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[Official Thread] Arthur Chen FeiYu [陈飞宇]

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This is Arthur Farewell Post about Ever Night on his Weibo. Rally admired his maturity and profesionalism on the set, willing to listen and learn from his senior, wishing Arthur CFY always keep down t

Happy Chinese New Year 2562 My Friends    Our Arthur take a selfie with his mom  greeting everyone a Happy Chinese New Year.  

I've also discussed this with my friend , after I've heard about this. If this is true, then it will make CFY grows more mature and stronger. Hopefully, he'll be able to overcome this, as well as bigg

Articles Beauty Circles about Top 10 IP Drama including Ever Night.




TOP 7 of popular heroes’ costume drama webcasts ranking: "Jiangye" has 5.44 billion webcasts


"Jiang Ye" is also a very successful heroic lead drama. It is a hot-blooded fantasy genre like "Douluo Dalu". It is also an adaptation of a popular novel. Many of these adaptations destroy the original work, but "Jiang Ye" is also a rare acclaim. The broadcast volume reached 5.44 billion.


However, the subsequent release of "Jian Ye 2" completely collapsed. The actor's substitutions were completely wrong. The plot was also full of negative reviews. The original fans were scolded by fans and various magical changes. Chasing the first episode made people want to continue. Fast forward. Many netizens are looking forward to the second part because of the first part, but the second part is simply ruining the classics.



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15 hours ago, mei2018 said:

I love that he looked so happy, playful and relax during his last trip. Being in the beautiful mountain area may be very good.



Yeah he has adapted very well around the crowd in airport, he is so relax. Hopefully his work is finish smoothly, and release some images oh pleasee...

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On 3/17/2021 at 6:16 PM, mei2018 said:

It was rumoured that HYX will be aired on 04/08 right? So far there is no official announcement and I am worried.

LOL... Will believe it when it actually happens... So may baseless rumors, we don't have a trailer yet but there's a premiere date!? Doubtful, 

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