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[OFFICIAL] (NingQue)Chen Fei Yu ❤ (SangSang) Song YiRen (NingSang) ~EverNight couple~

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Song YiRen Studio releases some pictures of her :)  with the caption



(Its a good day when you smile)


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Thank you all for the updates, photos, GIFs, etc of our NingSang Couple. I still couldn't get over these two cute people. I'm still suffering from EverNight hangover.


Cheers everyone

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How do you call each other?

CFY: Dad

CKG: **whistles** When he was young, around 5 or 6, that is our signal for him.


Is CKF a strick father?

CKG: When he was 4 years old, I gave him a slap because I was asking him, 4 + 4 is how much? He think about it for almost half year, already 4 years old. 4+4 also you don't know? How can this be?

CFY: Not only I didn't managed to answer it, when I knew that 4+4 is 8, I didn't even wrote it out, but drew 2 circles instead, sticking together.


Dad love eldest brother more or little brother more?

CFY: Both sides of the hands are also meat

CKG: Our household don't have such a thing, things that should say will be said


Sons follow dad more or mom more?

CFY: *showing both picture*

CKG: Look like Chen Hong more, but kinda follow my aura. When young, they were kind soft and polite, the most similar sides is the eyes, simple and clean.


Take a guess on what drama and roles mom playing?

Video1: MeiLan isn't  yours and also isn't mine, she is ZhouEr one.

CKG: DaDa underestimated our guessing ability. 'MeiLanFang' there is one character called FuZiFang

Video2: From now on, we just talk don't touch here and there. 1 year big and 2 small one, make others can't even respect.

CKG: Director XieTiaLi filmed 'HongErMongLi' ZiJun

Video3: This times mister let me feel the truth of love

CFY: DaMingGong, Tai Ping GongZhu

CFY: When I was young, princess in my mind has a definite impressions, is someone from up and above which is my mom

CKG: My mom, then he just walk off.


What each other love dishes?

CFY: Fried liver. Yes preferably fried liver.

CKG: As long as it is prepare by me, they will love it.

CFY: Wa, so confident?

CKG: Definitely.


What will you do if you seen some bad comments against your dad?

CKG: Oh they talking about you again. I think this is good enough.

CFY: We will never talk about each other in the net, be it about dad or mom or even brother on what they were doing.


When do you feel that your son had grown up?

CFY: When you don't let your parents worried.

CKG: I never feel he grown up, why must he grow up?


Do you guys want to hug each other?

CKG: Always, here. Definitely.

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NOTE: chingus, we are thinking of having a shippers event where shippers will get the chance to win badges of their ship. we would like to know if there would be enough interest from the shipping community for such an event. could you let us know if your ship would be interested? if you could let us know within the next few days (say 25 Jan), this would help us plan better. this would be held sometime in february. please tag me or @youngatheart or @angelangie or @ebullient when you respond. thank you.

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On 11/21/2018 at 8:30 PM, angelangie said:

lols.....okie here we are :D give me a lil credit yea if you guys post it else where :P i might translate wrongly as some of it i just translate it loosely.....been a long times since i did any translations for real :)



~u cant leave her and she cant leave you~

SongYiRen: Can ask me first?
Reporter: Yes yes
SongYiRen: Pls list down my 3 good points
Chen FeiYu: Your 3 good points, 1-height, 2-weight, 3-petite
SongYiRen: What is the stupiest thing you think i did? Ok stupidly cute
Chen FeiYu: I think there is nothing you did that is stupidly cute but maybe stupid
Everyday also you will did something stupid.
SongYiRen: 3 sentences to describe your first impression on me, and what make you abolish that thought now?
Chen FeiYu: First you are very quiet, 2nd very polite, 3rd you said very little, oh yes that is also very quiet, oh yea you eat very little. Ever since we started filming, I think these 3 points are gone, especially the 3rd one
SongYiRen: Pls list down my 3 disadvantages
Chen FeiYu: Too short, too heavy & bad tempered
Song YiRen: What is the thing you really can't stand me during filming that causes you mental break down.
Chen FeiYu: When reharsing its a little low due to the height and always reaches your head instead. The one that causes me mental break was during the part where I need to go thru the wiring where I need to pull out a gadgets and also I have lots of stuff at my back, someone sat at my back and no matter how they pull the wire it wont budge.
SOng YiRen: During a difficult journey, who will you choose to give up?
Chen FeiYu: Will choose SangSang

Chen FeiYu: Ok now I want to start asking questions
Chen FeiYu: Pls list down my 3 good points
Song YiRen: Tall, big face, big hands
Chen FeiYu: What kinds of good points is 'Big Face'
Song YiRen: It will be more obvious / eyes catching.
Chen FeiYu: What is the thing you most envious of me? I think you envy my height the most.
Song YiRen: Yes, height.
Chen FeiYu: When do you think I'm at my coolest, and what can curl my limits?
Song YiRen: Anything also can restrict it.
Song YiRen: You dont have much value
Chen FeiYu: Describe 3 of your first impression of me, and what make you think otherwise now.
Song YiRen: Everything gone, first times when I meet him, felt he was really ok, very gentlemen, ask you whether you want to eat this or that, now no more, now if he saw me coming he will if there is a car coming towards us, and kick me onto the road.
Chen FeiYu: ~Sigh~ hmmmm
Chen FeiYu: Pls list down my 3 bad points
Song YiRen: Long face, small eyes....emmmm....oh....love to hit ppl!
Chen FeiYu: That is only because its you
Chen FeiYu: What is the thing that you can't stand me the most during filming?
Chen FeiYu: I think the most thing you can't stand is because of the height, as when we need to film something you are unable to be in the same frame.
Song YiRen: Yes, and whenever we reharse he will roll his eyes.
Chen FeiYu: During the most critical moment who will you choose.
Song YiRen: Most prorbably still NingQue




hi are you able to do one with the cross over from modern to NingSang in real?


a mix in between their character to the modern pictures something like that :) 

OMG, thank you for translating this, @angelangie! They are so funny :D . And CFY looked so BIG and TALL near SYR, but he still said that she was heavy *LOL*


Anyway, I just knew about this thread :P

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10 hours ago, rhaps said:

OMG, thank you for translating this, @angelangie! They are so funny :D . And CFY looked so BIG and TALL near SYR, but he still said that she was heavy *LOL*


Anyway, I just knew about this thread :P



i happen to have times then lols.....


today is my first day back to work after my Lunar New Year 

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