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(HD pics!) Have you ever had difficulty singing along with Korean songs?


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Thank you so much! I think the video you said would be really helpful. I'll definitely go to the link and check! Emotion is important, I see. Thank you!!!!!!! Hopefully you have a great day today!


8 hours ago, Sejabin said:



I think it’s not difficult. It’s more like if I don’t know the language then I don’t know how to pronounce the words. It will make me sounds strange wkwkwkwk. But usually I will try to find the romanization and I will listen to the original singer to get how she/he pronounces the words when sing. But yeah it’s difficult because sometimes you won’t know how to put the right emotion if you don’t know the language. Emotion helps me to create improvisation. It leads me to create dynamic between melodies.


btw if you have some times you can listen to one of korean ost that I try to sing in rinsan forum in soompi. My sis juni posted it in the first page or 2nd page. I don’t know the language but at least I try hua ha ha ha ha. My pronunciation a bit messy but heiii.. that is learning LOLs :heart:


Any comments? Please~ :P

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