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[Drama 2019] Eulachacha Waikiki Season 2, 으라차차 와이키키2


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1 hour ago, philosophie said:

So the Lee junki this season is not the same one form last season? Like who dated the owners sister and stuff? Like his relationship with her never even existed In This season?



I think it's the same Junki we all knew, acc to his description (check my post), he had a breakout role in 'The Newsroom' (happened in S1) and he went downhill due to his demands, plus he managed Waikiki alone before Wooshik and Kibong came.


The possible scenario is that he had a long distance relationship with Seojin (assuming she had an assignment that is far from Seoul). It's possible for Go Wonhee to cameo this season about their relationship

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Lee junki in shape is beautiful! It became straightforward how he would have been in a historical drama. I think he would have made a great dramatic hero. I hope the guy is lucky and he is waiting for rapid career growth. And in this drama, and in real life of the actor.:rolleyes:

PS But the blonde with the sword in his performance is amazing!:love:

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@MarianM Based on the bts picture, yes.. Seems the building owner from the first season will come again.



According to Dong-a.com Lee Yi Kyung and Ahn So Hee will appear on Take Care of Refrigerator. The broadcast will be at the of this month or next month.

[단독] ‘으라차차 와이키키2’ 이이경X안소희, ‘냉부해’ 출연

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On 3/16/2019 at 3:17 AM, triplem said:

That is the million dollar question.  But I am very curious how they will explain his love line with Go Won Hee. If she's away on assignment , which means that Jung Ki and her are still a pair, one of the new girls here won't have a love line. Unless they break up. 

 As much as I like Junki and Lee Yi Kyung, his relationship with Chewbacca was lopsided toward the end of S1.  Her career didn’t blossom in the way she wanted; I felt Junki became her priority and miss her spunk/professional drive.  I wish she used the entertainment reporting experience to jump into reporting something closer to her heart, if not about more socially relevant materials.  I felt she needed to renew the passion in writing.  Since Dong gu is missing, I’d like to know if he ended up fulfilling his dreams of movie directing, leaving with either or both his sister and love.  Actually my fave pairing is Doo sik and Soo Ah whom I miss terribly for not having to be here S2.  I love Soo Ah toward the end, she was full of life and walked her own path (albeit sometimes clumsily).  She was wonderfully acted by the beautiful amd talented Lee Joo Woo.  Too bad Son Seung Won has personal problems.  His character was all heart in how he treats his roomies.  


Looking forward to see this one.  Would be good to see old cast cameo in S2 tho Sol must be a walking toddler by now.


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On 3/18/2019 at 7:09 AM, ixxdhx81 said:

Preview for the 1st episodes! :joy:

Preview awesome and great! The best of the best! :joy:It is unrealistic to restrain laughter ... A company of friends laughs and touches ...

I would like to visit this guest house. Come to stay and no longer leave!:P

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Plot of Episode 1 (my rough translation)


여전히 망할 위기에서 벗어나지 못한 게스트하우스 ‘와이키키’ 몇 달째 월세가 밀려서 일주일 후면 길바닥으로 나앉을지도 모르는 최악의 상황! 그것도 모자라 게스트하우스에 운석까지 떨어지게 되는데... 그 와중에 우식(김선호), 준기(이이경), 기봉(신현수)은 우연히 그들의 첫사랑이자 후암고 여신 한수연(문가영)의 결혼식에 가게 되는데... 돌아오는 길 레베카 트렁크에 있는 누군가를 발견하게 된다.


The guesthouse 'Waikiki' is still in the middle of crisis and their rent has been pushed back for months that may be sleeping on the streets! That's not enough, the mysterious meteorite that falls from the sky that hits their guesthouse! Meanwhile, Wooshik (Kim Sunho), Junki (Lee Yikyung) and Kibong (Shin Hyunsoo) accidentally went to the wedding of their first love, Han Sooyeon (Moon Gayoung), a goddess of Huam High School. On their way back, there is someone inside Rebecca's trunk...




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The agencies of Kim Sunho (SALT Ent) and Moon Gayoung (Keyeast Ent) shared some pics behind the scenes for their poster shoot.


More pics of Kim Sunho: HERE

More pics of Moon Gayoung: HERE







Okay, I ship them already! :love:






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Still cuts from Ahn So Hee and Lee Yi Kyung..














According to this post ->> here

Lee Si Eon will make a special appearance for waikiki 2. Yeay!!!

Fun fact: Lee Si Eon is KSH's senior in college.



Oh Na Ra will also make a special appearance! Source


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On 3/18/2019 at 3:24 PM, triplem said:

I was a little sad this season did not include the rest . Yes the other two male leads have personal problems & then of course  it might be awkward to have Jung In Sun reprise her role since she broke up with LYK . But when they casted Mr Dimples ( Kim Seon Ho  ) , i was so happy . I love Waikiki 1 because it was fresh & fun every week & reminded me of Friends. So fingers crossed for this season. Yes to bb Sol cameo! 


The teaser looks Super  . Poor landlady is going to be duped again , this time she’ll be the romantic interest. :joy:


Hola. Been quite busy but I finally found a stretch of time to pick up some dramas.  I love love S1, it made me laughed like no other, sweet without being overly saccharine.  How fun it is to live silly and embraced life like the Waikiki gang.  Yah, so I read that they broke up...  Kim Sun Ho is a cutie.  I couldn't put a finger on who he is, had to google then remembered. LOL  Cameos are good, self referential to S1 would be awesome.


Watch Confession and Beautiful World with me if you can.  Those are the heavy stuffs :lol:


Thank you everyone for the posts, updates and pics. ^^

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1 hour ago, MarianM said:


It's kinda funny that KSH has to call her 'nuna' where he is older in real life.:lol:

Ikr! He's the oldest cast. Kim Ye Won, Lee Yi Kyung and Shin Hyun Soo are same age. The three boys need to call her "nuna".

But, in his marie claire interview KSH said the atmosphere of the shoot feels like they're all friends. Even with the staff he also treats them like friends not actor and staff.

Can't wait to see them together next Monday!


They're playing guess the meaning from the slang words used by people in their 20s..


Idk, tbh I feel they're not very close yet. I hope they can be much closer after spending more time together in location.



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