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[Drama 2019] Moment of Eighteen / 18, 열여덟의 순간


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Im looking forward to this drama. It is Ong Seongwu's first drama and his acting debut at the same time. This very talented man is achieving one of his dreams...to be an actor. 

He's a performing arts graduate, major in acting in his uni so I am anticipating he is a decent actor despite being a rookie. 


Seongwu and Hyanggi are happy in behind the scene photos in contrast to the previously released teasers.



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Because I like JTBC and their youth dramas. They always produce good ones ie: Solomon's Perjury, Sky Castle , Beautiful World. Yep watch all three. I guess when it comes to Korean youth dramas, I always want them to have serious undertones.   Anyway I get my light, easy flowing ones from Chinese youth dramas.


I'm going to watch this. My previous post, I sorta likened it to Perks Of Being A Wall Flower.. at least for some characters.


Teaser. cr JTBC






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Relationship chart summary translated in English (I will update again if I can find detailed translation for other characters):


Choi Junwoo's parents character synopsis: https://twitter.com/0hMy0ng/status/1149176795981238272

Convenience store part-time noona: https://twitter.com/hwangclouds/status/1149154841542848512


Cheongbong High School's students and teachers:

Teacher Oh Hankyul: https://twitter.com/omgong_0825/status/1149176518569947136


Yoo Pilsang: https://twitter.com/omgong_0825/status/1149205780328931329

Hwang Romi: https://twitter.com/omgong_0825/status/1149180471894368256

Jeong Ohje: https://twitter.com/cherrio_xo/status/1149164053895344128


This article has a summary of the other characters synopsis: https://www.soompi.com/article/1338004wpp/moments-of-18-reveals-relationship-chart-of-main-and-supporting-characters 


And, official drama synopsis from JTBC's website translated:








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Some additional photos of Junwoo from JTBC IG



Moment At Eighteen was Ong Seongwu's first challenge as an actor on tv, but he had a short movie titled Seongwu is Alright. This will give a glimpse on how he acts. I am anticipating that he already improved in Moment At Eighteen.



New drama stills


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Premier 22 July. 9:30 KST.  Hoping another  high quality youth drama from JTBC.  Hardships in life and school plus violence. You know when you just wanna try and finish high school in a  breeze but...it's not to be






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Director Shim Nayeon: Ong Seongwu fits the lonely boy image when Writer Yoon Kyungah started planning on the drama.


Writer Yoon KyungAh to Ong Seongwu

"If it is not him, there is no one else.:




Here are some links to naver articles.







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Well It's the susual trope which is common with coming of age drama.  The bully boy, the rich girl, the poor but  alone boy, the rich  studeny leader but with dysfunctional family, the goofy but go to teacher. I do like the that the young female Soo Bin, list isn't obnoxious She's kind and simple and good the the young male lead. And then there's the student leader Hwi Young,  who looks perfect but, looks like he's got sickness. Plus the mom seems favors his other brother judging by the praises.


JW newly transferred student, he got kicked out of his former school due to violence and assault. So his reputation is not good and  they found out through social media. JW barely talks in his scenes in this  episode but he narrates


SB is good and friendly to JW ask him to join their assessment group when no one wanted him to be in their groip which made  HW question her. SB and HW child hood friends - it's the usual things.. you know what I mean. Their mothers are friends


HW looks nice on the outside but complex and seems dark inside. HW He stole watch then made it look like Jun Woo (character of male lead). For what purpose it serve.  To get noticed by mom?  Likely.  HW keeps scratching his skin. He's got "Atopy". Not sure what is it.


Bunch of rookie actors. It's good to see a not familiar face in drama.  HW  character rookie actor name Shin Seung Ho this is his first drama.  First time he spoke, he's got deep voice.  JW is Ong Seong Wu, the male lead is from Wannaone.. which I do't know, though I've heard it'a group. First drama too.  And SB is Park Hyang-Gi. the veteran child actress. If you'v seen Along Wwith The Gods, Snowy Road,  she won awards for those.



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Jun-Woo's a mysterious character but he shows moments of uprightness. By the way he was looking at Soo-Bin, I think Hwi-Young definitely sees her more than just friends. What's up with that constant scratching though?:blink: Is Hwi-Young allergic or is the itch stemming from stress?

I like how nice and responsible Soo-Bin is. Not to mention she's so tiny LoL. Ugh I really hate Hwi-Young!:angry: He's trash, wonder if he's pinning the theft on Jun-Woo 'cause he's jealous that Soo-Bin shows interest in him!?<_<

Poor Jun-Woo... his Mom is something else though eheheh.:D


For his first drama, Seong-Woo's doin' a decent job. Was afraid he'd pull a Cha Eun-Woo but nope. Thank goodness for that.

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WoW this thread is soo..d-e-a-d:blink: Am shocked as I was expecting a lot of Wanna One fans, guess not LoL.


Jun-Woo decides to stay WooHoo though that two-faced jerk, Hwi-Young is not making it easy<_< Big deal he's a top scorer, so what?! He's still rotten to the core, that Ki-Tae is a rat like he is! Has Sky Castle not teach 'em anythin'?? Soo-Bin's Mom & Hwi-Young's parents....ARGHHHH.:angry: I mean I sort of agree with Soo-Bin's Mom that women have it harder than men, but still.-_-


Like the lil friendship thing goin' on with Jun-Woo/Soo-Bin - could it be the start of somethin' more..?? Love how that teaching assistant stuck by Jun-Woo~  

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Episode 1  A Nameless Kid, Choi Junwoo


It is a little bit slow and had some typical school characters.  It is mainly introduction of characters of course. But it ended with something interesting.


I like it when Junwwo answered Hwiyoung in the last scene

"Piece of trash"? Shouldn't you call yourself that?"

And yes, Hwiyoung deserves that.


The sceneries were beautifully taken and the bgm is so nice. One of the OST was sung by Christopher Nissen, a Danish Singer. 

OST Singer - Chrsitopher Nissen


Ong Seongwu's acting is good, although there are some little rough edges, its ok since he is a rookie. It must have been a great pressure for him to debut as a male lead.


I love Hyanggi And Seongwu's chemistry.

Their short glances, flustered look.  Junwoo and Subin really acted like 18 years old.


Episode 2 The Moment I Want to Escape


Epsisode 2 has a nice mix of cute, fun and sad moment.  I find it so funny when Junwoo  handed his apology letter to Teacher Hankyul with a ladybug drawing. Since he has done nothing wrong Junwoo felt that there  is nothing to apologize. And when he tried to run away from Hankyul as well as their library scene. Honestly, im looking forward to their scenes a lot. 


Seems like Subin and Junwoo always met by "fate". I like their cute interactions. The way they deliver their lines, their exchange of smile and glances, really heart fluttering.


I will skip Hwiyoung because he is two-face and scheming. A piece of trash! But it is interesting to know his story.


I started to cry a lot when Junwoo's mom started to talk about Junwoo's dad. Seongwu expressed the emotions too well. And when he finally got the courage to visit his dad because he is leaving and then his dad didn't recognize him, gosh, i felt that pain in his eyes. 

How can his father not know him..their resemblance is so evident..


Hyanggi is a given. She always present solid acting.


I know Seongwu can act decently, but he exceeded my expectations in epeisode 2. There  are nuances in his acting...i love it.


Opppsss, this is too long...i have so much to say, but maybe next time..





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