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[Current Drama 2019] Angel's Last Mission: Love 단, 하나의 사랑 - Wed & Thu @ 22:00 KST

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YS stands in front of the investors and tells them that they are people who don'T like ballet and that she will make them love it nad if not, then she will step down. Dan is very propud of her and pats her back







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Dan woke up with  the  help of  emergency service: in panic he tries to inform them that he wasn't alone, to save Kang Woo but the first aid worker seemed to say that there's only him here underwater. He spotted Kang Woo watching him from afar and leaving.

They met at the hospital and have a long talk inside and outside. 


Kang Woo is back at his home where he cries while watching a new video of Mathilde. Suddenly she started to speak Korean. but he shakes it as an hallucination.


Dan back at home reflects on what everyone told him. 

He tries to speak to Yeon Seo during her training but they're interrupted by the governess who brings a paper.  

The aunt calls her for a meeting. 

On the road to meet her, Kim Dan who drives well now takes her to bridge and he fakes jumping.


They went to meet the board directors: Yeon Seo convinces them of something after a big moment of tension with the main sponsor.

A tensed discussion  with her aunt happened after.

Dan comforts her afterwards, he is shocked when Kang Woo joins them and hugs her.


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