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Game: Would You Rather?

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Would you rather?


I am hanging around this forum to play a game with you :) 


Here is some simple rules which applies to the game Would you rather:

-You will be given two choices to choose 

-These two choices will have two different scenarios given to you

-Pick wisely and tell us why you chose it

-Colour your text according to the choices that you have chosen so we can easily identify your choices

-Once a while we would change up the topics to make it a little bit fresh


Simple :) 


Let's start :D


Would You Rather?



Have your Idol/Bias be your boyfriend/Girlfriend and you will lose contact with your family members.

Meaning: You will not be given income from them, you will not live with them, you will lose all of their phone numbers and worst of all, they will lose all memories of you 





Have bits and pieces of memories of your Idol/Bias and could never figure out who is that person or group and or if the Idol/Bias is real.

Meaning: You try to tell your family about it and they think that you have some sort of psychological problems, they start to care for you more after, hoping that you will return back to normal




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