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•Do you like dancing to K-pop? Ever wanted to join a K-pop dance cover group, and learn new K-pop dances DreamerCrew is a K-pop dance cover group looking for 7-9 members•

I’m 14 and I would like to start a Kpop dance cover group. We would be called DreamerCrew! We will all be learning/teaching the choreography with each other.


*No teacher…. Members will be learning the dances all together*




•Must live in the GTA (Toronto).

•ages of 13-16, are willing to join the group.

•Must attend practices and shoots.

•Able to make it to dance studio (We will be renting a studio until we can find another one....Members will decide a day to practice).

•Must be comfortable to perform in front of a camera and public.


                  •Members commitments•


•Members should practice their dance at home.

•Members must be willing to work with the group.

•Must all get along, and have fun.


                             •How to apply•


•Email || JJuliaCC323@gmail.com ||

with your name, age, email address, & city!


•With the application, the audition details will be attached with a video of you dancing (must be 60 second audition video submission)


If have any question please email.

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Is this still happening in 2020?? cause i would like to join if this thing has not already started


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