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[Drama 2019] Live or Die aka What’s the Problem, Poong Sang?, 왜그래 풍상씨


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In ep 20, the preview showed PS staring down into a river - the usual Han river?

I was hoping he would jump and be rescued by someone, but then he had amnesia, his character changed to a butt-kicking brother. That would be so satisfying to see 30 something siblings looking for a job befitting their qualifications. 


The mother? I cannot believe this writer would create a mother so devoid of human decency, what more having maternal feelings.


All postings point to a continuation of a depressing show. Will still stay out.

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Omg! I'm watching ep 18. And I'm sick of the young siblings. I hate them! I can only tolerate Junsang. Poor Pongsang have to take care of such ridiculous siblings. I hope he really cut ties with them.


Edit: i just watched Jungsang saying harsh words to Bokshil! Now i cant tolerate her too.


Is there anyone to like in this. Huhuhu


Now at ep 21-22.


Jinsang needs to be jailed! And why on earth is Poongsang begging for him!  Ishhhhhhh. Jinsang needs a beating seriously. I don't get him at all. 


Poongsang needs to do the same thing as Jungsang. This family is a lost cause. Huhuhu


Was their mum such a good person that the young ones like her so much? She left them. Never went back for them. I dont see the logic of how they can like her


Ep 23-24

Jinsang and Hwasang are ridiculous. Hate them. Jinsang really2 needs to be jailed. Old bro needs to stop shielding him. He needs to stop shielding all his siblings. Why are you paying their debt? Urghhh.


Anyways..I love Jungsang's style. Her coats are amazing. 


And is Song Jung Ho aka Dr Jiham just a cameo? Awwww. I like SJH huhu

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This drama is super frustrating, and I don't know whether I can stick it out to the end. I dislike and/or hate everybody. While the siblings are awful, I actually dislike Poong Sang the most tbh. I hate the mom. 

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On 2/16/2019 at 9:22 AM, qynn said:

This drama is super frustrating, and I don't know whether I can stick it out to the end. I dislike and/or hate everybody. While the siblings are awful, I actually dislike Poong Sang the most tbh. I hate the mom. 


Yes, it slowly occurred to me that Poong-Sang is terrible. It makes me feel bad to admit that, but he is terrible, and he is responsible for much of the mess in his life.


I think that he is co-dependent on his siblings. He needs them to need him, so if they ever grow up and act like functioning adults, they will no longer need him, and he doesn't want that. So he deliberately keeps them from growing up.


No one understands why he does this by ignoring the people who actually need him (his wife and child).

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It wasn't a lack of education, opportunity  or bad luck that hindered Jin Sang and Hwa Sang.  It was their stubborn refusal to admit to their own deficiencies, an unjustified arrogance of their self-worth and the immaturity to move beyond blaming others for their own failures.


And, most of all, they totally lack character, integrity and ethics.  They have no problem with doing borderline illegal things.  Whenever the two of them are critized, they immediately deflect to blaming their situation on some past grievance and on other people.  Not once did they admit to being in the wrong.


And, it is aggravating that PS keeps bugging people to forgive the fiascos caused by JS and HS.  Within the family, one can forgive each other.  But, it's rather insensitive to ask aggrieved outsiders to forgive, and therefore, make accommodations for the siblings. :smirk:

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As the saying goes: "The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions. "


And, this drama is a perfect example of that adage. <_<


I've never understood the belief that one is 'saving' someone by not telling them the whole truth. Ostensibly, to prevent them from getting hurt. 


Question for those so-called 'saviors':  Will they hurt more now or will they hurt more later?  There are no secrets in this world that last forever.  Sooner or later, they will find out.  So, the hurt is inevitable.


Actually, I've always thought that the savior attitude was very insulting and belittling.   It means that the savior has no confidence in the ability and maturity of the other person to know the truth.


The adage this family needs to live with is:  "The Truth Shall Set You Free. "

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Jin Sang and Hwa Sang need to just go jump into the Han. They are selfish basstards. The can twist anything to make themselves victims, forever with this woo is  me mentality. Yes Poong Sang had a huge hand in that but as old as they are now no matter how much backstory the writer gives to make us feel pity never once have they acknowledged that Poong Sang was a kid left to raise 3 kids. He raised himself and then raised them because of their useless parents. He has done what teenager thought was best with no examples to model from, just going on instinct and what common sense he had. This is something bad I will stop you doing, simple as  that, no thinking on the how or why's so that the kids understood, just I know it's not good I'll stop you. Also he's probably experience more and worst than they ever did at the hands of his drunken father and waste of a "mother". Where is his nurturing? He might been 47 but now it's all so engrained into him he literally knows no other way the poor basstard making his and their life even harder, still has a teenager's mind of what is best and trying to make it better on surface with no clue of the root cause or what's brewing beneath. He super over compensated for their parents, remember this is a society were stigma from their parents can be even more extreme, juggling all the balls he's well and truly dropped dam near all of them. However he has always been loyal, caring, will to sacrifice, empathic, has some morals and ethical values, kids aren't blind the siblings saw this that's why they occasionally show a glimmer of being human they know dam well they are basstards and are choosing to carry on.

So I say screw the bloody lot of them. Although Poong Sang said he didnt want toask siblings for their liver, he always felt they'd offer. Hope this reality check from JS and HS well make him realise his faults in raising them and as such seeing as he's part of the problem he should remove himself from them. Leave them to it. Go spend time with his kid, talk to her prepare her for the worse give her some happy memories with her dad. Make sure your wife and kid are secure, richard simmons the rest of them. But then I don't want the wife and kid to be burdened, terminal illness is so hard  to be a part of as it runs it course. Another part of me thinks he should leave em all enjoy his last days without them ,  but then not fair if they (wife and kid) don't get a proper goodbye and some good memories, they will regret and resent him. Just make sure the ungrateful mfs aren't around for his last day's, let guilt eat away at the basstards once he's gone. On the other if he lives, he should just emigrate don't even tell them what country, contact can be reestablished if they ever become human. 


Good god I rambling, apologies my luvlies. This show keeps putting me in two minds, one minute I either detest the lot of them with some proper negative thoughts or feel pity for Poong Sang.  Only sure thing is that my blood pressure is raised ever Wednesday and Thursday night and I think I might have some violent tendencies.:sweatingbullets:


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I watched 25-28 despite saying I quit this s--tshow. (And it really is such a s--tshow.) But I'd already invested 12 hours out of my life (out of 20), so I guess I was morbidly curious to see how this ends.

The appeal of a show like this is usually to see the Terrible Person get his/her comeuppance, so I admit that I'd really like to see how the Mother character is resolved. Just when you think she's gone the lowest she can go, she goes even lower. There is no bottom for this succubus.


It's also possible that this terrible show has made me into some kind of a masochist who enjoys punishment, just like its characters. So I will probably hate-watch the rest, screaming at the TV in dismay.

As I predicted, Hwa-Sang and Jin-Sang have no intention of donating their liver and would prefer to just sit by and watch while Poong-Sang dies.

On the one hand, he did treat them pretty cruelly while they were growing up, and we see more of that in flashbacks this week.

On the other hand:

  • Poong-Sang is only a few years older than they are, a child himself who never had any decent role models, charged with raising 4 younger siblings - and his family is a disaster and he is part of the problem, but no one can say that he didn’t try
  • They had no money or resources, so they were struggling to survive
  • If you really don't like your parents (or the older brother who raised you) - the best option is to leave when you become an adult. So no excuses for mooching off your brother (and his wife) for over 2 decades, then whining about how he was mean to you

So Hwa-Sang and Jin-Sang will not be the liver donors. Too selfish and too lacking in any kind of decency or perspective. That seemed pretty obvious. My guess is that Wae-Sang may offer, but he will turn out not be a match or something.

Long-suffering wife to the rescue. (Or maybe he dies. Maybe *she* dies. Maybe they both die. Really, anything can happen on this ridiculous show.)

Jeong-Sang's name means "normal." She is definitely not normal. She acted like a freak wanting to harvest her own twin sister's liver. I don't blame Hwa-Sang for being creeped out.

These people are so messed up in their head that I really REALLY wonder if this show is supposed to be some sort of satire of family dramas. Because at this point, they can't be serious.

What makes me resent this show even more is that I've begun watching something really excellent (Light in Your Eyes / Radiant) which is so heartwarming and well-written and it makes me sad that the wonderful actors in this show are being wasted. Lee Bo-Hee's character (their mother) is so completely hateful that I think it may affect how I see her in future roles.

But it's a hit! So who cares what I think. And I'm still watching, so... I guess you win, S--tshow.

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Honestly, I just keep thinking there's a light at the end of the tunnel. That we're heading towards it... now. No, any.. second... nowww. :sweatingbullets:


@Auntie Mame I agreeee! I despise that kind of thinking. The truth hurts, but I rather hurt and heal from the truth than with a "lie". There is no point of keeping this a secret at the end.


I haven't caught up with last night's episode, so will chime in afterwards. I do have to say that I had high hopes for the siblings uniting over who was going to be the liver donor, but admit that must be the boring route. Super curious about Wi Sang's return to the gang life and how that will affect fatherhood for him. It's too sad that he'd leave his baby (if it's his), since he and Young Pil are both individual reflections of a parent-less child. (Still, that doesn't mean he should marry the baby's mother.)

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23 hours ago, Auntie Mame said:

I've never understood the belief that one is 'saving' someone by not telling them the whole truth. Ostensibly, to prevent them from getting hurt. 


Question for those so-called 'saviors':  Will they hurt more now or will they hurt more later?  There are no secrets in this world that last forever.  Sooner or later, they will find out.  So, the hurt is inevitable.


Yes! This is a major reason why I dislike Poong Sang so much. Planning to keep quiet about his cancer diagnosis was so cruel to his wife and daughter. What? He thinks if he dies they won't remember ever word he said to them and not feel incredibly guilty for not realizing something was wrong? Refusing to tell his siblings the truth about the mom to spare them pain might make sense if she were dead or had been MIA for 30 years but she's hitting them up for money and stirring up trouble and he thinks the answer is to tell his siblings "Don't see mom and don't ask any questions?" Come on. Wae Sang would have been hurt by the truth either way, but he ended up finding out in the worst possible way. 


Poong Sang was cruel to his siblings, but he was also a kid raising kids with no support and no role models. But fast forward 30 years and he still hasn't learned a thing. 

The siblings are adults, and while they have legit reasons to resent their brother, they are responsible for their own choices. 

So basically, they are all messes, and I dislike everyone. 


Jeong Sang may be the smart one but her plan to convince Hwa Sang to donate was both stupid and cruel. Hwa Sang was never going to agree to donate but simply asking would have been the better plan. 


I haven't ranted about the pregnant girl in a couple weeks, but I still want to throw things at the television whenever her name is mentioned. I realize Poong Sang doesn't know what she did, but it's not like it would matter considering that Hwa Sang knows and still likes and pities the woman. What is wrong with this writer???? 

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What's wrong with this writer?   Nothing because s/he owns a whole lot of shares in the pharmaceutical company  that produces high blood pressure medicine.:w00t:,


Yes, PS has the excuse that he was just a child trying his best to take care of other children.  And, that he did not have a good adult role model to learn from.  However,it has been a long time since he became an adult.  As an adult, with all the fiascos that have occurred in the family over the years, it would have been reasonable for him to question his own judgement/ decision-making. 


Instead he plays god. Example is now he conducted himself at the meeting when WS  introduced the woman he loves and wants to marry. Without listening any further, he rendered  his decision and walked out.


PS sees the world only from his perspective, which he deems absolute and the only answer.  He does not listen and will not even consider any other opinion.  (Who made him God?!)


However, this is not to excuse the siblings either, especially JS and HS.  If they held so many deep-rooted grudges against him, they should have left a long time ago to make their own life, instead of eating and living off of him.  As someone else commented, there is co-dependency involved in that family.  


Yeah, I think I will just check out the end of this drama.  <_<


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I don't like anything from this week episodes...

I really don't like JSang or HSang. They just like easy money, not hard work. Together with WSang they should have known how their mother is by now, but still they believe in her.  

I agreed with you guys, if they're not happy, they can leave any time. I also think PSang should leave them to ruin themselves if they wanted to. They're not kids anymore.

I still like JeongSang but I dont like the way she goes making test on HSang and not telling her. 

I thought once JeongSang knows the truth she would confront with PSang but she didn't. Why? All the misunderstanding and truth hidden is driving this drama and it's getting tired.

Don't like WSang, he's just looks a bit ok but has no brain, his girlfriend is even worst always got drunk outside, in this day and age is safe to do like that? Not realistic. And the pregnant girl get lost already, why wasting the screen times. 

Why am i still watching? Still for Psang and his wife :D


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I don't know why I watched the last two episodes. I don't like any character in this show.....the self sacrificing, self flagellating  Poong Sang is the most annoying. How many times do the others have to show  him that they do not want or need a big brother/father only for him to feed them, provide a roof over their head, treat them like pampered children?  Esp. the two ungrateful whiny unemployed brother and sister who suddenly remember all the awful things that were done to them when it is their turn to help the brother. All the teary scenes are so contrived to me. They could walk out any time and I suspect the two will do it now.

Yet three of them are giving money and willing to welcome a woman whom they hardly know, who did not raise them but just because she gave birth to them. A totally obnoxious woman. 

The youngest just found out the mother  has no warm maternal feelings for them. Like the other two, he now remembers the bad things his brother did. Then there is the shameless rapist, and she is PS's chosen bride for the brother.

The less objectionable ones are the wife who took it all for 18 years but resent his brothers and sisters. I think rightly so but 18 years to wise up? 

The daughter is a sullen, self absorbed teenager, normal? The FIL seems self sufficient but still expect the SIL to cover for him. Perhaps the mother and son are the least objectionable. Did I mention the sister who is less than ethical? Never mind she is your twin,  no doctor can coerce anyone into giving up parts of their body. His on-off girlfriend is quite pathetic. I don't think I have missed anyone.  Maybe the second half will get better? After all PS  now knows that his family resents him. 

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Wow. LoD ratings hit a new high.


KBS2’s Liver or Die – 14.2% | 17.5% Nielsen Korea (record-high)


I haven't watched the latest 3-4 episodes. Does any character grow up? Anything good happened to Poongsang and co? Or ar they all still miserable? And did Song Jun Ho reappear?

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Not much happened. Nothing unpredictable, anyway.


Jin-Sang and Hwa-Sang are still selfish. They even get mad at Poong-Sang for getting sick, making them feel guilty. (HAHAHA, I just can't...)


Everyone agrees that what Jeong-Sang did to Hwa-Sang - testing her without her consent - was creepy and wrong. HS claims that if she was consulted beforehand, she would have considered it. (Sure, Jan.)


Jin-Sang claims he would give Poong-Sang his liver if PS didn't lock him up in a mental hospital. (Sure, Jan.)


Poong-Sang's wife is the only really good person on his side. She moves back in to take care of him. Her dad is sad.


Wae-Sang brings Pregnant Girl to her hometown in the boonies and leaves her there. She cries and says, "You have to come back for me!" (Hmmm, good luck with that.)


He goes back to THUG LIFE. Hilarious montages of Korean Gangsters at karaoke bars. (It's really quite funny, everyone looks so stiff.)


Young-Pil finds out Wae-Sang is her best friend Jeong-Sang's younger brother. She tries to get Wae-Sang to leave his gang, but is not successful.


Horrible Mom is schooled by the Awesome Supermarket Lady who tries to drag her to Poong-Sang and make her give up her liver or at least cough up some money. Horrible Mom bites Supermarket Lady like the rabid female dog that she is.


Hwa-Sang is basically homeless. She's been staying at a sauna, but ran out of money. She tries to bunk with her mom and finally realizes that her mother is a terrible mom who doesn't care about her children. (Ugh, finally) She finds Heung-Man, but he says he never loved her, and it finally gets through her head that it's over between them. (Ugh, finally)


After her day of Overdue Realizations, she gets Chil-Bok to pay for a motel room, and in return, offers to sleep with him. She shows him the burn scar on her chest, and he embraces her and weeps. It's quite touching. He leaves.


For whatever reason, this episode did not fill me with blind rage as the others. It was kind of pleasant. (It's possible that my brain was just damaged by the earlier episodes.)




Name Fun!


Pregnant Girl's name is HAN SHIM-RAN. "Han-shim" = pathetic / "Shim-ran" = disturbed - Wow, they both fit!

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Wow! A weekday drama hasn’t reached 20% in a long time. 


I actually rather enjoyed this week’s episodes, especially Episodes 31-32. Good scenes with Poong Sang and BS, BS and her dad, Chil-bok and Jin Sang. Chil-bok was my MVP this week. 



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3 hours ago, Vo Ki Trieu said:

Ratings 190228:

MBC #SpringTurnstoSpring: 2.6% | 3%

KBS #LiverOrDie: 17% | 20% 

tvN #TouchYourHeart: 4.2%

cre: netizendrama


Wow! That is amazing. Also might be because there were less competition. But it is still amazing none the less. Maybe I'll watch the new eps to see what happened that contributed to the ratings spike. Hoho

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