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[Drama 2019] Spring Turns to Spring/ Spring Must Be Coming, 봄이 오나 봄


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봄이 오나

Genre: fantasy, body swap, comedy

Network: MBC

Episodes: 32

Director: Kim Sang-Ho (Arang and the Magistrate, When a Man Loves ,Hwajung)

Writer: Lee Hye Sun

Release Date: January 23rd - March 21st, 2019

Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 22: 00 (2 episodes back-to-back)

Production Company: JS Pictures

OST part 1 BerryGood - Well come to the BOM

part 2 네이처 NATURE - Hey Jude

part 3 DAVINK, Stella Jang - Magic

part 4  Laboum (라붐) - Oh My (봄을 만나)

part 5 Mackelli - Happy moments



Official site: HERE





“Spring Must Be Coming” will be a fantasy drama that follows the lives of people whose souls have switched bodies. The drama will be a heartwarming story of two women, whose souls switch bodies, giving them to live out their dreams and gain new experiences.





Lee Yoo Ri as Shin Sun Ah



Uhm Ji-Won as Lee Bom



Lee Jong-Hyuk as Lee Hyung-Suk



Choi Byung-Mo  as Park Yoon-Cheol


An Se-Ha  as Heo Bom-Sam

Son Eun-Seo as Choi Seo-Jin

Kim Nam-Hee as Heo Bom-Il

Oh Young-sil as Nun Angelina

  Jeong Han-Heon- Yoon Young-Hoo

  Kim Jung- Pal as Manager Kim

  Mi-Ram as Cheon Soo-Hyun

Kim Kwang-kyu as Bang Gwang-Kyu

Lee Seo-Yeon as Park Shi-Won

  Yoo Jung-Woo as Je Im-Soo

  Heo Tae-Hee as Yoon Jin-Woo

  Geum Chae-An as Kim Yoo-Ri

Sa Kang as comic book store owner


Character descriptions


Shin Sun Ah (Lee Yoo Ri) (32 years old) is an anchorwoman, a beautiful and intelligent woman who appears to come from wealth but actually struggled through many financial hardships in her past.

Lee Bom (Uhm Ji-Won) (41 years old) was once a popular actress, but she is now a lawmaker's wife. She focuses only on taking care of her family.












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Uhm Ji Won Reportedly Cast As Female Lead In New Fantasy Drama

by C. Hong



On October 30, industry sources reported that actress Uhm Ji Won had been cast in the lead role for MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Spring Must Be Coming” (working title).

“Spring Must Be Coming” is a fantasy drama about a perfect wife and mother who ends up switching bodies and living a completely unexpected life. It was reported earlier this month that actress Lee Yoo Ri had also been cast in the drama.

If Uhm Ji Won’s casting is confirmed, this would be her first drama in 1 year and 4 months. Her last small screen project was the SBS drama “Distorted” with Namgoong Min, which wrapped up last September.

The drama will be produced by JS Pictures and directed by Kim Sang Ho (“Couple Fantasy,” “Arang and the Magistrate,” “Splendid Politics,” “Avengers Social Club”). It will premiere sometime in January 2019.

Source (1) (2)






According to the broadcast executives on July 30, Um Ji-won will star in MBC's new drama "Spring Must Be coming" . She plays a former popular star after marriage. She is a perfect wife and mother, but changes his body and lives a life that is unpredictable.





Lee Yoo Ri In Talks To Star In New MBC Drama

by J. Lim



Actress Lee Yoo Ri may have a new drama in the works!

On October 23, it was reported that Lee Yoo Ri would be appearing in the upcoming MBC drama “Spring Must Be Coming” (literal title). A source from MBC’s drama department responded to the reports and stated, “Lee Yoo Ri is currently in talks to star in the drama.”

“Spring Must Be Coming” will be a fantasy drama that follows the lives of people whose souls have switched bodies. Instead of being a romantic drama in which the souls of a man and woman switch, the drama will be a heartwarming story of two women whose souls switch bodies, giving them to live out their dreams and gain new experiences.

If Lee Yoo Ri accepts the offer, she is set to play anchorwoman Shin Sun Ah, a beautiful and intelligent woman who appears to come from wealth but actually struggled through many financial hardships in her past. The actress is currently starring in the MBC weekend drama “Hide and Seek,” and if she takes on this new role, she will most likely start filming immediately after “Hide and Seek” wraps up.




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Um Ji-won and Lee Yoo Ri. Nice duo. I like the casting. After Kim Hee Sun and Kim Hae Sook in Room nr 9, we`ll have another swapped body drama between women. The body swapping fantasy  is not my favorite genre but I like the cast and I like that it is a female centric drama. I will watch.


I am waiting for more informations.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] Spring Must Be Coming 봄이 오나 봄 - Premieres in January

On the 31st, a broadcasting official said to My Daily that "Choi Byung-mo was cast in MBC new drama "Spring Must Be coming". source

Choi Byeong-mo's agency, C9 Entertainment, said, "Choi Byung-mo has received a proposal for MBC new drama "Spring Must Be Coming"


The drama is scheduled for the first broadcast in January 2019, which is followed by  'Red Moon Blue Sea', which is ahead of the first broadcast in November.




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Lee Jong-Hyuk has confirmed to appear in drama Spring Must Be Coming.



The fantasy drama Spring is Coming is scheduled to be broadcast next year in january,  following 'Red Moon Blue Sun, also known as  Children of Nobody"




Lee Yoo RI X Uhm Ji Won X Choi Byung-Mo X Lee Jong Hyuk ... 'Spring Must Be Coming', today's first script reading


'Spring Must Be Coming'  which has a strong cast in the presence of actors Lee Yoo Ri, Uhm Ji Won, Choi Byung Mo, Lee Jong Hyuk, Son Eun Seo and Kim Nam Hee, is aiming for the first broadcast in January next year, had proceed with the first script reading.


In adition, actors Oh Young Sil, An Se Ham Kim Kwang Kyu as suporting cast will join the drama.


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MBC Announces Lee Yoo Ri, Lee Jong Hyuk & Uhm Ji Won As Lead Cast For Upcoming Drama

By Nicole Caluag | November 16, 2018



MBC has confirmed the cast of its newest fantasy drama, Spring Must Be Coming (working title), which will be broadcast after Children of Nobody. Powered by a stellar cast, the latest network offering aims to show an extraordinary romance.

Lead actor Lee Jong Hyuk will take on the role of Lee Hyung-Suk. He will be joined by actresses Lee Yoo Ri and Uhm Ji Won.

MBC’s recently concluded well-loved weekend drama, Hide and Seek, also had Lee Yoo Ri as its lead actress. The latter has received positive raves on her portrayal. Lee Jong-Hyuk, meanwhile, will be making his small screen comeback, ending his hiatus after his drama Yeonnam-dong 539. Lastly, fans last saw Uhm Ji Won in 2017 drama Falsify with Nam Goong Min.


Spring Must Be Coming will be a fantasy drama about two women swapping bodies unexpectedly, and it is set to thread on how that twist will change their lives. Expect only the best from PD Kim Sang Ho, who directed hits like Arang and the Magistrate and When a Man Loves.

With recent hits like My Secret Terrius, Partners for Justice and more, fans can rely on MBC to give another heart-warming and entertaining drama with Spring Must Be Coming, which will premiere in January 2019.


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Lee Jong-hyuk, Lee Yuri, Eom Ji-won confirmed for new MBC drama

by tccolb


Actor Lee Jong-hyuk (Yeonnam-dong 589, Bubblegum) has been cast alongside Lee Yuri (Hide and Seek, Father is Strange) and Eom Ji-won (Falsify, Thrice Married Woman) for new MBC drama, Spring Must Be Coming.

The drama is said to be a body-swapping fantasy comedy centered around two women. One is a news anchor who only thinks of herself and the other is a former actress who is devoted to her family as the wife of a politician. The story follows the two women as they find a way to restore their true selves after the switch and, presumably, hi-jinks ensue.

Lee Jong-hyuk plays a character called Lee Hyung-suk who works with Lee Yuri’s character at the broadcasting station and the two will be at odds as well.

Also joining the cast is Choi Byung-mo (Hundred Million Stars From the Sky), who plays Eom Ji-won’s husband. The supporting cast further includes Sohn Eun-seo (Voice 2), Kim Nam-hee (Mister Sunshine), Oh Young-shil (Happy Sisters), Ahn Se-ha, (Voice 2) and Kim Kwang-kyu (Lawless Attorney) among others.



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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] Spring Must Be Coming 봄이 오나 봄 - Lee Yoo Ri & Uhm Ji Won - Premieres in January

On November 20, Um Ji-won revealed a photo with the message, "I will meet you in January" Spring Must be coming.

The photo shows a MBC drama "Spring on the Spring" scheduled for the coming January, and a rice cake gift that seems to have been received by fans. Um Jiwon, and Lee Yoo ri (Best Couple Award),





The first scripts





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C9 Entertainment,  said, "Choi Byung-mo has confirmed his appearance in 'Spring Must Be Coming' and finished his first film recently." Choi Byeong-mo plays the role of Park Yoon-cheol, the husband of Yhm Ji Won`s character in the drama,  he is man who was elected to the National Assembly thanks to his good image and wealth.



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