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chingus! we are winding down the year and it is time to cheer each other and laugh. so we will celebrate with a virtual angel event where the idea is to encourage each other with some kdrama related goodness and laughs. so how does it work?




1. sign up! once folks sign up, each person will be assigned a "human" they get to play "angel" to.

2. each day has a theme and so you send gifts related to that theme. it can be gifs/ stills/ kpop songs / quotes / background scenes / jokes -- anything kdrama related to that theme.

3. tag the "human" you have been assigned to and place your gift here in this thread; (unlike regular secret angel/santa game, we can't really be secret here as this is online platform) instead, it is like we have a joint christmas party where we unpack the gifts together. also, you can still participate even if you haven't been tagged with someone and wish the general soompi community. you can also tag someone who contributed to a particular thread that you would like to wave hello to.


kdrama gifts themes:

day 1: food

day 2: drink

day 3: love

day 4: crazy friends and in-laws

day 5: holiday by the sea


hoping to kick this off from 10 - 14 Dec; (later dates may be difficult as folks get busy with visitors, exams, travel and other year-end craziness). will you join us?

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Let it be Christmas...

:innocent:  It's the Season of giving and I hope all of you join the Angels on Soompi by adding to your daily lives a bit of magic and sparkle, sugar and spice in giving and it doesn't cost you a thing just a little time.  Hoping our numbers grow because even whether you get a name or not you can still place a gift and thank someone on Soompi.  There are so many times I read something on a thread and think to myself I loved that but there is no LOVE button.  Well here is your chance to gift someone your appreciation and love.  Or be like me and grab a Soompi buddy of your own and have some amazing fun in using your imagination....  Thanks to a real Angel who takes the time to create events in hopes that we will.  Laugh, Smile, and just enjoy the warmth of each other our :heart:@Lmangla

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On 12/8/2018 at 7:32 PM, Sejabin said:

Hi!!! An angel is here too!!



Uh oh...:unsure:

*wait a second i need my my hello kitty pail*




:glasses: flies off quickly

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Great to see you  @staygold @supergal99  this angel tree just started shaking...  Can't wait to see what you all have in store LOL and looking forward to it...


After all it's all about giving and who knows...  Do you hear that bell someone just got their angel wings


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Looks like we can get started!


Human: @USAFarmgirl

Angel: @dotonly


Human: @lynne22

Angel: @sushilicious


Human: @staygold

Angel: @Sejabin


Human: @kokodus

Angel: @supergal99



Human: @dotonly

Angel: @lynne22


Human: @sushilicious

Angel: @USAFarmgirl


Human: @Sejabin

Angel: @kokodus


Human: @supergal99

Angel: @staygold


Have fun! and you can also tag other people and cheer them on during this season. sometimes, the end of the year can be exhausting on all sorts of levels. so it is good to have laughs no? enjoy!

Today's kdrama theme: food!!!

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@lynne22 @mrsj3n @Dramanoona 

Hiya! So Christmas is here, the sky turns cold, what so good about Christmas without any warm food to warm our hearts?

Cheers to many of us as we share the joy of togetherness! 

PS. I would stuff myself with that pizza like her.

If you are having examinations or any hardship, remember to be yourself and be happy :) 


Your Gift From @sushilicious 




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@sushilicious :wub::wub::wub: ahhhh Coffee prince...... It has been a long time since I watch it.. and I don't remember how much the FL loves to eat! ahahaha.. Thanks! 


@dotonly :lol:

Because I know you enjoy funny stuff.. Here's my present for you...

Food adventures video by Simon and Martina... one strange , and one serious but with their funky humor. 






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Kdrama eating scenes is a must avoid after sweet scenes. Craving again and again...




@Lmangla you know the reason why im avoiding sweet scenes, i wrote it on prev event, (hints for day 3 theme) so ahem...run and hide...

Insert the penguin from Madagascar movie scene, " You didnt see me..."


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LOL... while where at it.... We can't talk about korean food in K-dramas without mentioning Ramyeon / Ramen...... 

Here's another food adventure.... actually this video was what made me try eating Ramen with Cheese for the first time.... :joy:


@staygold Me too.... LOL... their current food adventure in Japan made me want to go there even more :lol:





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"cooking is like writing a letter - I understand, respect and cherish you like this" -- if I had a tall, cute guy sending me such love letters, I would swoon... as long as it wasn't overly sweet! :sweatingbullets: hahahha... @dotonly ~ am also not a fan of sweet foods too much; more like "like" than "love"... whereas fried cripsy foods is "love, love, love!" :lol:


(watched some other dramas this year and ) realized that part of what made soompi special is our rules. it allows us to all have a pleasant experience no matter which part of the world we come from, to treat each other with respect, to ensure that we can all log in regardless of how slow or fast our net connection may be. there is a reason for all of these rules and keeping them in check is the job of mods. they are just volunteers but also kdrama fans and it takes time to peek in drama threads they have zero interest in.


@youngatheart @triplem @stroppyse @rainmoon @phikyl @LavelyShai @Jillia @jeijei @Go Seung Ji @Berou @bebebisous33 @Ais1ing @LyraYoo  @angelangie 


so for all the hardworking mods --  wishing you a meal which lets you know that you are appreciated, loved this season... :wub:

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