sanity and threatened to make her lose everything that she loves, the ballet and Fantasia, has been resolved in less than 30 minutes, but in a spectacular way that gave the power back to her.

It wasn’t shown on screen but obviously she reflected a lot on her attitude and what people said to her and she decided to change for the best:

  • She learnt humility and apologized to the people she hurt: Kang Woo, the board directors, the ballet dancers. She owned her part of responsibility in the disaster like the adult, the professional ballerina and the business woman she supposed to be. Which was so relieving and refreshing after all the time she spent blaming God and the world for the tragedy that her life have become.    
  • She learnt patience and understanding and to wait for people to come around without forcing her way. She accepted the rejection from the ballet troup because working with them helped her to take in consideration their perception of the situation and their reasons to reject her as the lead.  I loved especially two things that she did for the dancers: she didn’t take their attitude as a punishment but a way to learn, and she didn’t try to win their trust but rather to earn it by offering a peace deal: to make an audition open to everyone with the possibility that she could lose and stay in the position of corps de ballet.  
  • She learnt gratefulness and didn’t hesitate to show it to the people who helped her: she said to the ballet company that they were  the real workers at Fantasia since 3 years. She thanked Kang Woo for believing in her.       
  • And she did all of this with losing one bit of her determination and her independence: I loved how she fight her aunt during the board directors meeting and refused to give up her career and her company despite the threats. She firmly opposed Kang Woo when he threatened to fire the ballet troup, because she thought that his way wasn’t right and decided to follow her way instead of waiting for him to solve the problem for her.

Basically the spoiled princess has entirely disappeared, and I’m madly in love with the new charismatic, brilliant, compassionate, mature woman that took her place.:love:

But I think the biggest win for Yeon Seo is how she realized that her world doesn’t revolve around Dan’s love. That romance is a part of her life, not all her life.

There’s few people in the forum who noticed that setting apart the main lovers did good things to them and I’m on their side: they both needed the break  if only because their relationship was at a dead end and it became suffocating to endlessly rehash the same question of why he can’t love her.

They also spent too much time together, focused on each other only: they needed to redefine their individual priorities and limits before going further.


It did a lot of good to Dan: in his relationship with Yeon Seo, he’s the one who gets the short end of the stick. He’s even more dependent than her: he has no house, no job independent of her, no money, no family, no friends, no goal in life except to live for Yeon Seo and work hard to help her to not feel alone.

He was even following her on her charity work but thankfully their path diverged here: he met new people, the ederly couple, who brought him back straight to the core of his identity and to his mission.


What happened to this couple and to the relationship that Dan built with them was a major twist, shocking by its violence but also very consistent with the rest of the story.

It came to remind us:

  • that Dan is living on borrowed time: he was given 3 months to do his mission.
  • That whatever happens to Yeon Seo: that she finds love ot stay alone, the outcome for him will be the same. There will always be an angel to hunt and find him no matter the tricks he will find to hide.

Judging by the softened attitude and compassion that he had for him after forcefully taking him to witness the death of the ederly angel, Hu obviously thought that Dan needed to grow up and that  he has no additional time to give to him to do it on his own terms. Dan had to learn quickly a lot of things and he did: 

  • He made new attachments based on something else than romantic love and not linked to Yeon Seo.
  • He experienced for the first time taking care of dying people and learnt how hard it is to let people go.
  • He learnt from the ederly angel that love is not eternal and doesn’t depend on time: that a limited but strong love can be as important and meaningful that a long life spent together.     
  • He witnessed a lesson of courage from the ederly woman who lost her loved ones twice. She was facing death but accepted her fate and was still being grateful about all the meaningful meetings she had in her life as hard as the separations were afterwards. At the end, she was still leaving peacefully.

I felt like all those lessons weren’t only for Dan but for the audience too. A message from the writer to prepare us slowly to the final big revelation: not that Yeon Seo and Dan were childhood friends, it was obvious since few episodes but why they got separated and why they met again. It was all because he’s dead. 


I’m surprised that it wasn’t more discussed in the thread: it’s like people still have hope that he could change his fate: become human again and live a long life with Yeon Seo. 

But it’s impossible: nobody can come back from death. It’s the most definitive thing in the universe.

Dan has been wandering on earth like a ghost because he has some unfinished business with the little girl that gave him happiness and made him want to care about her, but ultimately he has no place here.


However Dan’s reaction is similar to the audience: he’s in pure denial. When he recovered his memory, he ran back to Yeon Seo (did he call her? How did she find him?), and the preview showed him asking her to wait for him and not let  Kang Woo approach her.

He had shown before (like almost every character on this drama) selfishness, immaturity and jealousy/possessiveness but personally I feel that it’s very dangerous to everyone involved with him that he chose to continue on this path at the point of the story.

It could only lead him to destroy any chance of happiness for Yeon Seo and to a confrontation with Kang Woo.


I was wary of the childhood connection: it seemed to me enough that Yeon Seo and Dan could have fallen madly in love when he met her as her guardian angel, without adding a destiny twist.

 I think now it’s not for their romance but for their individual development that this revelation was made. Recovering his memory means that Dan is now aware of the  injustice that he suffered: he was beaten badly by his father at a young age, was poor, didn’t have a mother’s love to support him, he died while trying to survive without getting a chance to meet again the only friend he made and now as an angel, he’s been asked to sacrifice once again his feelings.

It’s a real test of his loyalty to the deity.      


If he doesn’t pass and fight the deity in order to keep his love, I wonder what kind of tricks the writer has under her sleeves to explain that he cheated death twice: coming back as an angel after beinf dead and then coming back human after being an angel seems a lot to pull off for a newbie angel like him without much power.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see.


With this final twist, a lot of theories come to my mind to explain why so much importance and attention were given to Kang Woo. If Dan is not meant to stay in the very end, someone else must take the lead. So Kang Woo is possibly as much as Dan, a main lead, whom path is meant to be interwined with  Yeon Seo and Dan’s story at every corner and step.


Speaking of our fallen angel, there was no major twist for Kang Woo since his big secrets were already revealed but few interesting developments and many very cool and badass scenes ( I won’t list the scenes related to Yeon Seo: they both deserve their own post):


  • What I loved the most is that I can really sense that the writer and the director are having a blast with this character and it shows on screen.^_^ His scenes are short but various and with a strong dynamic with everyone that he met: Yeon Seo, Dan, Hu, Yeon’s family especially her aunt and Ru Na, the sponsors, the ballet dancers. His lines are often very witty. The minute he appears on screen I know something is going to happen and it’s very exciting. Fallen angel, tragic hero, doomed lover, ballet director, business man, LDG nails all those roles with the right tone and transforms fluidily from one version to another. We’re so lucky to have him!:bawling:     
  • How spectacular was his fall with Dan: well directed and executed! The CGI were good too.
  • I loved his confrontation with Dan at the hospital: it enlightened very well their similarities and opposition. Despite his irritation with the young angel, Kang Woo obviously trusted again his words and his desire to protect Yeon Seo. They both renew their promise to fulfill their goals: Kang Woo (in a indirect way) to not let her fall in the fiery pit that made her want to die and to help her find new reasons to enjoy life, Dan to leave if she’s happy and not let his feelings get in the way of his mission.
  • But in the preview he’s already asking her to wait for him: a new betrayal for Kang Woo? Leading to a new confrontation?
  • I love him but his version of Giselle is just a giant WTH? I’m all excited that he supports women to not be victim anymore of men's tricks and get back at them but do he really think that all lovers should end wallowing in misery?:blink: 
  • He also said to  the dancers that were shocked by his crazy interpretation of Giselle, that he wouldn't have started if it was going to be predictable. Is the writer talking through him?     
  • His confrontation with Director Choi and Ru Na was priceless: he shot immediately their plan to meddle with the audition and not let a fair chance to Yeon Seo. Even taken by surprise, he found a way to reverse the power game and get the upper hand.B)
  • Taking the side of the dancers wasn’t a distraction: he was sincerely impressed by the way Yeon Seo’s words convinced them to work with her and since he believes deeply that she’s the best Giselle, he decided to trust their judgement to recognize it too, which proves that he’s not obsessed by power and authority.    
  • His best scenes (outside Yeon Seo) were with Hu at the church: I got chills watching how he stopped at the entrance of the church and gave a meaningful look at the building as if he was preparing himself to fight. And boy did I enjoy all the ironic lines that he threw to Hu. His dialogues were pure fun:” Father, do angels exist?” “Father, It sounds like you know nothing about angels”. But the best part was when he came back to see Dan after he realized the truth about his identity, he got then his best lines: “You lot think you are special. You look down on the struggling humans and manipulate them with the snap of your fingers. That makes you feel like the omniscient and omnipotent deity. You’re mistaken.” “Ask you your petty deity why I’m like this.”
  • He’s so impressive and determined that even Hu with his great  powers was left speechless: that he was  not surprised while facing an angel, that he didn’t tremble in fear, that he was capable to make eye contact and that he was angry. What kind of mystery is this man? I wish i know because i still can't explain his intentions. I'm just following my heart and brain with him, i hope i won't end up deceived.


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3 hours ago, immorethant said:

These scenes were deleted from drama, but appeared in official MV 'Because of You'.

There are just too many deleted scenes :bawling:

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31 minutes ago, jakey09 said:

@immorethant I feel like pushing KBS from Han River. 


I think it’s KBS plan to sell Director’s Cut Blu-Ray by including those deleted scenes plus more of 

-  Yeon Seo , Matil dancing scenes

- Dan's funny moments 

-  DanYeon lovely scenes

-  BTS of KMS + SHS sweet scenes 

-  Non-broadcast scenes from Guerrilla date

-  2nd press conference video

I hope I can afford to buy that. :P


Anyway, good night :blush: 


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