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How to achieve see through bangs from regular bangs?

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For the last 6 months i grew my bangs out from blunt bangs.I wanted to get them cut like see through bangs because I wanted to try something new.My hairstylist was cutting it right,from the tutorials i've seen.He took a small section in the middle and cut it.But I got worried it would look weird like one video I saw of a woman getting the same haircut,except her end result,she had a literal short piece of bang hanging in the middle of her forehead and it looked weird.I didnt think he cut enough for it to spread out.I wanted something like LilyPichu's soft wispy bangs,but I ended up with something more wider and choppier.I'm not sure what toDTruM1KVAAAQ4BP.jpg do now.Do i have to wait months for my bangs to grow now again so i can recut it? 


Tl;dr i wanted it to look like the first image but it came out looking like the one with her with red hair,short and choppy pieces,not soft and wispy likeimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcSUT87MfesUDJbB4wFT1at

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this was my bang on August 2018. I was want to cut it as short as audrey herpburn’s in 'breakfast at Tiffany's" but it turned like this with me







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