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[Drama 2019] Live or Die aka What’s the Problem, Poong Sang?, 왜그래 풍상씨


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I don't think it's anyone in particular. KDs like to end their shows with something silly or idiotic.

The door bell was for the audience. Take it anyway you want, the writer, director and actors have done their job.


PS in this show takes the place of the noble idiot who had always been a woman in the shows I had watched.

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Why did the writer make Shim Ran a rapist and then, without properly addressing her crime, did away with her character in such a non-realistic way? Wi Sang could still be a dignified character if the two had had a mistaken one-night-stand... I'd like to hope that writer-nim had something more in mind, but ran into time allowance issues. I didn't like the direction it took, but it was heartwarming seeing Auntie Hwa Sang all over Baby Han Bang. He is sooo darn adorable. :wub:


The ending...

At first I thought it was in theme, the knock signaling neverending trouble for Poong Sang. Then, there he goes to resolve the issue with settlement money(?) and his ever so warm and happy face, hehe. But then, I didn't feel too good about that. Money was a central problem in this drama, but it was always second to the family dynamics. White is a symbol of purity and rebirth (they all celebrated Poong Sang's 3rd birthday). So, I am curious to that final-final ending. Personally, I don't think it was anyone specific at the door. Rather... a reality check for the audience. That we're a part of the family's story too, because the siblings and their neighbors and loved ones can easily be people we know and see every day. I think it's entirely up to your own interpretation and there is no right or wrong.


Yoo Jun Sang's rendition of "I'm A Happy Man/Person" is soo nostalgic. I was ok with the knock at the door being the end, but then that song makes me feel a sad longing. :joy: I was not supposed to miss these siblings.


Super proud of this cast-- they are the best asset of the drama and I will surely miss them together a tad bit more than their characters. Saw a lot of new acts and expressions, not just in the supporting or rookie actors, but in the seasoned actors of our main cast too. (Did anyone notice Boon Shil's father hitting on Chil Bok's mother at the end? :lol:). The cast was saving grace.

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Yah my lovelies we made without having an aneurysm!  Whoop whoop! We a live! What a ride. Crazy to the end. Like how the heck is ringing the bell.


@chickfactor  I like that saying. With the craziness the writer but us through it's only fair that she gives us the medicine too. :D  I gave up trying to figure out the point of some things like Wae Sang's rapist. She could have easily been a one night stand, but guess it draws more sympathy towards WS. 


I am happy with the end. Glad HWS has turned over a new leaf cause Chil Bok deserves a good person by his side. Off course babies babies all around. So glad the secrets are out as folk (mainly PS) keeping things to themselves and bottling feelings played a big part in their problems. Yah WS got to be with his first love, plus his kid is so cute.


So happy with how JS and her husband's relationship grew, they're so cute. Phew, Jin Sang finally manned up, thank heavens.  Glad he went and sorted himself out before resuming contact with his family and the woman he fancied. Even the two oldies now have each other for company. 


Get in mum is finally reaping what she sowed. Looks like she scammed the wrong person her face all scarred up. Yet she hasn't changed, still blaming her kids. Probably her crazyass ring the doorbell, nobodies home b....:ph34r:


All it all please with the ending. Writernim be crazy, but the acting was great, they did really well, award worthwhile sure.


Been grand sharing with y'all and reading your opinions. See you over on some other drama thread some where out there in drama land. 

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