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[icons] &&i'm Bringing Sexy Back B]


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No really, I am!
Yeah. The title has nothing to do with this. .___. ...unless you think the album pic of Rain is sexy. I wish BoA would pose semi-nude or something. :X...Alright don't bash! Well here are the icons.


If you want to use them, credit me and you can use my links.

BTW, number 41 is actually number 45 and number 42 is actually 46. Sorry! I messed up. -___-"

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Guest satisfaction!

Oo wow, I like the bg you put your icons on!

Very nice<33

I love 36!! The mood, colors, etc. are very pretty!


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Guest bluecarrot

nice work chee!! i like the texture more! hahhahh!!

the avatars look really nice on the bg..it makes it look more like a graphic than a display..anywho.. the avatars look nice too!

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