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[Movie 2019-2020] Ashfall / Baekdusan, 백두산 - No Option For Failure

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Thank you @rubie for starting this thread. I will always watch just about anything with Lee Byung Hun and Ha Jung Woo.  So I look forward to this new project.   @Warren Lauzon, of course

Yes, this movie really deserves the recognition... be it the producers, directors, actors, etc. Plenty of hard work and dedication.   And you're right! With this movie being sold to other co

December 30, 2019   Box Office: Annual ticket sales break record with over 224 million. 'Extreme Job,' Disney movies attract viewers to movie houses   The local box office recorde

November 20, 2019


Lee Byung Hun, Ha Jung Woo, Suzy, And More Race To Stop Impending Disaster In New Film

Source: Soompi by M. Dang


Lee Byung Hun, Ha Jung Woo, Suzy, And More Race To Stop Impending Disaster In New Film

Upcoming film “Ashfall” (also known as “Baekdusan”) starring Lee Byung Hun, Ha Jung Woo, Suzy, and more has unveiled gripping images of the cast in their roles!


“Ashfall” follows the story of people who must do their best to stop the final eruption of Mount Baekdu, which has enough force to swallow up both North and South Korea.








In the newly-released images, Lee Byung Hun takes the role of Rhee Jun Pyung, a first class North Korean army officer. He draws curiosity as he seems to be cooperating with the secret South Korean plan to stop the eruption of Mount Baekdu, but he doesn’t show his true feelings. Viewers are anticipating Lee Byung Hun’s charisma fitting of an elite officer in his first role as a North Korean soldier.










Ha Jung Woo plays the captain of the Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) team Jo In Chang, who unexpectedly comes to hold the fate of North and South Korea in his hands as he leads the plan to halt the eruption. He shows off his signature charisma and humor as he puts his all into the crucial mission. His acting synergy with Lee Byung Hun is another point to look out for in their first film together.







Ma Dong Seok draws attention as the unique geology professor Kang Bong Rae. In order to stop the impending eruption of Mount Baekdu, he formulates his own theory and puts all his effort into raising the probability of success. Ma Dong Seok is expected to showcase an energetic charm that goes against typical scientist characters in films.







Finally, Jeon Hye Jin and Suzy round out the cast as Jeon Yoo Kyung and Choi Ji Young. Jeon Yoo Kyung is seen discussing the mission seriously with Kang Bong Rae and exhibiting decisive force as the figure behind the planning. Furthermore, Choi Ji Young heightens the tension as she faces the city that has dissolved into chaos.


“Ashfall” premieres in December.


Source (1)

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November 21, 2019


Lee Byung-hun, Ha Jung-woo Team up for Disaster Blockbuster


By Hwang Ji-yoon The ChosunIlbo


The upcoming disaster blockbuster "Ashfall" is creating a lot of hype thanks to a star-studded cast including Lee Byung-hun and Ha Jung-woo as well as Su-zy.


Its W26 billion budget is the biggest for a South Korean movie so far this year (US$1=W1,171). The film is set against the backdrop of a volcanic eruption of Mt. Baekdu in North Korea.


Lee plays a North Korean agent who goes undercover as an embassy worker in Beijing. Lee spent some time practicing North Korean dialect for his character, who also speaks Chinese and Russian. "It wasn't as difficult as I feared because a dialect coach joined me on set for months to help me sound more like a North Korean," Lee said at a press junket for the film in Seoul on Tuesday ahead of its release next month.


Lee Byung-hun (left) and Ha Jung-woo attend a press event for their new film in Seoul on Tuesday.

Ha plays a South Korean soldier who leads a bomb disposal squad and teams up with Lee's character to prevent the catastrophic event. It is the first time Ha has starred alongside Lee in a film, and the two were keen to emphasize their budding bromance.


"We had talked about working together for years and we finally made it," Lee said. "Ha knows how to enrich even an ordinary scene by adding humor in it. I also like how bold and decisive he can be."


Ha said he "really enjoyed working with Lee. He sometimes makes a joke out of the blue and his deadpan manner makes it so hilarious. I think he is a perfect fit for black comedies."


As for Su-zy, Ha said, "We all call her the boss. She is younger than most of us, but she often foots the bill for food and drinks. So we've all decided we work for her."


Source: CJ Entertainment


Kang Bong Rae must find a way to stop the explosion
Jeon Yoo Kyung must make the operation successful
Choi Ji Young must survive
Transformation of the perfect character of three color actors


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Poster art by k_gallery_kwang

"Roar of the Paektu Mountain Tiger,
You must stop that last explosion! "

What would it look like if Baekdusan, one of the most representative symbols of the Korean peninsula, exploded?
I remembered as though the tiger was roaring in anger.
What would Korea look like if Mt. Baekdu exploded?
We wonder how to deal with it.
Baekdusan is scheduled to be released in December.
In the realistic and imaginative story of Mt. Paektu

To CG of Dexter Studio! I look forward to it in many ways :)
#Stop the last explosion


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Behind-the-scene video feat. Lee Byung Hun and Ha Jung Woo's ASHFALL characters.


Source: @rmflrhdhsmf


Funny clip from CJ Entertainment, the ASHFALL cast in cute expression


The First snow?
This year's cold season with hot Baekdusan?
#Lee Byung Hun #Ha Jung Woo #Ma Dong Seok #Jeon Hye Jin #Suzy


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November 23, 2019

“Ashfall”  A super star cast, dramatic scenario will challenge the box office.  (A translation) 


The 2019  year end blockbuster “Ashfall” recently held a production event.   Considering the cast of super strong actors and a plot with rich imagination, this movie has been very much anticipated ever since filming started. 



“Ashfall”  describes the story of Baekdusan, which is important to both South and North Korea and that may pose a threat.  The story also describes how an elite team worked together to prevent its last major eruption.  At the recent production report conference, with the exception of Ma Dong Seok, Ha Jung Woo, Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Hye Jin, Suzy and the Dirctors were present.



On that day, the director said “Ashfall” was conceived seven to eight years ago and the script alone took thee years to write. The director feels that the main conditions must have a clear theme.  The next step is let the audience resonate and to like the subject matter.  Finally there has to be large scale shooting. 



As far as actors of this movies are concerned, the combination of superstars is unprecedented.   In order to stop the eruption of Baekdusan, Lee Byung Hun who plays the role of a first class agent hold decisive intelligence.  It is also the first time for him to play a North Korean. South Korea’s (Explosive Ordinance Disposal)  EOD expert, Jo In Chang, who is involved in covert operations, is played by Ha Jung Woo who exudes leadership charm. Ma Dong Seok, who did not attend the event that day, does not need to use his fists this time,  plays the role of a geology professor. Proposing to prevent the eruption of the volcano is Jeon Hye Jin, while Suzy plays the role of Ha Jung Woo’s wife. 



When Ha Jung Woo discussed “Ashfall”, he said,  “ Since it is a disaster movie, people's behavior and speech relative to the role is not that simple.   In addition, when chased by the disaster even if it is for 24 hours, you do not feel tired.  Coupled with humour and blunt responses in a disaster, I hope this is a new element in the movie.”   



Lee Byung Hun also highly praised Ha Jung Woo for making a relatively simple scene more interesting by adding humour and more laughter.  Ha Jung Woo, on the other hand,  said Lee Byung Hun should be the master of black comedy.  Coupled with a deadpan expression and a low voice, seemingly it is a humourous feature.



Ha Jung Woo also mentioned that when he learned that Suzy will play the role of his wife, he is very concerned that everyone will feel that the age gap is too big.  Unexpectedly he said: “ Dir. Kim Yong Hwa of <Along with the Gods> and his wife's age difference is even more.  As I do not see either of them having a generation gap problem, it gave me courgae to partner with Suzy “    Ha Hung Woo on-the-spot reaction is really too humourous!   “Ashfall” will be released as the final movie of the year in Taiwan by the end of 2019.




Source:  https://www.koreastardaily.com/sc/news/122004

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November 22, 2019


Lee Byung Hun & Ha Jung Woo To Load Year-End Thrill In Upcoming Movie “Ashfall”


By Christine | hellokpop.com




Coming this December, disaster film, Ashfall will hit the theaters. Starring Lee Byung Hun and Ha Jung Woo, the movie is filled with immense storyline and characters. With these two bankable South Korean stars, making the film as one of the highly anticipated movies this 2019.

In an interview in Seoul on November 19, the top stars talk about their upcoming film. Here are some facts the actors shared about them and their movie Ashfall.



Stopping a huge volcanic eruption of Mount Paektu is what the story of the film is all about. Moreover, it goes to a premise where the North Korea and South Korea work together to cease the huge catastrophe.


Lee Byung Hun will play the role of Lee Joon Pyeong, a North Korean spy agent; while Ha Jung Woo play suits up as Jo In Chan, captain of South Korean special forces.



After two years, Ashfall is the first big screen project for Lee Byung Hun since his last comedy movie – Keys To The Heart. Since his debut in 1995, Lee has over 30 films under his catalog, but this new movie is his first movie that takes  disaster theme plot.


Lee shared, “I thought I have experienced a lot of film genres in my career. But ‘Ashfall’ is my first disaster film. It has inherent thrill and tension from beginning to end, which is crucial for a disaster movie.”.


In 2018, Lee starred in a Korean drama titled Mr Sunshine that is an action, military, historical, romance, war, tragedy themed series. In addition, he learned the North Korean accents, Chinese and Russian languages for this movie.



Tagged as one of the most anticipated movies this year, Ashfall is produced by Dexter Studios. The production house is behind the blockbuster hit movie franchise Along With The Gods.


Aside from the big film studio, it also secures top-tier actor cast including Lee Byung Hun, Ha Jung Woo, Jeon Hye Jin, Bae Suzy and Ma Dong Seok.



Collaborating for the film, Lee Byung Hun and Ha Jung Woo’s tandem is a first in the South Korean movie industry. Ha shared that their on-screen chemistry maximizes the intensity and friendship in the film.



Being new in the filmmaking industry, Ha Jung Woo has already directed four movies including Fasten Your Seatbelt and Take Point. He revealed that Ashfall characters deal  differently than the usual monotonous characters during a calamity.

Despite catastrophe and desperation, the characters of the film are not fixated in distress, anguish and survival. In spite of the calamity, the cast will show their wit and humorous sides that will create and deepen their camaraderie and friendship.


“I like this movie because the characters are not monotonous,” Ha said. “We don’t feel sad and frustrated around the clock. The movie catches that balance between frustration and humor,” He added.


Moreover, the film co-director, Kim Byung Seo shares that the movie concentrates on each character’s story who tries to protect their precious ones.

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November 19, 2019


New Blockbusters Look to Heat Up Theaters During Winter Season
Korean Film Lineup for 2019 End-of-Year Period


by Pierce Conran KOFIC




An eventful year for Korean cinema, which marked the industry’s centenary celebrations and produced the most successful and globally acclaimed Korean film of all time, is preparing to wind down but not before it unleashes its final wave of box office hopefuls during the busy end of year theatrical window.


From Extreme Job at the start of year to the late spring success of Palme d’Or winner PARASITE and the summer hit EXIT, Korean films have performed well throughout 2019. A slew of mid-sized titles such as KIM JI-YOUNG, BORN 1982, The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful and BLACK MONEY are currently dominating the charts in November and while Frozen 2 is expected to briefly shift the winds back in Hollywood’s favor for the rest of the month, Korean films are expected to perform well as we approach the new year. Even the mighty Disney is staying out of the way as they have pushed back the release of their tentpole Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to January, which opens in late December elsewhere.


Late November has one more Korean thriller up its sleeve and while early December will trot out a few smaller releases, the heavy hitters are expected closer to Christmas. Below is a brief rundown of the final Korean titles to look forward to in 2019.


Bring Me Home



Director KIM Seung-woo
Cast LEE Young-ae, YU Jae-myeong, PARK Hae-joon
Release Date November 27
Distributor Warner Bros Korea
International Sales Finecut


The long-awaited return of star LEE Young-ae to the big screen, 14 years after her last feature film role in PARK Chan-wook’s Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005), Bring Me Home has benefitted from a wave of publicity as the star’s long-awaited comeback and as an enticing thriller in a market that is growing increasingly hungry for strong female-fronted content. Bring Me Home debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this year where it received positive reviews.


LEE stars as Jung-yeon, a mother whose son disappeared six years ago, yet she has never given up her search for him. In a small coastal village, a group of criminals con fishing tourists. Among their ranks are two young boys of unknown origin and before long a tip sends Jung-yeon to the seaside with her faint hope still alive.



A Little Princess



Director HUH In-moo
Cast NA Moon-hee, KIM Su-an
Release Date December 4
Distributor Megabox Plus M
International Sales M-Line Distribution


Family crowd-pleaser A Little Princess brings together two of the most beloved senior and child stars in Korea, NA Moon-hee of Miss Granny (2014) and KIM Su-an of TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016). The family drama served as the opening film of the inaugural edition of the Gangneung International Film Festival this month.


NA plays Mal-soon, an elderly woman quietly living in Busan whose life is turned upside down when 12-year-old Gong-ju (KIM Su-an) appears before her with her baby sister Jin-ju on her back. Gong-ju claims to be the daughter of Mal-soon’s runaway daughter. Though her peaceful existence is quickly thrown into disarray, she happily accepts the young girls under her roof. In Korean, Gong-ju is the word for princess. Director HUH In-moo previously made the romcom Love, So Divine (2004), the drama Herb (2007) and the youth drama Little Black Dress (2011).



Killed My Wife



Director KIM Ha-la
Cast LEE Si-eon, AN Nae-sang, WANG Ji-hye
Release Date December 11
Distributor KTH


This feature debut from director KIM Ha-la is an action-thriller that had its world premiere in the Asian Future section of the Tokyo International Film Festival this fall and stars LEE Si-eon, AN Nae-sang and WANG Ji-hye. 


Based on a web comic by HEE Na-ri, Killed My Wife follows a man who wakes up massively hungover to discover that his wife is dead and that he has no memory of what happened the night before. When a detective who comes to question him finds blood on his person and effects, the man tries to piece together what happened during the previous night. Playing the widowed husband and possible murderer is LEE Si-eon, who was most recently seen in the film Race to Freedom : Um Bok Dong, but is better known for his TV roles.






Director CHOI Jeong-yeol
Cast Don LEE, PARK Jung-min, JUNG Hae-in, YUM Jung-ah
Release Date December
Distributor Next Entertainment World
International Sales Contents Panda


The ever-busy Don LEE (aka MA Dong-seok) is currently shooting his Hollywood debut in Marvel’s The Eternals, yet back home he has not one but two new films coming out during the end of year season. Though neither has been officially dated, the first is likely to be the comedy-drama START-UP.


PARK Jung-min of Keys to the Heart (2018) plays Taek-il, a runaway youth who winds up in a neighborhood where he lands a job as a delivery boy for a Chinese restaurant, under the watchful eyes of the chef Geo-seok (LEE). Meanwhile, his friend gets caught up in a private loan business. START-UP is the latest film from Filmmakers R&K, the production company of director RYOO Seung-wan and producer KANG Hae-jung, also responsible for this summer’s EXIT.





Director LEE Hae-jun, KIM Byeong-seo
Cast LEE Byung-hun, HA Jung-woo, MA Dong-seok, BAE Suzy
Release Date December
Distributor/International Sales CJ Entertainment




One of the biggest Korean releases of the year, disaster blockbuster Ashfall features huge star wattage with a cast that assembles LEE Byung-hun (Inside Men, 2015), HA Jung-woo (Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds, 2017), Don LEE (THE OUTLAWS, 2017) and BAE Suzy (Architecture 101, 2012) among many other recognizable faces.


Mount Baekdu suddenly erupts, which brings chaos to the Korean Peninsula. Under the guidance of team leader Jeon (JEON Hye-jin) and professor Kang (Don LEE), a special task force is jointly set up with a South Korean operative (HA Jung-woo) and a North Korean agent (LEE Byung-hun) to prevent any further catastrophes.


The film features Castaway on the Moon (2009) helmer LEE Hae-jun co-directing with KIM Byeong-seo, a cinematographer who also co-directed the action-thriller hit Cold Eyes (2013).


Forbidden Dream



Director HUR Jin-ho
Cast CHOI Min-shik, HAN Suk-kyu
Release Date December 
Distributor/International Sales Lotte Cultureworks


Melodrama specialist HUR Jin-ho, known for Christmas in August (1998) and One Fine Spring Day (2001) returns to the period drama after scoring his biggest ever success with 2016’s The Last Princess. Following on the heels of this summer’s The King’s Letters, Forbidden Dream also focuses on King Sejong, the famed fourth monarch of the Joseon Dynasty. 


Whereas The King’s Letters looked at the king’s development of the Hangeul writing system, exploring his work with a Buddhist monk, which drew some criticism for historical inaccuracy, Forbidden Dream examines his relationship with an astronomer, played by CHOI Min-shik (Old Boy, 2003), while HAN Suk-kyu, who worked with HUR before on Christmas in August, plays the monarch.



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ASHFALL Film Making Video


Published on November 25, 2019 by CJ Entertainment Official



Source: CINE21


Coming Soon : Baekdusan
The first public still 
Ashfall is a blockbuster movie that features the disaster of Baekdusan explosion. 


More details can be found in #Cine 21 No.1232


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November 19, 2019

‘Ashfall’ Bae Suzy, “It was lonely because there were many solo scenes”


Source: BNTNews



[By Lim Hyun Joo /  Photo by Kim Chi Yoon] Bae Suzy shared her remarks on acting.


In the morning of November 19th, a production report of ‘Ashfall’ (Director Lee Hae Jun, Kim Byeong Seo) was held at Apgujeong CGV, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Lee Hae Jun, Kim Byung Seo, actors Lee Byung Hun, Ha Jung Woo, Jeon Hye Jin, and Bae Suzy attended the scene.


On this day, Bae Suzy said “I think I can show you different side of me from ‘Vagabond’. I could show you the image of going against the disaster. It was lonely because there were many solo scenes. When I had shooting with the seniors, I could shoot the scene with better energy”


“Ashfall” is a movie telling the story of people who must stop the last eruption of Paektu Mountain, an unprecedented disaster that will take over both South and North Korea. Based on the provocative imagination of Paektu Mountain is gathering anticipation with fresh combination of Lee Byung Hun, Ha Jung Woo, Ma Dong seok, Jeon Hye jin and Bae Suzy.


Meanwhile, movie ‘Ashfall’ is going to release on December.


Clip: CJ Entertainment


The 60-second timer challenge: LBH & HJW delivering their movie message.

You have 60 seconds to stop the explosion.


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November 27, 2019


The key to warfare:   First class member of the North Korean Armed Forces,  Lee Jun Pyeong (a translation) 



* These are sentences  translated from a video and are not meant to be read as a whole paragraph.


Do you really believe that such a ridiculous plan will succeed?


A man who may seem shy but human.


Did I not tell you that you have to be careful if you do not remove my handcuffs? 


But in some ways, he is very sharp.  A person who is much sharper than anyone’s intuition. 


What is he really thinking?  I hope to be able to act with such doubts. 


For the first time,  I am challenging the North Korean dialect and have Chinese lines. 


I have a very interesting kid here. Hard


Being more agile than anyone. 


Make the action as vivid as possible.


Courtesy of fh.yip a LBH fan. 

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November 27, 2019


Fan-clips on twitter from the interview on SBS Midnight TV Entertainment shown last night, 26/11.


The two leads Lee Byung Hun and Ha Jung Woo really have a great chemistry despite ASHFALL being their first time working together. They're like longtime buddies and showing obvious bromance in their scenes which will be great to watch in the movie.


Clips: ᴅᴏʟᴄᴇ @do1ce__


Part 1 - 3



(Edit) LBH & HJW promised to do a mukbang session if ASHFALL crosses the 100,000 ticket admission. dduck7.gif LOL!

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November 25, 2019


Trailer, posters released for disaster film ‘Ashfall’ starring Ha Jung-woo, Lee Byung-hun, Bae Suzy


by IndoorEnthusiast KDramaPal



CJ Entertainment’s upcoming disaster film, Ashfall (literal translation: Baekdu Mountain), dropped a thrilling trailer featuring its five main actors.


Starring Ha Jung-woo (Take Point, H.I.T) and Lee Byung-hun (Keys To The Heart, Mr. Sunshine), Ashfall revolves around the eruption of Baekdu Mountain, an active stratovolcano on the Chinese–North Korean border. As more eruptions are expected, a group of experts carries out a countermeasure while the entire Korean peninsula is thrown into panic.


The trailer begins with Ha Jung-woo hearing an explosion while in his car and alerts going off on the phones of people in his vicinity. As the news of a volcanic eruption spreads, Jeon Hye-jin (The Beast, Search: WWW), who seems to be working for the government, seeks out Ma Dong-seok (The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos, Squad 38), a geologist who has studied Baekdu Mountain and can help mitigate eruptions. Bae Suzy (The Sound of a Flower, Vagabond) plays Ha Jung-woo’s wife, who is caught in the disaster in Seoul and forced to fend for herself in her husband’s absence.

In the next clip, Ha Jung-woo is seen donning his gear as the captain of the Explosives Disposal Unit. He is told about Lee Byung-hun’s character, a North Korean government official who can provide crucial information about the mountain. As panic descends over Seoul, Ha and Lee team up to prevent a final eruption of Baekdu Mountain which can spell the end for the peninsula.


Meanwhile, the movie also released character posters featuring the five main actors, highlighting the roles they will play as disaster strikes.

Ashfall is directed and written by Lee Hae-jun (My Dictator) and Kim Byung-seo (Cold Eyes). It will be released in December 2019.


Sources: 1 | 2


Photos: artgihun


ASHFALL poster display at Lotte Cinema World Tower, Seoul


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Source: CJ Entertainment


The last explosion! Who is the hero to stop Mountain Baekdu?! Authenticate your photo zone and get a ticket!  Winnings will be announced via individual DM.






Sighting of ASHFALL promotions at CGV Yongsan


Clip: michellee3


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  • Jillia changed the title to [Upcoming Movie 2019] Ashfall/Baekdusan, 백두산 - Lee Byung Hun, Ha Jung Woo, Ma Dong Seok - Premieres on December 18th
  • Jillia changed the title to [Movie 2019-2020] Ashfall / Baekdusan, 백두산 - No Option For Failure

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