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[Current Drama 2019] The Secret Life of my Secretary / I love you from the beginning, 초면에 사랑합니다 - Mon & Tue @ 22:00 KST

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6 hours ago, Lmangla said:

hahahha...  isn't he supposed to have face blindness? so why go through so much effort to change appearance. not like he can tell that this is a hot version of her. LOL.. :tounge_xd:


He probably remember hairstyle now , thanks to her  method:mrgreen:  - poor thing , she will spend money she didn’t have to straighten her hair  &  high heels to disguise her 168 height now , she playing hide & seek :D:joy:




Welcome to the thread :grin:


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3 Characters Who Piqued Viewers’ Curiosity In “The Secret Life Of My Secretary”

May 19, 2019
by M. Dang

SBS’s “The Secret Life of My Secretary” boasts a mystery as well as a romance, making for twice the fun!

In the new drama, which began airing on May 6, an incident involving an attempt on Do Min Yik’s (played by Kim Young Kwang) life adds an element of mystery. Three suspicious characters in particular have been drawing viewers’ interest as potential suspects.

Ki Dae Joo, Do Min Yik’s best friend


Ki Dae Joo (played by Goo Ja Sung) is Do Min Yik’s best friend of 20 years, but on the day of the attack, he was caught on security cameras using the perpetrator’s phone, putting him at the top of the detectives’ list of suspects. When he declared his resignation to Do Min Yik, he also revealed his true feelings by stating, “How much longer do I have to be your dog?” adding to his suspicious nature. Viewers will be on the edge of their seats in anticipation for the next move by the unpredictable Ki Dae Joo.

Lee Eul Wang, Ki Dae Joo’s secretary


Lee Eul Wang (played by Jang So Yeon) is someone who is highly respected by the secretaries of T&T Mobile, but her words and actions give off a mysterious vibe. She not only searches Do Min Yik’s office when no one is around, but she also has an unusual relationship with Ki Dae Joo, throwing viewers into confusion.

Eun Jung Soo, Do Min Yik’s driver


Eun Jung Soo (played by Choi Tae Hwan) is the culprit behind Do Min Yik’s face blindness and is currently working alongside him as his driver. He is oddly fixated on a USB that Do Min Yik has in his possession, and he is drawing viewers’ curiosity as to why he must cause harm to Do Min Yik.


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BTS for eps 2 - subbed 


I don’t ship actors iRL, but nice to know they enjoy working with each other 


I know someone brought up the sis , was it you @turtlegirl ? I thought that was quite irresponsible of her to run away like that . Especially when Gal Hee works her butt off supporting her .She’s young , I suppose She’s training / auditioning to be an idol or something right ? ( I can’t remember) . She’d better make good of it or it will really break GH & her brother’s hearts . 

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23 hours ago, ktcjdrama said:

Once again welcoming you to the magical world of k-drama wonderland! :lol: Where even a mole on your face makes you incognito....


de-lurking v briefly because I was in a taxi on my way to a meeting, put on makeup (I have blonde eyelashes so it is a pretty big difference), let my hair down, and put in contacts and the taxi driver freaked out because he thought I looked so different. So def possible for people not to recognise you with little alterations (especially if they don't know you well).


absolutely loving this drama

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So I went through some of the IG cuts & here’s a very rough recap

After meeting up as VP , she actually sort of rejected him . So they split ways but she heard him pick up his phone & overhears about some news that was trending online , so she quickly checks her phone & someone had circulated news about him assaulting the driver . She knew he’d be very affected & true to her Gal Hee self , she just didn’t have the heart to walk away from him . So she approaches him again , as VP and I think pretends to show interest & they go for a walk . Yup so they had a real nice chat & were even siting down on the steps of some back road & yes the armpit warmer scene @ktcjdrama  @Ameera Ali takes place here ...oh yeah it was cold ...kkkkk .. so he offers to become a human Warmer :lol:


Our gal is most in love with this other side of her boss . Next day on the way to work she even dreams about it , lol!!! On the bus she used the wrong armpits though. :joy:


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Anyway Long story short , the next day there was a board meeting with his mum , Uncle etc and then one of the directors brought up the online news about Min Ik assaulting his driver ..it was chaos & Min IK said it was a misunderstanding, but of course Uncle / enemies took this opportunity to add oil to fire . Anyway i think they had asked all the directors to vote whether he should still continue to run for the president position ( if I’m not mistaken) ..it came to a tie ..but the Uncle said hang on , asked  bestie what he thought ...oh no ..he also voted against Min Ik . I feel so sorry for Min Ik. Everyone is really out to get him, 

He did confront the bestie , but not sure what was said ..but definitely Min IK felt betrayed 




Things at home ain’t better , mum was angry , Uncle was of course a jerk but bless our sweet secretary, knowing how down he must be came to console him & give him confidence to which he was actually really moved 

actually there was a flashback scene of how his very first secretary betrayed him ( the one who worked for him for 3 years ) ...she disclosed his medical condition to the board of directors then 



Meanwhile, Gal Hee sis auditions as an actress for none other than yes, Veronica Park ...not really sure how that when but the sis is quite a strong personality , no pushover  and won’t take the criticism that VP gives her lying down . Think VP has met her match :D 



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