[Drama 2019] Spring Turns to Spring/ Spring Must Be Coming, 봄이 오나 봄

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Character chart



I still have to used the idea about the body swap.


From the chart, it looks like the husband of Lee Bom (Uhm Ji Won) will have an affair with another woman. Well, that marriage is over. For the other part, Bo Mi( Lee Yu ri)`s  boss, Lee Hyung Suk (Lee Jong Hyuk), will be interested with Bo Mi after Lee Bom takes the body or before?  That could be a mess. Maybe there will be just a profesional relationship.





Uhm Ji Won BTS


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Lee Yuri’s body swap in comedy drama Spring Must Be Coming

by tineybeanie


Still cuts of Lee Yuri (Hide and Seek) and Eom Ji-won (Falsify)have been released for their new drama Spring Must Be Coming. Directed by Lee Kim Sang-ho (Arang and the Magistrate) and written by Lee Hye-sun (Golden Pouch), this drama is a body-swapping comedy featuring the two actors.

Lee Yuri plays a selfish, ambitious woman who knows nothing but herself. She used to be a regular reporter, but climbed her way up to become the main news anchorwoman by using any means necessary to get the latest scoops. Conversely, Eom Ji-won’s character devotes herself fully to her family. She used to be an actress, but gave up her career when she married, and now she’s the wife of a congressman.

The day of Lee Yuri’s first live broadcast as main anchorwoman, the body swap occurs to her great dismay. Spring Must Be Coming will show how these two women learn to love themselves again.



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