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[drama Japan 2005] タイガー&ドラゴン Tiger &a

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173



* Title: タイガー&ドラゴン

* Title (romaji): Tiger & Dragon

* Format: Renzoku

* Genre: Comedy

* Episodes: 1 Special + 11

* Viewership ratings: 15.5%(SP), 12.78%

* Broadcast network: TBS

* Broadcast period:

o Special: 2005-Jan-9

o 2005-Apr-15 to 2005-Jun-24

* Air time: Friday 22:00

* Theme Songs:

o Opening song: Tiger & Dragon by Crazy Ken Band

o Ending song: UTAO-UTAO by V6


The tale of Tiger & Dragon revolves around Rakugo, a traditional form of Japanese comedy that can look back on an impressive 400 year long history. Nagase portrays the Yakuza follower Toraji who goes to a Rakugo performer to collect debts, while Okada plays Ryuji a talented Rakugo player who wants to leave behind the old fashioned world of Rakugo for good. Shortly afterwards these two very different characters happen to cross paths through a girl named Megumi and that's when all the real trouble starts igniting...

Cast :

* Nagase Tomoya as Yamazaki Kotora / Hayashiyatei Kotora / Tora / Toraji / Toravolta

* Okada Junichi as Yanaka Ryuji / Hayashiyatei Kotatsu

* Itoh Misaki as Megumi

* Nishida Toshiyuki as Yanaka Shoukichi / Hayashiatei Donbei / Shishou / Don-chan

* Shoufukutei Tsurube as Nakatani Ken / Ken-chan (Shinjuku RyuseIkai Kumicho)

* Tsukamoto Takashi as Nakatani Ginjiro / Gin-gin

* Takuma Takayuki as Hyuuga Jun

* Gin Pun Chou as Yanaka Sayuri

* Abe Sadao as Yanaka Ryuhei / Hayashiyatei Donta

* Nekoze Tsubaki as Yanaka Tsuruko

* Shunputei Shota as Hayashiyatei Donkichi

* Hoshino Gen as Hayashiyatei Dontsuku

* Fukami Motoki as Hayashiyatei Donburi

* Asari Yousuke as Murata Susumu / Hayashiyatei Udon

* Aoi Yuu as Risa

* Kiritani Kenta as Chibi T / Takeshi-kun

* Arakawa Yoshiyoshi as Awashima Yukio / "Jumptei Jump"

* Omi Toshinori as Ta-chan (Soba Shop owner / Rakugo Fanatic)

* Hankai Kazuaki as Hanzou (Oden Stand Owner / Rakugo Fanatic)

* Matsumoto Jun as Yoshiko

* Itou Shuuko (伊藤修子) as Nakatani Shizuka

* Emoto Hana (江本花琳) as Yanaka Saya

* Horaguchi Shinya (洞口信也) as Manabu

* Hiroshiseki Keiichi (廣石恵一) as Kariya

* Koumoto Junichi as Liu-san

* Fukazawa Atsushi


* Hiroshi (ヒロシ) as Death Kiyoshi (Sp&ep7)

* Sugawara Daikichi (菅原大吉) as Tamotsu (Sp&10)

* Oomori Nao as BOSS Kataoka (ep3)

* Takeda Fumio (高田文夫) as Takadatei Babahiko (ep3,7,10&11)

* Morishita Aiko as Mizukoshi Koharu (ep4&11)

* Furuta Arata as Maruo (ep5)

* Shimizu Michiko as Marimo (ep5)

* Yakushimaru Hiroko as Shiraishi Katsuko (ep6)

* Kohinata Fumiyo as Yanagitei Koshin (ep7)

* Takaoka Sousuke as Kaneko (ep8)

* Kitamura Kazuki as Tanabe Yasuo (ep8,9,11)

* Ino Manabu (猪野学) as Tetsuya (ep9)

* Shouji Yuukai (少路勇介) as Yasuji (ep9)

* Hashimoto Jun (橋本じゅん) as Kaji Rikio (ep9-11)

SOURCE : タイガー&ドラゴン



タイガー & ドラゴン



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Guest tomodachi-

hilarious drama XD

still watching atm though. ep 7 is still downloading .. and has been for daysss .. no seeds );

very creative drama though.. i reckon.. really funny.

all the stories.. and especially the acting !

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i love watching this!!!

i was surprised how well they related the rakugos with life situations

it made me laugh and also made me bawl on some eps

nice nice dorama

nagase tomoya dramas are always very nice to watch..

tigaaahhh.. tigahhh... gitaaiiggaa...

(well thats how i hear him say it (^_-)

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Guest dadedum

I LOVE LOVE how creative this drama is. I watched it when it was airing and bought the dvd recently to rewatch it. Nagase was hilarious, and it's brilliant how the story within a story transition could be done so smoothly. Highly recommended for anyone who wants something different.

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Guest novemberbaby

I loveeeeeeeee this drama! Maybe it's because I love Junichi, but that's really beside the point. Anyway, the stories in this drama are pretty funny and I like how they show scenes of Tomoya and Junichi in traditional clothing and their hairstyles.

Oh, and when Junichi argues with his father, his mother starts crying out of nowhere, and the father threatens to beat him up :lol:

Tomoya as a gangster is funny too. Who would ever thought a gangster telling stories in a theater?

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Guest melda-im

hm..i still watch ep 1, and i don't understand about the story..i buy it cause tomoya nagase play in this drama..don't understand about the story,..really..

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Guest TygrrLilly

One of my favorite dramas by hands down my favorite drama writer- everything he writes is AWESOME and he picks the best casts.

This was noooo exception and along with Nobuta wo Produce I think it was was best drama of 2005. The characters are sooo quirky and funny. Even the supporting cast is memorable (Chibi T! Gin-Gin!).

But be forewarned it's really....Japanese- for lack of a better word. Rakugo is an art that's very Japanese (a predecessor to Manzai- that duo comedy stuff that is everywhere) and there are lots of puns in the language used and a lot of silly references to Japanese culture. So some jokes may go over your head (it did for me when I watched things the first time- I went back and rewatched it and got a lot more) but there are sooo many other things to be amused by you'll still enjoy it.

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Another great drama from Tomoya. Great cast and I love how they incorpate the old stories into the new one. A very unique drama that really stands out.

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Before u start on episode 1 of tis drama, u shld watch the special episode first. cos the special episode is actually the introductary epsiode and u will get a clear pic of all the happenings n relations found in episode 1.

for those who find tis drama confused:

In epi 1, the rakugo story telling focused on tis fisherman who likes to drink. One day, he found a wallet by the beach and decided not to go to work, thinking tat if he is so lucky to have picked up money, work is not necessary. His wife, knowing tat, hid the wallet he found. She then lied to him tat he must have been drunk instead n finding the wallet was wat happened in his dream. The fisherman believed the gods are punishing him for his drinking ways by giving him such a cruel dream. He then promised his wife to quit drinking n work hard frm tat day onwards. 3yrs later, the wife revealed she had lied to the fisherman n tat he actually DID pick up the wallet. The fisherman in turn thanked his wife for the lie, for it was tis lie tat made him worked hard during the 3 yrs.

back to the real life situation, Risa is an assisant working in the clothes store, with her boss Ryuji. Risa is a girl who likes to fall in love easily, with any guy she views attractive. Having a bf is in fact more important than her working life in the store. One day, she happens to find a wallet dropped by a customer at the store. After taking the wallet, Risa went drinking with her boss Ryuji n his friend, Tora. Meanwhile, the owner of the wallet, Ginjiro, went to make a police report, n on his way bumped into a drunk Risa. Risa saw Ginjiro n she fell in love with him. She returned the wallet n then leave him her email address. After going back to the clothes store the next day, Risa told her boss Ryuji abt this. Ryuji realised this obsession with Ginjiro will make Risa forget abt work again, and so he lied that she must have been drunk the previous night n tat the wallet + Ginjiro is all parts of her dream. Risa believed, and so she began to stay away frm men for the time being n worked hard at the store instead. Feeling guilty all this while, Ryuji arranged for Ginjiro to meet Risa eventually again n then confesses to her he had lie in the first place. Risa in turn thanked Ryuji for the lie, for it is tis lie tat makes her change her ways of clinging onto men and she might have scared away Ginjiro if she was still her old self.

see the link between the story telling n the actual happenings?

haha.. hopefully my interpretation of the drama is correct!

anw, i didnt manage to get the clear link between the tea ceremony n the wrist band in episode 3...would anyone who has watched tis episode explains the link between the two??

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Guest babycurious

I love this Rakugo stuff! Hope they have it in English, it would make a great bed time story!

and also the fact that they all leave together as a family under the same roof

This is a drama that I would like to see one more time :D

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wow this scriptwriter is brilliant!

I love IWGP and Ping Pong Boy. They're really creative stories....

I'm just starting this and I can't stop. It's so addictive.

I think I avoided it when it was originally aired because I thought it would be jokes I wouldn't understand (puns or something that has to do specifically with the Japanese culture/languages)

although there are a few puns, but the stories themselves are interesting. It's cool how each story in an episode parallels what happens in real life.

Very good acting too :)

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Guest kiarill

I loved this show! Although I had to watch it without english subs, so I was constantly rewinding to get the point.

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