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[Upcoming Movie 2019] The Man Standing Next 남산의 부장들 Chiefs of Namsan

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Here is nice mention of BH in latest article from, 

Cine21 Article on "Chiefs of Namsan" , Director WMH interview.




"I thought that my movie career may end after this film. But I still did it." Continuing the streak of <Inside men>(2015) and <Drug King>(2018), Director Woo Minho again puts his hand on bigger accusation report of modern history. <Chiefs of Namsan> is an espionage thriller based on Kim Choong Sik's novel with same name, about Korean Central Intelligence Agency(KCIA) ‘s ‘Mafia like’ intelligence activities and secret stories and histories during the president Park Junghee’s 18 years of reign. This film will study the realities of 1970’s reign of terror closely, focusing on Kim Gyupyung(Lee Byung-hun) and Park Yonggak(Gwak Dowon) who shot the president Park(Lee Sungmin) who was at the top of the power. “I cannot ignore my feelings that the current issues have roots in parent’s time of 1970s.” In the middle of shooting which was cranked in Oct. last year, director WMH is working on this with the resolution that “this is the end of accusation series”. “If I filmed <Drug Kin> with fun, now I’m holding out day after day, with doubts. We met director WMH on thin ice, in the center of set.


-    Getting close to 1970’s reign of fear based on original novel with same name.
I read original novel <Chiefs of Namsan> when I was in college. Writer Kim Choongsik published serial report articles he did in <Donga newspaper> during 90s under president “Noh Taewoo”. Original novel was a bestseller back then, sold 520K copies, and this represents the text for modern/present political history of Korea. Among Japanese journalists this is the book that should be read before coming to Korea. I wanted to do this because it was really movie worthy story as well as major historical event but afraid to do so. After I was done with <Inside men>, I thought of doing this again.


-    Why do you wanted to do this movie for so long, and what’s the main focus of the story?
Central Intelligence Agency was the center of 1970s dictatorship government after October restoration. Because of that power, things were eventually lead to the final collapse. To Oct 26th(*translator note: this is the day President Park was shot). I’m describing 40 days before the event. What happened during that 40 days that result to the final end. I wanted to make a movie focused on events, not on characters. <Drug King> was formed on characters without big events, this movie is closer to <Inside men>. <Drug King> described 10 years, physical time in this movie is much shorter. So things will move faster, and how to liven up the tension is the issue.


-    This reminds us the movie <The president’s last bang> by director Lim Sangsoo, dealing with same time and assassination of the man in power.
<The president’s last bang> doesn’t put emphasis on the event. Rather than focusing on why Kim Jaegyu shot Park Jung hee, and their emotions, it was more of black comedy drawing messy status of nation and pathetic men. My movie focuses on why so it’ll have different tones. I’m centering what is the characteristic of power, and why they behaved that way.

-    How did you interpret main characters “Chiefs of namsan” who were parasites of fear mongering politics and abandoned at the end.

Park Junghee didn’t even trust KCIA who is the closest aids. Chiefs were the 2nd in power and this is the story of them, but they were all discarded in the end. Those who were at the center of the power but didn’t really have any power. Even Park Junghee, who was at the top of the power for 18 years, thought to be enjoying it and trying to hold on to it, but he missed the chance to step down and got the wretched end, as the power dictated. Power is always there, and there will be another faction who wants it. We thought it is where the major power is, but in reality, it may not be anything, just empty space. They were just servants of the power and it’s the power which moved.


-    Chief Kim Gyupyung is interesting character with complexities, who was the closest aide to president Park but become a shooter who killed the president. You’re working again with Lee Byunghun after <Inside men>

This is a role that needs to foreshadow future events and to show complex mindsets thru minimal lines. And also needs to present even the smallest things with detail. I can’t think of anyone else can do it, if Lee Byunghun doesn’t do this role, so I didn’t send script to any other actor. After <Inside men> I told him I bought the right for movie for original novel and wanted to do it together. Back then it was under president Park Geunhye(* translator note: president Park Junghee’s daughter), and this scenario deals with subject matters anyone rarely want to jump on but he gave me ok.


-    This is dramatized movie, but reminds us the ties with actual people.
Not for all characters but some are modeled with real people in mind. Lee Byung hun has some points that remind us some of Kim Jaegyu, Lee Heejoon, the role of Gawk( which could be Cha JiChul) gained weight for the role. The actor who reminds us president Jeon shaved his head, and I think it’s fun try for outside appearance. The name “President Park” is the only one that’s real, everyone else uses different name and not real name.


-    Actors from <Drug King>, Lee Sungmin, Lee Heejoon and Kim Sojin appears again in this movie.
Actor Lee Sungmin only has short scene in <Drug King> but in this movie he’ll have more presence as President Park. I managed to persuade him (laughing) for the role. Actor Lee Heejoon and actress Kim Sojin from <Drug King> will have bigger roles in this movie. They’ll show how main characters like chief Kim, president Park, security chief Gwak, chief Park and Debora Shim go against each other and struggles thru their superb acting.


<Chiefs of Namsan>

Dir Woo Minho/Casts Lee Byunghun, Lee Sungmin, Gawk Dowon, Lee Heejoon, Kim Sojin/ Production company Zemstone pictures, Hive Media Corp./Distribution Showbox/Release 2019


Synopsis. In 1970s Washington DC, U.S. It is in the middle of hearing titled “Korea gate” on Korean lobbyists and US senates who’s in suspicion for being lobbied. Then, Korea was under the power of KCIA which was above national assembly, political parties, Constitution, militaries or police, and dictator “president Park” who controlled the KCIA. It was the time of terror that if you were against the changes in Constitution, you were considered against the power and discarded. Former KCIA chief Park Yonggak(Gawk Dowon) with the secret of the power and under constant threat of death, decided to seek asylum in US. Espionage and power struggle will follow between the 2nd in powers, KCIA chief Kim Gyupyung(Lee Byunghun) who did the core role for keeping absolute power, Aspiring 2nd in power Gawk Sangchun security chief(Lee Heejoon) and lobbyist Debora Shim.


Another 1970s story after <Drug King> Drug king put light upon the year of 1972 and 10 years afterward, this movie will show later 1970s.  How to differentiate. Woo Minho said “Even though it’s the same 1970s, this movie’s tone will be much different from <Drug King>”. Less glamor and more of even tone concept. Filming and art in production will be minimal to put focus on acting. “Referring movies of Jean-Pierre Melville”, will present mystery spy story of cold noir with assassination subject. While <Drug King> showed us various images from Korea in 1970s, this time movie will have scenes between the Blue house, KCIA building and safe house. And scenery of Washington DC and Paris of 1970s, where the assassination will take place, will be something to look forward to.

Article:Lee Whajung Photo: Choi Sungyeul.

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Source: Lee Byung Hun IG / thanks to mistymorning for the translation cuppa.gif


January 17, 2019


Actress Kim Hye Soo sends a coffee truck to CHIEFS OF NAMSAN


BH's caption:  Thank you Hyesoo-ssi


On the banner showing pics of LBH & LSM: CHIEFS OF NAMSAN Please have a cup of hot coffee!


On the side banner showing picture of KHS: For all casts and staffs working hard in cold weather, cheers to you and fill some caffeine ! 


Photos: pd.coffee

Didn't expect KHS to send a coffee truck to the filming but it's really nice of her indeed. :)

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January 18, 2019


Lee Byung Hun Thanks Kim Hye Soo For Sending Coffee Truck To Film Set


Source: Soompi by K. Lew



Kim Hye Soo has sent a thoughtful gift to her friend Lee Byung Hun.


On January 17, Lee Byung Hun uploaded photos of a coffee truck sent to the filming site of his upcoming movie “Chiefs of Namsan” (literal translation).


The photos show signs that say, “To the actors and staff who are working hard in the cold weather, please come get a caffeine boost,” “From Kim Hye Soo,” and “‘Chiefs of Namsan’ please have a warm cup of coffee.” Lee Byung Hun also thanked the actress for the coffee truck in his post. The two actors are same-age friends, both born in 1970.



Lee Byung Hun is currently filming “Chiefs of Namsan,” which is set in the 1970s and involves the CIA. Other actors appearing in the film are Lee Sung Min, Kwak Do Won, Lee Hee Joon, and more.


Kim Hye Soo most recently appeared in the film “Default” alongside Yoo Ah In, Jo Woo Jin, and Heo Joon Ho. She will be starring in an upcoming sci-fi film “Return” (literal translation) with Hwang Jung Min.


Source (1)

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January 18, 2019


Cho Seung Woo sends coffee truck to Dir. Woo Min Ho & Lee Byung Hun at CHIEFS OF NAMSAN filming


Actor Cho Seung Woo who send this coffee truck, was Lee Byung Hun co-star in movie Inside Men, directed by Woo Min Ho. In this movie was this replica at one moment " Drink a mojito in Maldives" but LBH character always said " Drink a Maldives in Mojito" that's why is that #NoMaldives on the board. (thanks to wanda__blue for the translation on IG)


Photos: Lee Byung Hun







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January 19, 2019


Another 'Inside Men' Coffee truck today, photos posted by BH. Snack treats & hot coffee support from actor Kim Dae Myung to Dir. Woo Min Ho & CHIEFS OF NAMSAN cast. KDM was in Inside Men & Drug King, also in Misaeng with actor Lee Sung Min.


All the actors are covered up (perhaps, not to reveal their costume and style worn in the movie) but everyone was sporting enough to pose for the photo. cuppa.gif


LBH's caption: Thank you Daemyung!


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January 23, 2019


Photos: LeeByungHun // Coffee Catering // thanks to Barbara for the highlight & mistymorning for the translation cuppa.gif

Laa Byung Hun's Chinese fans sent a coffee truck to the shooting site of "Chiefs of Namsan". The actor took the time to eat and talk to the Chinese fans. He is happy and so are the fans!!!!


Today, it is on honey chief! Wish a Daebak to Chiefs of Namsan

Cheers to the dashing Lee Byung Hun, all staffs and casts !

Written on the cap worn by BH ~ Chief Honey cuppa.gif







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Finally, finally! Thanks to the Korean fans' highlight on twitter ~


CHIEFS OF NAMSAN: Lee Byung Hun as Kim Gyu Pyung



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May 17, 2019


Cannes Market: Korean buzz titles

BY JEAN NOH Screen (related excerpt only)


The Man Standing Next


the man standing next


Dir Woo Min-ho

From the director of The Drug King and Inside Men, this 1970s period drama about the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA) stars Lee Byung-hun (Inside Men), Lee Sung-min (The Spy Gone North), Kwak Do-won (The Wailing), Lee Hee-jun and Kim So-jin (both from The Drug King). At the time, president Park (Lee Sung-min) holds South Korea under authoritarian control with the use of the KCIA’s political terror tactics, until the status quo is disrupted by the Koreagate political scandal involving South Korean politicians, the KCIA and members of US Congress. In post-production, the film is making its market debut in Cannes.

Contact: Showbox 

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