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[Drama 2019] Moment of Eighteen / 18, 열여덟의 순간


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at first i watch this drama because of hyang gi.:D after that i courious about osw and google about him. i dont really know him before this:rolleyes:. ( I dont know about wanna one or produce ioi) but his acting is just wow for a first time actor. yeah i excited to see what happen next. I hope they (in drama) can clear their feeling to each other soon..:wub::sweatingbullets:


Thank you for explain more about osw.:rolleyes:

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5 hours ago, sal2 said:

I do wonder what Subin knows about Hwojoung as it is hinted at something that made their friendship cold as she keeps a distance from him.

subin was alrdy uncomfortable with hwiyoung telling his friends that he is his girlfriend. even when his friends tease abt subin being ma hwiyoung's girlfriend, hwiyoung didn't mind but subin does. another situation was when he went to her house and even brought her own clothes for her to change into. subin was clearly uncomfortable abt it. 


another detail that another viewer manage to caught was that during ep 3, subin's saved hwiyoung's name as just hwiyoung (casual) but in ep 4, it change into ma hwiyoung (more formal). not many will catch on this (because its quite trivial and small hahaha) but it does show abt her feelings towards hwiyoung. she went from being just friends to being uncomfortable around him and his actions. the incident after the jung hoo's death and knowing abt the truth between junwoo/hwiyoung will make subin even more suspicious abt hwiyoung. 


ep 3 (subin save it as hwiyoung)


ep 4 (subin save it as ma hwiyoung)


@glass_shoe15 welo refers to ong seongwu's fanclub name. in korean (wiro), it means 'to comfort' but its romanized as WELO in english :)

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12 hours ago, sal2 said:

. I do wonder what Subin knows about Hwojoung as it is hinted at something that made their friendship cold as she keeps a distance from him.


I am not sure she knows something about him that has turned her cold towards him.  She’s had multiple interactions with his family, where her mom has had to grovel to HwiYoung’s Mother to pave the way for her (to make her way up the ingrained school hierarchy).  I think SB just wants to make it on her own.  On her terms.  Not because someone has given her an unfair advantage because of ties with people of influence.  So she wants to distance herself from HwiYoung who keeps wanting to give her a leg up all the time.  He feels like he’s doing her a favour but unwittingly, he’s actually disrespecting her desire to make it based on her own merit.  HwiYoung has this misplaced feeling of self worth which is tied to being on top of everything, being the model student, the model school President (?), the model child.  Deep down though, he doesn’t like himself at all because it’s all “pretend” and disingenuous.  SB and JW on the other hand, in spite of their circumstances and external pressures, have a genuine sense of self worth (even though it took JW a while to “find himself” - he had no name in the beginning, he just went with whatever name was given him, SB made sure he had his own name, but in spite of that, he knew who he was and what he was about).  They are able to keep that core belief that they are worth something without the trappings of external pressures and stay true to that.  He is not afraid to admit that he sleeps with the lights on at night.  That is just who he is, it’s not something to hide or be ashamed of, he accepts it.  I think that’s what makes them stand out amongst the others.  HwiYoung hates that JW can see right through him and exposes his insecurities.  HY has built this whole “empire” in the school system where teachers, students alike all elevate him onto a pedestal, that’s the premise of his self worth.  If anything threatens that, he attacks it or covers it up because without it, he feels like he is worth nothing.  JW strips aways all his bravado and the veneer,  always pointing out the deeper/more important issues (eg like how you shouldn’t lie, how he should just come out and tell the truth about the watch but didn’t, how his scratching was a sign of his anxieties and inner insecurities).  HY resents JW for that because deep down he is knows that JW is right, that if you strip away all these things, he is left with an empty shell.  He has no idea who he is without all these accolades.


I read in recent articles how JW will go darker in the next few episodes because of what happened to his friend.  I look forward to seeing how that will go.  

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So are we all in agreement the second ML is irredeemable? Honestly bored of rich kids in shows like this who do atrocious things but then the writers throw a sob story out there expecting us to be sympathetic, especially after that last episode I can't see how anyone could feel empathy for him. He's indirectly the reason the ML's best friend is killed (and was a richard simmons in the first two episodes as well but that's nothing compared to the first point). I look forward to some sweet karma.


I don't mind the odd light moments but I personally prefer dark/serious shows so curious to see the direction this show takes now after episode 4.


Feels like a lot has happened in 4 episodes

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Who know's, they've finished filming this drama or not? 


Omo i already hear second ost in youtube. (Because i'm in office so i could not to watch it) ^_^

His voice is so soft and sweet. :wub:


P/s: its ok to fall in love again with different oppa in kdrama land? :D

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28 minutes ago, glass_shoe15 said:

I read in instagram. Why some fans said osw frusted about news kang daniel official dating? Its he g*y? :sweatingbullets:

  Reveal hidden contents



Please dont speculate. :)

Those are delusional shippers. 


6 hours ago, glass_shoe15 said:

Who know's, they've finished filming this drama or not? 

Not yet. Saw some "fan taken photos last night. Junwoo and Subin. :wub:


Our Story is out. 

OST Part 2 of At Eighteen.

Seongwu/Junwoo sang it. Enjoy his voice. 


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General reminder:


Please keep your post on-topic - meaning on the drama itself. Posts about the actors' privates lives belong in their respective actor threads.



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===Ep. 05=== 


Wait. Oh Je & Da-In (I think LoL I can't keep track of names!) are an item now!? Really?! I was reading comments on how some thought he was..gay..?? Jun-Woo spurred on by Jun-Hoo's death becomes defiant against Hwi-Young. In next ep. preview it appears he might team up with Sang-Hoon to take Hwi-Young down..? Though Hwi-Young is scary, he has clout to decide which homeroom teacher stays & even controls the class hierarchy yikes. Did Soo-Bin let slip a love confession ha-ha!? Love Jun-Woo's shocked expression LoL!   

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@Latte_Anyday she asked Oh-je first, during their english free talk (they are the only ones to do it) so Oh-je had no chance to say no to her infront of the class. But in Ep 5, he told his father that she's not his gf.:o 


Kitae is so selfish. Thought he will sincerely asked for forgiveness, but with what he said, if I was Junwoo, I wound not forgive him.

That confrontation is one of my favorite scene...the way Junwoo delivered his line coupled with those expression, i couldn't believe this is his first drama. Really, very, very promising. I'm already looking forward to his next drama. :P


I love the layers in Subin's character. She might appear happy and cheerful, but underlying that happy face is a student struggling with her mom. Subin scene with her Mom is so important in real life. Her Mom is busy doing things so she can enter a prestigious university but Subin knows her capacity from the start. This part shows us that some parents clamour for prestige to show off to friends and relatives setting aside the feelings and capacity of their children, thus resulting to unhappiness on both sides.


Hwiyoung, I cant emphatize with him at all for now. Even his mother. The way they cover things up to keep their image, uggggh. The way he disrespect Teacher Hankyul, i don't like him more. 


I love the way Junwoo is doing his "revenge". He is targeting Kitae's conscience and he is getting into the nerves of Hwiyoung. Can't wait how this will progress. Oh, i love that small smirk on Junwoo after they talked in study room.


I found it so cute when Subin made an impromptu confession. Their shocked faces are adorable. Can't wait for the next ep tonight.



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I like how this drama constantly surprises me.  I expect a situation to follow a tried and tested path and it fails to deliver.  I know that sounds like a criticism but it’s not.  Especially in this genre of high school romance type dramas.  This drama has all the elements of high school but honestly NONE of the histrionics.  Which is actually novel.  Case in point.


When JW confronts KT in the street and KT begs him to just take the blame, I mean he had a point, JW was already a “loser” in life, KT was “clean”, he tried to drive home his point with a guilt trip, “I am my parents’ only hope.  I am supposed to make it to University and make something of myself for their sake.”  I was expecting JW to cave and be Super altruistic and go down the path of being downtrodden and deadbeat...with the usual KDrama reversal in the end of the drama of course... but no... he has the strength of character and the very adult mindset to think, “No... that’s not how it works.  You made a choice and you live with the consequences of your choice.  I should not be forced to clean up the mess you got yourself into.” Hence his very very astute reply that they are but 18, there is time enough for them to get over wrongs/mis steps.  It’s not that he didn’t understand KT’s plight.  He did.  But it wasn’t the right way to go.  You make mistakes, but you own up to it and grow from it.  No-one is a loser for life unless they choose to be.  Remember his words to his deceased Friend?  Just because you’re born into a life less fortunate does not set you up for failure.  What you do with it determines your future.  You are the Captain of your own destiny.  He refuses to let life (and in this case HwiYoung) dictate whether he is a failure or not.  His focus is on character, being decent, being truthful, living up to a moral code. I love this boy.  Such an old soul. :wub:


And on the flip side, SooBin is the same.  She refuses to bow to conventions.  She knows herself.  She knows her limits.  She knows that once you get on that treadmill of bending the rules and doing anything it takes to get on top of the heap, you lose what little sense of self that you have.  She would rather keep her dignity.  Just like JW, she realises that your dignity and self respect is really what matters in the end.  It defines you.  If you allow others and outside entities define who you are (like HwiYoung), you end up being shackled to the very thing you think will liberate you.  Because once you build it, there’s constant maintenance required to keep up with the facade.  Kudos to the writer for these little nuggets of wisdom weaved into a “Coming of Age” drama.  


EDIT - as for the articles about JW “going dark”?  Err... he didn’t?  Certainly not in this episode anyway.  See...a surprise.  A very pleasant one indeed.

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13 hours ago, Latte_Anyday said:

Oh Je & Da-In (I think LoL I can't keep track of names!) are an item now!? Really?! I was reading comments on how some thought he was..gay..??

when daheen asked oh je if she can be his girlfriend in front of the class, oh je couldnt say no because of peer pressure lol the class were cheering them to date. in ep 5, daheen even said its their 3rd day :joy: but oh je was the one that kept denying their relationship when his father asked him. i dont think he takes the relationship seriously and oh je does look uncomfortable in the relationship, like he is just in it because he couldn't say no to her hahaha!  abt him being gay - those were theories because his character description says he has a secret. another theory was that he is a single dad! for me, i'm liking ohje's character cause he seems like a good son and he also cares for Junwoo..


hwiyoung is scaring me.. he controls everything even in school. what makes him so confident? that the vice principal always adore him and thus has his back? i was cheering for teacher oh when he asked hwiyoung to rearrange the seatings back to normal and to not have hwiyoung's study group clash with his classes. things need to be set right!!  

2 hours ago, KawaiiOnge said:

I found it so cute when Subin made an impromptu confession. Their shocked faces are adorable. Can't wait for the next ep tonight.

it was so cute... both were surprised lol even the bike couldn't take the confession 

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@KawaiiOnge ,  @ongeverse

I know but I thought Oh Je sort of went along with it y'know? 'Cause he didn't want to hurt her feelings. See? This is why I detest public confessions! It should be private between the 2 of you, it shouldn't include others. 


Btw @ongeverse what made them think that Oh Je's a single dad Lol?!


Yea I don't see any redeemable qualities in Hwi-Young at all either @KawaiiOnge I think Ki-Tae is afraid of the repercussions. He mentioned his parents? So it probably would not end well. And as Hwi-Young hold a lot of control/influence, Ki-Tae feel it's best to stay low. I don't agree with his actions but hopefully he will do something about it later. 


Soo-Bin's Mom is so different from Jun-Woo's.. Despite them both bein' single moms, Jun-Woo's is supportive & loving though weak hearted LoL. Soo-Bin's Mom I think she seem to want the best for her daughter but it look more like she wants to show Soo-Bin off? Typical of Asian parents I guess.. 


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