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[Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2018] My Demon Master 我的恶魔少爷


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Chinese title: 我的恶魔少爷
English title: My Demon Master

Genre: Romance, School, Youth


Director: 覃旻 / Tan Min

Broadcast Period: November/24/2018



贾征宇 /  Jiǎ ZhēngYǔ As 韩七录 / Hán QīLù

余心恬 / Yú XīnTián As 安初夏 / An ChūXià



Han QiLu was kidnapped and lost memory from that incident forget totally about An ChuXia, his ex-gf took this opportunity to reconcile with Han QiLu. On top of that he wanted to go study abroad with Xiang ManKui. QiLu's mother wanted to stop ManKui's plan proceed to send QiLu to another Noble University in China, however QuLu thwarted her mother plan and enter a remote area university instead - ShengDe University.


2nd Synopsis (Found this synopsis in Mandarin which I think made more sense - by Angela Goss in Youtube, translation of the synopsis by me :P)


Master Devil Han QiLu and fiancee was about to get married, however the appearance of the 'Sacred Four' Li ShengDong had indirectly causes the rift in between Hang QiLu and An ChuXia and both is on the verge of breakup. Will they overcome the bump and stay together or will they break for good this times around.



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angelangie l LavelyShai

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23 minutes ago, stargazer187 said:

They change the leads??? Why??? I love this series a lot. HCL and ACX. Okay, since I like this before. Let me see some episodes first... 


I'm going to guess the production team didn't plan for a third drama, but after the popularity of the first two seasons, they couldn't resist continuing the story (since there was room to do so).  Meanwhile the original actors have all moved on to different projects.  It's probably hard to call them back for a third season, whereas the first two were contractually agreed to from the get go.  


As much as I'll miss the original cast and am disappointed by the switch (they *were* the characters we came to know and love, after all), I'm not the least bit surprised to see that this third season has an entirely new cast.  But, if the story is cute and engaging and the new cast does a decent job with it, I'm willing to give them a chance too.

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3 hours ago, angelangie said:


i started liking the stories but now i ended up hating it after they did really introduce the memories which happen at 2 stages....dont like it one bit ....and they are dragging the stories at the end :/ 


Wait, what?  Noooo... is it even worth me starting then?  Although, now that I've downloaded the episodes, I feel like I should just watch it anyway.  

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On 1/8/2019 at 11:55 AM, Niño Aldrin David said:

Hello. May I ask if where to watch this season 3 series with English subtitle? Thank you 


Good News! This drama is currently being subbed in english at WeTV Youtube Channel. It looks like WeTV got the liscense. The schedule is 2 episodes daily.  So far, they have subbed Ep. 1-12. Here is the link to the episodes:



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In the beginning I liked it, even though I have seen the S1 and S2 which were pretty different (even character wise) but I have seen it as an independent series. I really didn't make the connection between them until I read in the youtube comment section that this was S3. :joy:


But in the middle, I cant even remember around which episode, I started skipping a lot and became frustrated. Why does he even like her? I mean she is super cute and calm and as a person quite adorable but (speaking here about first 3rd or something) he always end up helping here and doing all kinds of stuff for her while she is keeping her distance wanting to 'live her solo univerity life' or something like that? I didn't really get that. Urg, I really didn't like that at all so even the skipping didn't help much and I just stopped watching altogether. Does it get better thought? Does the viewer at some point understand why he wants her this much? Honest, if my guy would be all 'I wanna be solo and free' then hell go on mate! grrr 

Oh, I did like the part where the three of them lived together though, was fun!

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