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[Drama 2019] The Secret Life of my Secretary / I love you from the beginning, 초면에 사랑합니다


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From Soompi


The Secret Life of My Secretary” also premiered on the same day and recorded 3.2 percent for Episode 1 and 3.6 percent for Episode 2. Viewers are already wondering if the drama will be able to achieve the same success as “Haechi,” the previous drama in its time slot.


From the beginning, “The Secret Life of My Secretary” showed a quarrelsome chemistry between the two main actors Kim Young Kwangand Jin Ki Joo. Kim Young Kwang attracted attention with his cool eyes and sharp mind-reading charm. On the other hand, Jin Ki Joo portrayed her struggling life as Kim Young Kwang’s secretary.

Kim Young Kwang suddenly declared the cancellation of his contract with Jin Ki Joo. His iron rule of not signing a contract with his secretaries for more than a year was revealed, prompting people to wonder what happened in his past. Jin Ki Joo, who struggled to become a full-time employee, became infuriated by his decision and went to get payback with a group of secretaries.

In particular, the scene where Kim Young Kwang was attacked suddenly and had trouble with facial recognition boosted viewers’ immersion. The drama ended with Kim Young Kwang being taken to the hospital where he clung onto Jin Ki Joo and begged her to save him.



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@triplem I just finished first episode & I like it 

, I would come back tomorrow to write my thought,  




.. I hope we see more smiles from this adorable face :joy:



& Someone please bring long mirror , the poor guy could hurt his back every time he bend to look at his handsome face :yum:




* that discrimination against tall people :joy:

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53 minutes ago, ktcjdrama said:

His name Do Min Ik... English version = Dominique? :D

:joy: ..good one...didn't think of that.

@turtlegirl @Ameera Ali I completed the subbed episode and  loved it. I mean there's a certain predictability and cliche to the plot but it also turned out really interesting , and the OTP is making it  work. The storyline also seems to have some substance and not just purely romance. So some mysteries :

1 Do Min Ik had a head surgery 20 years ago, so this has lead him to be extra cautious of physical activities less he injures his head This also explains why he is so dependant of his assistants for everything - avoiding crowded places etc. So the mystery here is why the surgery ? Also the surgery then I believed augmented his abilities to recognise faces and remember people very well. So the current injury is doing the complete opposite, where he can't recognise anyone at all. 

2. There is clearly a lot office politics going on with the fight for the President position. His bestie Director Ki Dae Joo may have sold him out , or so it seems or has been implied to have done that. But I doubt it , nevertheless the mystery here is who ordered the masked guy to go after Min Ik.  The rival uncle? The secretary to Ki whom Ki addresses as noona? Ki himself? I think they were after the thumb drive right?  And Min Ik seems to have recognise the assailant's face. So could it be someone from the office.

3. Min Ik's a commitment phobe with trust issues where his secretary is concerned , so despite Gal Hee's best efforts , she would not have a chance at renewing her one year contract. Min Ik was betrayed by his very 1st secretary who worked for him for 3 years. So who is she and what is it that she betrayed him for ? 


I am very happy with how things are going. Ratings aren't strong but I have expected that given that it is a rom-com ,and the leads aren't exactly A listers. I am hoping for a steady rise to 6 % or so. Nevertheless , there's chemistry there, many LOL moments for me  and I do love Kim Young Kwang's expressions. Very gif-able @Ameera Ali! He can do crazy and a little smarmy in one moment , and switch to a softer expression the next. I laughed when he was looking at the mirror and had to bend so much. Jin Ki Joo is already very tall at 1.7m but he still looks like a giraffe next to her ! 

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This list is based on the data of May 6 daily searched dramas.

1- “Abyss

2- “Left-Handed Wife” 

3- “The Secret Life of My Secretary

4- “Different Dreams”

5- “Mother of Mine”

6- “Special Labor Inspector Jo”

7- “Beautiful World

8- “Confession”

9- “Mung Bean Flower

10- “Her Private Life

most searched Kdrama, korea drama

Naver Screenshot

With the start of new dramas, the ranking had changed a lot this week. The appearance of new dramas such as “Abyss”, “The Secret Life of My Secretary” and “Different Dreams” changed the ranking. 




This was funny ! Especially his track suit ...


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I’m gonna watch this one! Been following KYK ever since he started as a second lead in most dramas...then got his lead roles :wub: 


His last drama ‘Guardians’ left me feeling hollow because of the ending. Hint: there was falling involved in that drama as well...(And his acting was TOP NOTCH there) Those who watched it will know why...and that’s why I am BEYOND excited to see him in a more light-hearted show. 


And based on the preview it will be nice to see him basically grovel and beg her to come back LOL :lol: 

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Goody! I am finally out of my drought! Yay!

I have never seen the female lead but know the male lead through two movies caught on a flight. 


This looks light-hearted and engages from the get go. Should be a lot of fun...


A big hello also to the familiar faces here ~^_^


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@triplem I can’t wait to know , what she gonna do with these woman :mrgreen::joy:

I loved how after too many drinks they want to take revenge on our 6 feet tall - I didn’t learn his name yet :glasses:







How they  were so cool , feisty :tounge_xd::D






It was just like  :mrgreen:




But sadly the wind blow,  they all chicken out 







But I loved more how Funnily they forget they bush her to it , they  call the police on her  :joy: 





I Loved every single one of them  :blush:

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But I doubt it , nevertheless the mystery here is who ordered the masked guy to go after Min Ik.  The rival uncle? The secretary to Ki whom Ki addresses as noona? Ki himself? I think they were after the thumb drive right?  And Min Ik seems to have recognise the assailant's face. So could it be someone from the office.


I hope is not this guy , he seem so sweet watching his clip :joy:





But who knows eating the head for first time  than tail :grin: 



can change personality  & make person killer - fiction fact :joy:






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Hmmmm @Ameera Ali SBS is doing this right. So we start off eps 2 with some abs-licious moment :D He did not want the doc to catch him, so he grabbed her hand and they ran ...but he wanted to leave the hospital and had to change. He realise he could see her clearly. Ahhh these shy female leads...why do they look away...:lol:




He went back to the office...she tagged along somehow...he realised he did not recognise anyone



I think he's just beginning to realise the seriousness of his condition..kept needing her help to identify people. She does not realise why...but the other secretary is catching on that something is not right with him


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 Gal Hee accompanies Min Ik to the police station to give his statement ...they go through the CCTV in the area. Omo! They see Director Ki in the area minutes before the attack. He was on the phone, then left . Shortly the masked dude appears. Lol! She and her team of secretary friends also appear...she said they were there to exercise...but Min Ik managed to make up what she was saying - that she wanted to kill him :joy:





Anyhow after they were done , they parted ways. He did feel bad that she lost her job . Later on she started looking for new jobs.



Meanwhile he continues to grapple with his condition. Can't even recognise his mum etc and at the mum's exhibition ended  up hugging the wrong woman whom he thought was his mum , and getting slapped



He later goes see doc and gets tested...but i think he does tell doc that he can still recognise one person



he confronts bestie and asked him if he was keeping any secrets. Lol , he was running away from him at first as he could not recognise his face




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So long story short , he realises he needs her and wanted to hire her back. But he wasn't quite sincere or apologetic enough She rejected his offer .




he came to her home - he was desperate, lol!

Think he was more sincere this round but not sure if she agreed as the vid cut off 



It came to a point where he was so stressed out that he went to the doc , had a break down and was creating a scene in the hospital. She happened to be there and saw him and realised what happened to him...he saw her too...

Preview - Veronica Park makes her entrance !




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Watch ep 1 sub. I enjoyed so I'm looking forward to ep 2 sub.


DMI got knifed after some bad guy tried to stab and harm him.  With the accidened it triggered something and he cannot recognize easily the faces of people  except for JGH. Fortunately for him she was there at the right and was able to thwart the mask man.. She's loyal.. and I guess she's used to hearing boss . It's just thye start so  we;re being introduced to how the story will go nbut if I have to guess who could be behind, it's the one noona with th short who was talking to DJ (bff of DMI). The executives wanted to probably get  DJ on their side.  Either he was threatened, given something like incentive  or blackmail.. but he was suppose to meet with DMI but change at the last minute.


By the way  when DMI phone rang.. he called DJ "wifey" (as per the sub).. guess that's how it's stored on his phone. We havin bromance or what? :D Both male leads are very tall. Female lead too but they still tower over her.


Whereas Park Min Young as secretary  Kim with previous drama is sassy classy secretary with how she dress and moves. Our female lead her as secretary in this drama is fast talker.. up beat, on the go dresess convenietly for all the long walks and running of errands. Wearing heels is no-no. Because she at the beck and call of the boss.   Not sure how old is Jin Ki Joo but her character as scretary feels young but it's good because it blends with  the character.


@triplem  and other soompiers here.  I'm confused about what happened with the secrtary before  JGH. I guess that previous secretary did something to  DMI hence he never never allowes a secretary to stay with him for more than a year. He changes every time.


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I will bet that the director and cameraman yelled at him, "Did you have to grow so tall?!" :lol:


Even though Secretary Jang is also tall, the scene where he had to put his head on her shoulder really showed their height difference. 


There is much mystery about the cause of his surgery 20 years ago, his secretary that lasted 3 years and his friendship with the other director. 


Perhaps, his vision abilities are a reflection of his trust or distrust in people.  After all, everyone has a changing face, depending on the immediate situation.  Before the kniving, he was able to discern a person's true face, in a given situation.  However, due to the trauma, he, now, sees all of the changing faces of a person, at once.   And, he doesn't know which face to trust or distrust.:huh:

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