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[Drama 2019] The Secret Life of my Secretary / I love you from the beginning, 초면에 사랑합니다


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@Ameera Ali the part she interviewed the nose picker  was so unexpected. :lol:


You know what really works for me is their chemistry. When you think the story is cheesy or cliche , it’s not either. It’s really interesting & I think the acting is good .

They were interviewed . Some BTS spoiler 



The third video slide shows how much fun they hv BTS . That translates on screen 


More fun BTS stills 


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Kim Young Kwang On How He Portrays Face Blindness In “The Secret Life Of My Secretary”

May 9, 2019
by R. Jun

Kim Young Kwang, the star of SBS’s “The Secret Life of My Secretary” alongside actress Jin Ki Joo, spoke about his portrayal of his character’s prosopagnosia, or “face blindness.”

“The Secret Life of My Secretary” is about Do Min Ik (played by Kim Young Kwang), a problematic boss diagnosed with face blindness, and his secretary Jung Gal Hee (played by Jin Ki Joo), who starts leading a double life when she is mistaken for someone else.

On portraying a character who is unable to recognize others’ faces, Kim Young Kwang said, “After reading the script for the first time, I spoke extensively with the director about [the face blindness]. I thought a lot about what it would be like to experience prosopagnosia. It’s difficult to portray on camera, so I’m still always thinking about it on set.”

“However, I thought that if the portrayal of prosopagnosia was too close to what it’s like in real life, it might be difficult from the point of view of an audience member. And our drama is a romantic comedy with a bright and humorous tone, so after discussing it with the director, we agreed on a good mix of realism and fantasy.”


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This is a translation of the radio promo before the drama started. They call them the TALL couple :lol:. KYK wants to win best couple award :love:




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5 hours ago, turtlegirl said:

Some making of videos I found on IG. I can't wait for more of this drama, y'all! 

Gal , I found the subbed making videos ! It’s great how the two are goofing around together BTS . 


yay ! Glad you’re watching @stroppyse

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Really enjoyed the first episodes.....but a funny thing happened:  when I saw JKJ, I immediately thought, "Oh look, Gil Nak Won got a role in a new drama!"  .....yeah, I think Come and Hug Me made too much of an impression on me.  :lol:

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On 5/8/2019 at 12:49 PM, sal2 said:


Veronica park was not introduced in this weeks episodes, but seems like she gonna get introduced in next weeks episodes :) 


Thanks for the reply! I'm very curious to see their story too!


I will say that I'm a huge Come and Hug Me fan AND D-Day fan. The lead actors were in these shows. So it's a bit strange for me to try a series with them together since I heavily shipped their other pairings! But I'll give it a try! 

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3 hours ago, lu09 said:

@Ameera Ali it's hilarious how she was excited to find out the way he felt about her lol. Her expectation was too high:mrgreen:


I was hysterical laughing when she said am I the toilet that flush his own when you get up :joy: 

or the way she didn’t know who to go with in holiday :lol:




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2 hours ago, fitzsimmons said:

I will say that I'm a huge Come and Hug Me fan


As am I, obviously, since JKJ so completely convinced me that she was Gil Nak Won that I got the actress confused with the role!


Really like JKJ in this show, too.

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@thistle @fitzsimmons loved JKJ since Misty . She had a good character development there & I like her in Come & Hug Me too. I was so happy   when I found out she’d join KYK here 


Glad that this drama has an underlying plot apart from the romance . Pacing is pretty good 

Kim Young Kwang And Jin Ki Joo Are Eager To Find The Real Culprit In “The Secret Life Of My Secretary”

May 12, 2019
by U. Kim

Kim Young KwangJin Ki Joo, and Goo Ja Sung are sitting inside a police office for the upcoming episode of SBS’s “The Secret Life of My Secretary.”

In the previous episodes, Do Min Yik (Kim Young Kwang) suffered a mysterious attack and developed face blindness as a result. Because Jung Gal Hee’s (Jin Ki Joo’s) face was the only one he could recognize after the incident, he canceled the resignation he had previously advised her to turn in and made her continue to work as his secretary.

In the upcoming episode, Do Min Yik will do everything he can to find the attacker that caused him to become unable to recognize people’s faces.

Sitting inside a police office, Do Min Yik is glancing over at his longtime best friend with a confused expression, while Jung Gal Hee appears suspicious about something.


The detectives in charge of Do Min Yik’s case peg his best friend Ki Dae Joo (Goo Ja Sung) as a suspect and show Do Min Yik and Jung Gal Hee CCTV footage from the day of the attack to back up their claims.

Find out the truth that’s hidden inside the CCTV footage in the upcoming episode of “The Secret Life of Secretary,” which is scheduled to air on May 13 at 10 p.m. KST.



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Watched the first couple episodes and love it can’t wait for more episodes to come out! Feel so bad for DMI can’t believe he doesn’t see any faces that must be so difficult could not imagine going through anything like that! JGH brother is an absolute diamond he seems to love his sisters a lot honestly he just seems amazing even though he is unable to see he still looks happy :wub: her co workers are so funny when they were all drinking and getting ready to go and kill DMI :joy: it looks like DMI best friend is up to no good especially seeing as he knows the guy who attacked his best friend even hiring him as his driver , seems like that meeting with those old fools has pushed him towards that! Honestly have really high hopes for this drama and so far I am really enjoying it 

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31 minutes ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

@Ameera Ali this is wonderful. I love it.  Thank you much for recommending it. Reminding me of "Two Weeks Notice" movie and Mills & Boon stories :)



Yaay , I am glad you like it & join us in the thread , I would love to read about your character analysis & thought every week :relaxed:




you right , in this scene they  remind me of mills & boon modern story:joy: -let’s not forget ,  he already following the footsteps of mills & boon heroes , by taking shirts off near his secretary  :joy:




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Makeover time! Our secretary gang is going to have a night out. I guess here is where Min ik gonna mistake Gal hee as Veronica as he maybe gonna meet Gal hee instead of veronica as Veronica is meeting Dae joo. 










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