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[Drama 2018-2019] Gangnam Scandal, 강남 스캔들


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Glad SJ & SY had a happy ending, and we get to see a little Sokcho!! 


However, I dislike that there were no heavy punishments for some characters. Ms. Hong (aside from the beat down she got in prison) really deserves no mercy. Then Chairman's son-in-law really should have been kicked to the curb, SY's father & his mistress-wife also should been kicked out a long time ago (in fact, they should have been written out of the show halfway into the drama like the original 2nd female lead). They also had no character development for SD. After episodes of argument, somehow near the end, SK & husband is lovey dovey. None of it makes sense.


Plus, SH has been traveling during the 4-yr time jump, yet Sokcho knows who he is?!!!!


At least the dramas over. Hope to see everyone in another thread (most probably either praising or complaining about another daily drama).


Have a great day everyone!!

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Absolutely loved this show! Was watching since the very beginning watching the episodes as soon as it came out with subs :D


Loved the ending was so happy they have got their happy ever after especially after all they have been through! Made me so happy that SJ’s father accepted SY he seems to really really like her now and treats her like an actual daughter in law seems like even though they are living all together everything is going great they all seem so happy ! I’m glad that SJ and SY still have their little moments even after getting married loved the scene where they were picking outfits absolutely adorable :wub: I just love that the whole family are accepting SY!


I’m glad that Hong is regretting what she did and is living alone looking after her vegetables not trying to ruin lives again! The mistress and SY dad I think with time they maybe have changed too the way that the mistress greeted SY seemed to indicate that she was instantly offering fruit etc 


Overall I loved it the ending was adorable especially the scene with SH coming back and holding Sockho while greeting Sj and SY all of them smiling and being in their happy place! 


I dont know what am I going to do now that the drama has finished :tears:

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