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[Drama 2019] Legal High, 리갈하이


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Watched the first ep, and it was pretty meh. I haven’t seen the JPN original so I came in with a “fresh” mind. Honestly, nothing really stood out (outside of KTR). SJI is a pretty typical, overlooked female lead, and I’m not complaining. SES was fine...? Her acting wasn’t bad, at least to me, but it seems that knetz disagrees. When the casting was announced, Dramabeanies were also pretty skeptical. But she didn’t a terrible job or anything here, it was alright. I’m lowkey annoyed by KTR and I hope that he’s supposed to be even a bit unlikeable. Feels a bit weird to see such a wacky character because Jin Goo roles have always been serious. I can’t really judge anything about the plot, since it is just the exposition and we’re slowly learning about the characters. 6.5/10

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Jin Goo And Seo Eun Soo’s New Drama “Legal High” Premieres To Strong Ratings

by E. Cha

JTBC’s “Legal High” is off to an impressive start!

According to Nielsen Korea, the February 8 premiere of the new drama, which stars Jin Goo and Seo Eun Soo as two lawyers with completely opposite values and personalities, scored an average viewership rating of 3.266 percent nationwide.

“Legal High” is a refreshing comic legal drama about Go Tae Rim, an arrogant lawyer with a 100 percent success rate (played by Jin Goo), and Seo Jae In, a rookie lawyer who is passionate about justice (played by Seo Eun Soo). The next episode of the drama will air on February 9 at 11 p.m. KST.


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Yoon Park Transforms Into A Handsome Lawyer For “Legal High”

by S. Park

JTBC’s “Legal High” has released new stills of Yoon Park!

On February 9, the drama gave another look at Yoon Park’s very first scene in the drama with photos showcasing his handsome appearance.

In the drama, Chae Jung An mentions that Kang Ki Suk’s winning rate is above Go Tae Rim’s, and amped up excitement for Yoon Park’s character.

A source from the drama said, “Kang Ki Suk is a character who has the complete opposite weapons as Go Tae Rim. Please look forward to what kind of person Kang Ki Suk is, what his story is, and how he’ll create change in Go Tae Rim’s law office and B&G law firm.”


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Yummy :tounge_xd:Yoon Park in these few pictures ...i still have hots for him from his previous drama lol..... Saw first episode but will wait to see Go Tae Rim 's appeal ...and the rookie lawyer ...sorry i hate when they are mousy nitwits and then with the main character they develop balls all of a sudden ... pee or get off the pot girl . So  i am :heart: Chun Jung An and Yoon Park  LOL   

???    If Go Tae Rim's winning rate is 100% and Cha Jung An mentions that Kan Ki Suk's winning rate is above Go Tae Rim ...is my math poor or maybe i lost something in translation ?

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Just finished the first episode. It was enjoyable, but darker than I thought it would be. And Ko Tae Rim talked a lot and so fast, I have to stop the video to read the sub :sweatingbullets: Still a lot of fun though.

My Eonni, Chae Jung An, is her usual cool self. I just hope they won't make her the second lead female who doesn't get the man...again (like some of her other characters, gets too repetitive). Better go with no romance at all.

I think Seo Eun Su did a decent job. I don't get why people seem to dislike her...

I haven't watch the Japanese version, so I can enjoy watching this drama without comparing them :D


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February 10, 2019


Courtroom drama wrestles with dual pressure 

'Legal High' tries to break out of shadow of 'SKY Castle'



Cast members of JTBC's new series "Legal High" gesture during a news conference previewing the drama at the Imperial Palace Hotel in southern Seoul, Thursday, a day before its first episode aired. "Legal High" follows hit drama "SKY Castle" that wrapped up its last episode with a record-high cable network viewership of 22 percent earlier this month. Courtesy of JTBC


By Kang Aa-young The Korea Times


JTBC's new series "Legal High" had a smooth start, attracting an average 3 percent viewership for the first two episodes that aired on Friday and Saturday.


The courtroom comedy-drama, a remake of Japanese Fuji TV's same-name hit drama, drew much attention when it was previewed, mainly because of its highly successful predecessor, "SKY Castle," which created much buzz.


"Legal High" revolves around two lawyers― young, greedy trial lawyer Go Tae-rim, played by Jin Goo, who would do anything to win his cases, and fearless, righteous paralegal Seo Jae-in (Seo Eun-soo). 


Director Kim Jeong-yeon admitted he and cast members have been under pressure while shooting the series. 


During a news conference at the Imperial Palace Hotel in southern Seoul on Thursday, Kim said he has been asked many times if he faced pressure because of "SKY Castle."


"Those who were involved in the TV series and my acquaintances asked me if I felt pressure because of the highly successful drama, so I am familiar with this kind of question," Kim said. "To be honest, I don't care much about it. 'SKY Castle' and 'Legal High' are two very different dramas."


He was cool on the unprecedented success of "SKY Castle." "We just did our best to make ours work and appeal to viewers," Kim said."The high viewership of the previous drama was not a factor that added any pressure on me. It may sound rude to those who were involved in 'SKY Castle,' but we are trying our best to keep focusing on our drama, rather than being distracted by the previous one's success." 


Kim said the real pressure was about how he could differentiate the Korean remake from its Japanese original series that was very successful there. 


"Yes, I felt enormous pressure in the beginning," he said. "We decided to remake the Japanese series because it was very successful there. So the question was how we could make ours as successful as the original drama."


Kim said he met fellow producers who have experience in remaking TV series to get inspiration and changed scripts several times before reaching the conclusion that he and cast members would do it their way. 


Veteran actor Lee Soon-jae, who plays a legal assistant for the young lawyer Go Tae-rim, was confident "Legal High" would break out of the shadow of "SKY Castle" and the original Japanese series. 


"I think viewers had better not see the original series," he said. "Cast members of the Korean series are great and I think we can outperform the original series. I am positive that we can create a whole new drama."


Lee's role is drawing much attention. He plays Goo Se-jung, who has extensive experience across the world. "At the moment, I don't know why he is being an assistant for the young lawyer in the law office," he said."This is a mystery. I think the secret will be untangled soon and his role will be much greater than simply serving the lawyer." 


For Jin Goo, best known for his role in the SBS mega-hit series "Descendants of the Sun," it is the first time he has played in a comedy-drama. He said he is a fan of the original series and happy to work with other great cast members in the show. 


"In the Korean remake version, there's some seriousness, unlike the original comedy," he said."I hope you can focus on differences, and I hope viewers can find what it is." 

It is also the first time Seo Eun-su has taken a lead role. Shehas played some great supporting roles, including in KBS drama "My Golden Life," which once surpassed 40 percent in viewership ratings.


"I'm very passionate in my first lead role," Seo said."I will do my best to show some difference." 


Aiming to shine a spotlight on the reality of the Korean legal system, the remake comedy-drama successfully took its first step over the weekend. 


"Legal High" airs on Friday and Saturday at 11 p.m.


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2 hours ago, widala said:

I haven't watch the Japanese version, so I can enjoy watching this drama without comparing them :D

 I haven`t watched it either and I am glad I decided not to do that. I usual watch the original to see what it is about and then I watch the remake. Some are decent remakes but it is not always the case.


It is hard enough that this drama had to live up the expectation of the original work who was succesful. I also thought that the first two episodes were alright. I will continue to watch.

I laughed out loud a couple of times. Jung Sang Hoon is hilarious as the loser. When he broke the porcelain elephant and said he did not . :w00t: Or when  Ko Tae-Rim was playing the violin but he was caught mimicking. :lol: These two are like Wile Coyote and Road Runner /Bugs Bunny. :D

My favorite characters are Min Joo-Kyung and Koo Se-Joong.


15 hours ago, jadore1 said:

 If Go Tae Rim's winning rate is 100% and Cha Jung An mentions that Kan Ki Suk's winning rate is above Go Tae Rim ...is my math poor or maybe i lost something in translation


I saw the line. I think it is a poor translation. I think Min Joo-Kyung wanted to say that Kang Ki seok could surpass him. I think she was right to bring lawyer Kang to the firm. It was a blow to Go Tae Rim and balanced the battle between them. Kang Ki Seok is excentric, he matches Go Tae Rim really well. Let see how well Tae Rim teached him. I am curious what happened between them, why he wanted time off.


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February 8, 2019


‘Legal High’ remake hopes to exceed fan expectations

Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily



The cast and director (center) of JTBC’s new series “Legal High” attend a press conference held at the Imperial Palace Seoul, southern Seoul, Thursday. [JTBC]


Veteran lawyer Go Tae-rim is obsessed with winning. For a cost, he will ensure to come out the victor of any case brought to him. Yet Seo Jae-in, an up-and-coming lawyer, believes otherwise. Although she barely passed the law exam, she is one of the few people who believes that the law is about seeking justice. 


An adaptation of a hit 2012 Japanese television series of the same title, JTBC’s “Legal High” portrays the reality of the Korean law system through the two contrasting characters in a comedic way. 


However, many worry that the remake will not meet fans of the original series’ expectations. Perhaps to avoid comparisons, director Kim Jung-hyun has stressed the two shows are very different.


“The original show was a masterpiece, but many elements in the original series were different from [what they are] in Korea. Our show conveys the realities of Korean law.”


In the series, actor Jin Goo plays the role of Go. After his role in the hit KBS2 series “Descendants of the Sun” (2016), he has only played serious roles. But as a fan of the original, he felt he had to take the “Legal High” role.


“When I heard that they were doing a remake of this series, I wanted to take whatever role there was available,” he said. “[After I was cast,] I became ambitious about playing my character in a comic way.”


Actor Seo Eun-su plays lawyer Seo, who is Go’s complete opposite.


“Seo is more active, bright and energetic,” she explained.


Hoping to produce another masterpiece, the actors have been pulling all-nighters with the director, reading and practicing the script.


“I’m not lying; we gather together every day to read our scripts and discuss the show,” said Kim. 


“Legal High” - the follow-up to the hit JTBC drama “SKY Castle” - premieres tonight at 11 p.m.


BY YEO YE-RIM [yeo.yerim@joongang.co.kr]

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Kim Byung Ok To Step Down From JTBC’s “Legal High” Following Drunk Driving Incident


On February 13, TheCNT Entertainment released an official statement to announce that Kim Byung Ok has decided to step down from JTBC’s drama “Legal High.”

Kim Byung Ok was previously indicted for driving under the influence. A resident who lives in the same apartment as the actor called the police to report someone driving abnormally in the parking lot, who later turned out to be Kim Byung Ok. At the time, the actor had a blood alcohol content of 0.085 percent, which is enough to get his driver’s license suspended.

The following is the official statement from TheCNT:

This is TheCNT.

Our agency’s actor Kim Byung Ok strongly feels responsible for the unfortunate incident that happened recently, and in order to have some time to reflect, he has requested to step down from JTBC’s drama “Legal High.”

We give our sincerest apology to actors, staff members, and representatives of the production company who spent the last few months preparing and producing the drama, as well as to the viewers who have been watching the drama.

In regards to the recent incident, Kim Byung Ok also stated, “As an actor who participated in the drama, I take full responsibility for my actions. By stepping down from the drama, I sincerely hope that there won’t be further damage to ‘Legal High.'” He concluded, “Once again, I bow my head in genuine apology.”

The production team of “Legal High” confirmed, “After having a thorough conversation with the actor regarding his drunk driving incident, we have decided that he will step down from the drama.”

They continued, “However, taking the importance of the actor’s character in the drama into consideration, we are looking for ways for him to step down at the appropriate time so that it will not disrupt the flow of the plot.”

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I am here because of Yoon Park :) .. but after ep 3 i am slightly turned off by the amount drinking this girl does. How the hell does she function as a normal being when she blacks out like an alcoholic almost on daily basis . Sure being embarrassed about it the next day is redeemable, but to have that as an acceptable pastime day in day out is not endearing her to me at all.... so even her good points are jarring right now .   And then we get the above posting of Kim Byung Ok being over the 'legal limit' while driving ...alllooooo 

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16 hours ago, jadore1 said:

. but after ep 3 i am slightly turned off by the amount drinking this girl does. How the hell does she function as a normal being when she blacks out like an alcoholic almost on daily basis . Sure being embarrassed about it the next day is redeemable, but to have that as an acceptable pastime day in day out is not endearing her to me at all.


I am glad that you pointed this. It is not only the case with this show, almost every drama has the scene where the characters drink so much until get wasted, that they forgot what they did. I wanted to comment about this issue. I try ignore the reality when I am watching those scenes but It is not funny in real life. People drink way too much in those dramas. I can take a one time alcohol intoxication event as the drama plot/ cliche but I wish to see dramas taking serious this problem. Alcohol could cause an addiction


I like when Jae-In and Ki-Seok were meeting and she starts using their first name. I also like that Ki Seok said to her that she should see beyond the surface with Ko Tae-Rim. I am very curious why Ki Seok left him.

I also like the scene where Jae In and Tae rim were bickering like siblings and stop when Koo Se-Joong was present (he is a father figure).

I believed that Yoon Sang-Koo was not behind the attack. Someone want to frame him?



Min Joo-Kyung is an interesting character. She cares about Tae Rim but she works with the competition.  Was she involved in  Bang Dae-Han`s "dirty business" or she was caught in the middle? 


Stills for episode 4





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@larusMin Joo-Kyung is an interesting character. She cares about Tae Rim but she works with the competition.  Was she involved in  Bang Dae-Han`s "dirty business" or she was caught in the middle?   

I like her ...so  Tae Rim is cared about  / loved by her , Mr G and even my gorgeous Ki Soek seems to have love/respect towards him pointing out to our young nitwit that she should look deeper .  ( I am watching this drama and my yummy KNG too  , and both dramas  are unfortunately showing current rot in our laws and standards that now i know why i stayed away from watching for the past few months ..so that my injustice meter does not overheat LOL) 


Ps waiting for subs , but who is this young female  judge thats making our Tae Rim pee his pants ? 

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Just finished watching episode 4. This drama is getting better and better, in my opinion. The humour never failed to make me laugh, despite a slightly dark theme.

I love it when Go and Kang exchanged those made up "proverbs" from foreign countries.


Jin Goo is very good, he can pull off Go Tae Rim silliness, but also the seriousness.


In this episode, we were introduced to Min Koo Kyung's mysterious past


She has a huge tattoo at her back. Was she in some kind of gang?


All in all, so far, it was a solid performance from all the casts. And the story is interesting. I hope it continues until the end.

Too bad for the low rating, though...


I also wonder how are they going to make Kim Byung Ok character "disappeared" after episode 8 in a believable way...


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Yoon Park Presents His Arguments As A Dignified Lawyer In “Legal High”

by K. Lew


JTBC drama “Legal High” has given its first glimpses of Yoon Park at court.

“Legal High” is about two very different lawyers who work together — Go Tae Rim (played by Jin Goo), an arrogant yet successful lawyer, and Seo Jae In (played by Seo Eun Soo), a rookie lawyer who pursues justice.

In the drama, Yoon Park plays Go Tae Rim’s rival Kang Ki Suk, who is a successful lawyer with a calm charisma. Min Joo Kyung (played by Chae Jung An) described him by saying, “Shall I say Kang Ki Suk is a lawyer with class, like a waltz?”

In the released photos, Yoon Park makes a speech in court while clad in an elegant grey suit. Presenting an argument to the court with documents in his hand, he makes his case calmly, with a steady gaze.



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