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[Drama 2019] Dear Citizens, 국민 여러분

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Due to a heavy work schedule I had to put this show on hold back when it first started but I picked it up again on Monday and rewatched the first six episodes and I was dying with laughter. The episodes were truly enjoyable from start to finish. I just have to continue it until the end now and I hope episodes 7+ will continue to deliver an enjoyable story.


 I hope I enjoy the ending like you @gm4queen.

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I really enjoyed this one. I felt like it was a hidden gem.


The message is pretty simple. Dear Politicians, please stop being greedy jerks and maybe use your power to help people once in a while. Yes, it's naive and silly, but who doesn't love a story like that?


Also, I guess K-dramas about the National Assembly is the new trend, huh?


It was just a lot of fun. Everyone had great comic timing. It felt like everyone was having fun filming the show and really just brought all their energy. And the OST was awesome.


I loved Park Hu Ja. She was hilarious and every second she was on screen, she was so great. I loved her unique line readings, and how delightfully, unapologetically bad she was.


I also loved Mi Yeong. She was just so cool and capable. And I really felt the love and affection between her and Jeong Guk, which made everything work. The premise was pretty ridiculous (cop marries con man!) so their love had to make sense.


I loved all the side characters. And of course, Si Won.


I'd like to think that after he did time in jail, he was reelected to the National Assembly and working along with Kim Ju-Myeong. The last scene shows him walking towards it, it could be possible.

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