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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] The Eight 民初奇人传 ll 外八行

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Chinese title: 民初奇人传 ll 外八行
English title: The Eight

Genre: Legend, Republic Era

Episodes: 36

Director: 杨述 (YangShu)、刘坦 (LiuTan)

Broadcast Period: 2020 Jun/12




华民初 / Hua MinChu by 欧豪/OuHao



寡道人/ Gao DaoRen by 谭松韵/Tan SongYun



钟瑶 / ZhongYao by 王紫璇 / Wang ZiXuan



金绣娘 / Jin XiuNiang by  秦岚/QinLan



八仙 / BaXian by 金士杰/ Jin ShiJie


花谷/HuaGu by 龚婉怡/Gong WanYi



柯书 / KeShu by 刘剑羽 / Liu JianYu



爵爷 / JueYe by 姜寒 / JiangHan



启鸣 / Qi Ming by 程星源 /Cheng XingYuan






Weaving in between legend and illustration, bring together individuals in mission to save the world and the country.





Additional Links:

外八行 Weibo

Tan SongYun Soompi Thread



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For any Issues and Abuse
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I am looking forward to this as the trailer is cool.  Heard Chen kaige is the executive producer.  Both father-son duo bling bling the silver screen.   The trailer:   Cr: as t

Ooohh wow ... clap clap!!! that trailer is great! Happy to see Tan Song Yun and Jin Shi Jie here too... @raziela LoL.. for me its the headdress that I think I will need to get used to  

I hope that it's only 36 episodes, so that it wont drag and (hopefully) has fast pace. I dont have problems with TSY in period drama, since this is a Republican one ..like a 'semi' traditional

Ooohh wow ... clap clap!!! that trailer is great!

Happy to see Tan Song Yun and Jin Shi Jie here too...

@raziela LoL.. for me its the headdress that I think I will need to get used to :D 


Question: Is it really "only" 36 episode????? 

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I just hope for one thing : this gets english subs . It doesnt look like a major production (does it?), so I'm worried


Oh, and isnt that Master Yan Se as one of the Eight? He is a senior actor, isnt he? 



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Yeah. I like the trailer and I'm interested to know what the Eight is :P . It seems like a bunch of interesting people. 


Master Yan Se has a good acting.  Oh, I really hope that this has english subs. 

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6 minutes ago, angelangie said:


if im not wrong....its known of a set of ppl with diff skills all group together to save the world lols....or with a mission to overturn the government? :D 

That sounds like an eastern version of the Mission Impossible  :P


I like it. :D

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8 hours ago, angelangie said:


well the west do have their mission impossible....if u like it....have u watch 'The Four'? :) it is pretty good with ZhangHan as a lead....


though they are not to over throw the government but to protect the citizen from bad officials :) 

Do you mean the one with Yang Yang and William Chan? I watched it, but I think it wasnt my cup of tea :)

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2 hours ago, angelangie said:


awww too bad....lols....but well it does get boring sometimes :D 

Yeah..not a fan of the story


And I prefer one with a more natural/darker vibe, like Wuxin Monster Killer or Sparrow. It seems that the Eight has similar vibe, and I'm hoping for more artistic / pretty cinematography and fighting scenes.

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19 hours ago, angelangie said:


i hope they will be airing this soon......im going to miss her with 'Under the Power' finishing

There is going to be another drama of TSY and SWL in GO AHEAD too.  Hope they air it and this drama also soon.  

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iQIyi has finally put the drama in the "Coming Up' section. And AvenueX latest video mentions that it's supposed to air by Q2-2020, so let's cross our fingers that it will air soonest! 


Just a reminder, this drama is a joint work of iQiyi and Chen Kaige. He's right there at the middle front in the wrap up picture on page 1. According to ScreenDaily, CKG is involved in casting, editing and cinematography! How far CKG's involvement actually is, I can't be sure. But at least we can see it has actors who often work with CKG before, like Ou Hao and Jin Shijie. Like others, I'm excited to see Tan Songyun here! 

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