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[Upcoming Movie 2019] The Man Inside Me, 내안의그놈 - Jinyoung, Park Sung-Woong, Ra Mi Ran - Premieres in December

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Title (original) : 내안의그놈 

Title (translation) : No official English title yet

         (literal translation) “The Man inside Me”


Genre : Comedy / Fantasy


Directed by Kang Hyo-jin (강효진)

Screenplay by Baek Mi-kyeong (백미경)


The movie is released on 9 January 2019 in Korea

Official Trailer created in 2018 for the nation-wide premiere in December in Seoul, Gwangju, Daeju, Daejeon and Busan.

It's so hilarious!      Can't wait for it to be distributed world-wide!


A movie about a teenager who falls from the roof, but finds himself in the body of a gangster.



Park Sung-woong  박성웅 As Jang Pan-soo  (장판수)

Jin Young 진영  As High school student Kim Dong-hyeon (고등학생 김동현)

Ra Mi-ran 라미란 As Oh Mi-seon (오미선)

Lee Soo-min  이수민 As Oh Hyeon-jeong   (오현정)

Lee Joon-hyuk  이준혁  As  Man-cheol  (만철)  

Kim Kwang-kyu  김광규




Trailer 1:   Go out with me



Trailer 2:   Who am I?



Movie Posters:



Jinyoung   (진영) [Kim Yoon Sung from Love from Moonlight]

As High school student Kim Dong-hyeon (고등학생 김동현)




Park Sung-Woong  (박성웅) 

As Jang Pan-soo  (장판수)






Ra Mi Ran
Oh Mi-seon 






Lee Soo-min
Oh Hyeon-jeong 




Lee Joon-hyuk




posterphoto781120.jpgKim Kwang-kyu (ê¹ê´ê·)


Kim Kwang-kyu


As Father of High school student Kim Dong-hyeon









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A longer version of the official trailer with chubby Jinyoung in it....lolll


A special premiere for Jinyoung's fans was made on 8 December 2018

Nationwide premiere this week in Seoul, Gwangju, Daeju, Daejeon and Busan.


Jinyoung will appear for stage greeting for the premiere in Seoul 

Date: 13 December 2018

Time:  8pm

Venue: Lotte Cinema World Tower 2, Songpa-gu, Seoul.



Details of the premiere can be found in http://m.maxmovie.com/Sisa/Ing/View?seq=53868

    • [Seoul] Lotte Cinema World Tower
    • December 13, 2018 20:00
    • 100 people (2 people , 200 seats total)
  • Daejeon

    • [Daejeon] Mega Box Battle
    • December 13, 2018 20:00
    • 100 people (2 people , 200 seats total)
  • Dae-gu

    • [Daegu] Mega Box Chilsungro
    • December 13, 2018 20:00
    • 150 people (2 people , 300 seats total)
  • Gwangju

    • [Gwangju] Megabox Chungjangro
    • December 14, 2018 20:00
    • 100 people (2 people , 200 seats total)
  • Busan

    • [Busan] CGV Centum
    • December 14, 2018 20:00
    • 150 people (2 people , 300 seats total)
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56 minutes ago, dotonly said:

Looks interesting and funny.


Yes, lol.....:lol:  I believe it looks promising to be a killer comedy....the review rating for its pre-premiere was very high....I saw it somewhere before but I forgot where so I could not pull out the source of info.    Will update once I find the source.  

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Q& A during Special Premiere in Busan on 8 December 2018:



I do not have the subtitles on the youtube clip but I have the questions and answers separately written from what I have read in some translations.


1. Jinyoung said he found it difficult each time a scene demanded him to hit or fight for real.  (my comments: when he was slapped by Ra Mi Ran really hard and needed to put ice on his face, he never complained....  gentleman guy)


2. Jinyoung in real life hardly get angry so to express extreme anger and getting mad at someone was something of a challenge to him.  


3. Kissing Ra Mi Ran was something Jinyoung hesitated a bit, probably out of his respect for her as a senior (my guess)


4.  There were a number of fighting scenes (since it's gangster movie) and Jinyoung managed to get through them until the last scene, he injured his shoulder.  



An article about the special premiere for Jinyoung's alma mater in Chungju on 13 December 2018, tomorrow!!.


Source:  https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003920181&lfrom=twitter



'The Man Inside Me' Premiere Campaign, tomorrow (13th) Screening in Alma Mater "Special gift to juniors" [official position]

Articles, enter 12/12/2018 15:50 Article Source




A roughly translated summary of the article:


The movie "The Man Inside Me" (Director Kang Hyojin, distributor TCO Co., Ltd.  The contents of the movie owned by  "Merry Christmas, Production Co., Ltd. Ecofilm)" starring Jinyoung from the in the idol group "B1A4" will host the premiere in his alma mater.

Jinyoung will be attending a special premiere of 'The Man Inside Me' at Chungsan High School in Chungju on December 13.  He said he wanted to show his first major film to his schoolmates.  Jinyoung will have a meaningful time with his juniors through a greeting at the premiere stage in the school. 

Jinyoung is usually known to visit his alma mater whenever he visits his hometown.  He has a lot of fond memories in his cosy hometown.  His grandfather, Lee Byung-hwan, wrote the lyrics by the singer Suh Hyun-mi, 'Tangkwangdae Sangye' which is found engraved on a stone in a park.

"I wanted to present such special memories to my junior high school students," he said. "I had a lot of precious memories of watching movies with my friends in high school days." 

It is not only more special because it is my alma mater, but it is also expected to be more meaningful as the 'The Man Inside Me' has gained wide support from teenagers at the recent monitor preview.

The 'Man Inside Me' was rated on a 4.7-point scale, out of a total of 5   during the pre-premiere( @dotonly),  and with strong confidence, the production was able to hold a large-scale premiere in DaeGu, Gwangju, Daejeon and Chungju . The audience who watched the movie burst into laughter throughout the screenings and said, "the movie was up to expectation." A comment was  "the movie was the most fun I have ever seen." " It will be the first national comedy film to open in 2019, appealing to the audience of all generations. 

'The Man Inside Me' is a comedy about the switch of a teenager and a 40-something gangster's body, which has been changed by chance.   In addition to Jinyoung, Park Sung-woong, Ra Mi Ran, Kim Kwang-gyu, Lee Jun-hyuk, Yun Kyung-ho, The body is a teenager in high school of a gangster, but the exchanged souls are expected to give fun and superb laughter like a gift.

Director Kang Hyo-jin of the film 'Wonderful Nightmare' plans to show the audience the pleasure once again with the comedy that he is going to showcase in the movie.    Released on January 9, 2019./ purplish@osen.co.kr 



More current updates from Link8 Entertainment's instagram:




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On 13 Dec 2018 morning,  the movie was screened at Jinyoung's high school in Chungju.     Not only the movie was enjoyable, the stage greeting from Jinyoung received a very warm reception from his journey.   Hear the screams of his juniors...:lol: :wub:


He was signing posters of his movie for the school in this picture.



In the night the movie premiered in Seoul and again Jinyoung went for stage greetings... The movie-viewers and his fans had an enjoyable time with him.  It was not easy to get the premiere tickets due to limited seats so those present were really lucky people.


The stage greeting as the Thug Bunny (The movie is a comedy.....)



The thug-looking Bunny..lolll (the look from his movie poster)





The bunny ears animation was delightful to the audience and it was in line with the comedic feel of the movie....that's entertaining Jinyoung!   :lol::lol::lol:   Such a good contrast from his Gurumi image....a super versatile actor!


His Gurumi (Love from the Moonlight) character, Kim Yoon Sung






Edited by Jillia
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Looks like it will be an enjoyable movie till the last scenes. No changed to sad story at the end.

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5 hours ago, dotonly said:

Looks like it will be an enjoyable movie till the last scenes. No changed to sad story at the end.


:lol:   Yes, you are probably right...the review comments were good...fun and laughter till the end..... I can't wait to watch it!   *feel like a giraffe now*   long-neck Spinda!!  :w00t:



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Latest video released on Naver by StarNews of the special premiere in Chungju, Jinyoung's high school and his interview of the movie with StarNews.



StarNews Interview with Jinyoung  (English translation):


Hello everyone, I am Jinyoung. Happy to meet all of you. 

Q: How do you feel having this opportunity to have your juniors of your alma mater preview your first movie which you starred in it?

JY: I feel great! As it is the first movie I starred in it, I am really ecstatic to share it with my Teachers and juniors. I am touched by the warm reception of the school and my juniors in today's event. It is a meaningful day for me. I hope that they will enjoy the movie. As it is a comedy, I hope it will bring them lots of fun and laughter and laugh heartily! 


Q: After the "Ms Granny" movie, how does it feel to return to the big screen 5 years later with the first movie being cast as the lead? 

JY: initially, I felt some burden. However, with the advice, tips and help from my senior cast, instead of burden, I gained confidence bit by bit. Also, I feel anxious and eager to showcase the movie to all to see your reaction as this movie really has some difficulties in the making of it, especially in trying to capture the special feature of senior Park to be him.

Besides, we have age differences, our actions and behaviour are really quite different so I had to constantly observe him and seek his advice. 

He even came to my home and explained to me the differences in behaviour for different age group. He helped me a lot even by recording my lines for the script and gave me feedback. Thus, I could put more meaning into the making of the movie.


Q: We heard that there is a substantial bit of fighting action in the movie, so did you discover any action talent in yourself? 
JY: I would say something I am really proud of is that I did all the action stunts on my own without a stunts man. As to whether it is good, the judge is you as the audience. I can only say I have put in my best foot, have done many fun and thrilling stunts... so I hope everyone would enjoy watching it......
<THE MAN INSIDE ME> will be screened on 9 January 2019.  Hope that everyone would come with their family and enjoy a good laugh together. Please give a lot of love and support to  <THE MAN INSIDE ME> and Jinyoung.
(End of interview)

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Jinyoung's Christmas greeting from <The Man Inside Me> and its teasers. 

One fun fact to share is the company which produced this movie is known as "Merry Christmas".   :w00t:




Jinyoung, Park Sung-Woong, Lee Soo-Min,  Lee Jung-Hyuk and the movie director, Kang Hyo-jin will be doing a stage meeting at a private press premiere on 26 Dec 2018 in Seoul but after that, they would do a jam live (on movie vlive)  for fans interested to participate in a quiz set by Jinyoung at 9pm kst and win limited number of tickets to the movie.



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Update on the press conference on 26 Dec 2018 in Seoul..... Jinyoung, Park Sung-Woong, Lee Soo-Min, Lee Joon-Hyuk and the movie director Kang Hyo-jin were present for the press conference.... which was followed by Spot Live on Movie Vlive and Jam Live for the audience to answer questions.


At the press conference:





Regarding the Kiss with Ra Mi Ran....




At Spot Live:


When Park Sung-Woong recommended Jinyoung to Kang Hyo-jin, he met Jinyoung and commented that Jinyoung was "a rare friend of his with both personality and acting skills."   Park also mentioned that he saw the actor's eyes in Jinyoung especially in "Love in the Moonlight."


 Park mentioned that he has known Jinyoung for 5 years but have never seen him lost his temper at all....    In this movie, being a thug, Jinyoung has to express his frustration often....so it was quite a challenge but he did it.



At the Jam Live:



The Q and As session to win limited tickets.



Edited by Jillia
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