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[Current Drama 2019] Angel's Last Mission: Love 단, 하나의 사랑 - Wed & Thu @ 22:00 KST

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@immorethant @jakey09 and @iffy21, y'all are making my heart flutter with SHS and KMS post! Kudos to you all who are still making this forum active when new episodes aren't aired yet. :lol:



At the deleted scenes @immorethantposted, the last gif of KD smiling and looking at possibly LYS like that, kills me... I can't wait to see that scene!:wub:


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Hapdeok Catholic Church [합덕성당 or 천주교 합덕성당], built in 1929, is a catholic church located in the village of Hapdeok [Hapdeok-ri/합덕리] in Dangjin’s Hapdeok Township [Hapdeok-eup/합덕읍], about 2 hours South of Seoul by public transport. This church stands out in terms of architecture as it is built out of a rather unconventional wood and brick mixture and comes with twin bell towers.

22 Hapdeokseongdang 2(i)-gil, Hapdeok-eup, Dangjin, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea









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