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What do you want right now?

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I want:


1. To be free from a feeling that the earthquake will hits when I sleep so that I can have my beauty sleep. I have not have any good sleep since 1 month ago. Every 2 hours at night I wake up and change my position from the sofa to the bed and to the sofa again :dissapointed:


2. I want to move out from this city soon :tears: if a guy like Adam Levine comes to me and said “hei sejabin stop working what do you want? Leave that job. You don’t have to work.” I will said asap “of course darling :bawling: .” And I will follow him Faithfully :wub: LOLS


3. To stop my habbit ~~~> sleep with the door open :no_mouth: who knows? Bad guys can :dissapointed:come and kill everyone in this house at night

ok I can not sleep with the door closed now because I was the one who fight with our front door when the earthquake happened. I hold the desk and the buffet with my shoulder while I was trying to open the door with the floor under my knees moved like a big dragon. 



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Posted (edited)
On 1/1/2019 at 11:35 AM, halfmoonsmile said:

A certain someone to tell me that he loves me.


I love you ^_* 


HAHAHAHAHAHA *huggsssss chingu..,Happy New Year :blush:


I want a diamond ring!! :joy:

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Posted (edited)

right now I want buy new blackhead removal for myself, I choose between 

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