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[Drama 2019] Eulachacha Waikiki Season 2, 으라차차 와이키키2


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No preview... Hhaaa!

Oh! Because it's woosik.. Oopps! Kim Seon Ho birthday today! :lol: 05.08.2019

He's 33 yo/ 34 yo in Korean age.


They're celebrating the waikiki prince's birthday! LOL.

©Shin Hyun Soo insta story




Making video is here!



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Ep 15 Preview :O



My rough trans: (correct me if I'm wrong)


연기하는 눈빛에서 사랑이 느껴지지 않는다며 합숙을 지시받은 준기와 승현. 알고보니 운명이었던 둘?! 사랑하는 감정연기를 위한 그들의 노력은 과연 빛을 발할 것인가. 드디어 본인만의 첫 코너 기획을 시작하는 수연. 그리고 그런 수연을 응원하려다 응급실로 실려간 우식의 사연은?! 유리에게 잘 보이고 싶은 기봉. 그렇지만 생각처럼 쉽지만은 않은데.. 철 없는 연하 남친 키우기 정말 힘들다!


Junki and Seunghyun, who were told to stay together because they didn't feel their chemistry in the eyes of acting. Turns out they were destined! Will their efforts for loving emotional acting really shine? Sooyeon, who finally starts planning her first segment. What's with the story of Wooshik, who was taken to the emergency room after dropping her off? I want to impress Yoori, but it's not as easy as I thought. It's really hard to date a younger boyfriend in my age!


This may be a long shot:



Do you think it's something to do to his condition? 


In the preview, I think Sooyeon will decide about her turning point of her career or Wooshik that has been taken to ER. Damn, it made me remind of Friends of no reason gahd.
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19 hours ago, triplem said:

I am finally getting round to watching the full complete episodes, and boy the ending of eps 13  with Jung Ki crying having given up the role really hit me straight in the heart . And they played my favourite ost from season 1- I cried a river not only because it was nostalgic,  but I know Lee Yi Kyung himself  has come a Long way as an actor & sometimes I feel JK’s life story may hv some resemblance to his especially in the early days . So those tears felt so real . 

  Reveal hidden contents




There's a resemblance to Junki and Yikyung himself IRL. First, Yikyung is the son of a famous appliance company and he wanted to start from the bottom and wanted to recognize from his own talents, he hates that he got casted due to connections too just because he's the son of that company, same thing also to Junki, he's the son of a famous actor (Lee Deokhwa) and it's the same thing applies to Yikyung.


His arc made realize that the idols (who can't act) are probably casted due to 'connections', the rookie who worked hard to get that role but was snatched due to that. I think most of the actors can relate to Junki.

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There's always a goodbye in every hello.. :tears:

This time we need to say goodbye for these members. Thank you for all the hard work.. Not really satisfied with the story actually, but I don't mind another season with the same cast..




We're gonna get another scene with building owner!!! Hooommmaaaiii.. What will happen to these three musketeers!!! :crazy:


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Their final message to the fans T.T. I will surely miss them, hope that JTBC will renew it for 3rd season, either with the same cast or a different.




“Welcome To Waikiki 2” Cast Says Goodbye With Final Thoughts




With two episodes left, the cast of JTBC’s “Welcome to Waikiki 2” shared their thoughts on the conclusion of their show as well as one last point for viewers to look forward in the finale.

The second season gave viewers laughs, relatable stories about youth, and heart fluttering moments of romance.

Kim Seon Ho began, “It feels bittersweet that the end of a five-month journey is approaching. It doesn’t feel real that I won’t be able to regularly see the actors and staff who I worked with every day. It was a time where I could grow a lot. Since it was a joyful project where I laughed a lot during filming, it will remain in my memory for a long time. Thank you so much to viewers who cheered on the youth of Waikiki until this time.”He added, “Please look forward to the final episode and whether the youth of Waikiki including Woo Sik will be able to achieve both their dreams and love.”




“It’s difficult to put in words my love for Joon Ki,” said Lee Yi Kyung. “He’s someone I love that much, and I’m not sure if that’s the reason why but this end feels different compared to season one. I’d be grateful if you loved and watched until the end. Joon Ki will always be near you guys.”

He continued, “Although the drama is ending, please look forward to how the youth of Waikiki will live and what will happen to their relationships.”



Shin Hyun Soo commented, “The time has come where the fun times while staying at the guest house Waikiki with five friends will become a memory. I’m sad that it’s the end and I already miss it. I think that the viewers who loved ‘Welcome to Waikiki 2’ probably feel the same way.”

He added, “Please look forward to the direction of the six friends’ dreams and loves, and if Ki Bong and Yoo Ri can continue secretly dating without getting caught by their friends.”



“It’s already been six months since I’ve known the ‘Welcome to Waikiki 2′ team who I met in November of last year,” said Moon Ga Young. “I can’t believe that it’s our last day of filming and it doesn’t feel real. The guest house became so familiar that I feel like I’ll have to keep going to it. Thank you for laughing, crying, and sympathizing with us until now. Please be with us until the last episode to see the conclusion of the Waikiki members’ hard efforts until now.”



Ahn So Hee stated, “It’s my first project in three years, and I was so happy that I was able to work with a good director, writer, staff, and actors. I thank the many people who helped me from preparing for the project to the time of filming. I think that it was a time where I could grow more. More than anything, I want to say thank you to all of the viewers who tuned in for two months.”

She continued, “The stories of the six Waikiki guest house troublemakers has not ended yet. Please joyfully tune in until the end with lots of interest and love.”



“I want to really say thank you and that you worked hard to everyone who created ‘Welcome to Waikiki 2’ together,” said Kim Ye Won. “I hope that the ‘Welcome to Waikiki 2’ characters and the actors who portrayed them will be remembered as a representation of youth that can make viewers smile and give you strength. I shout this to all of the youth in the world. Good luck!”

She continued, “Looking back, it wasn’t a long journey, but I think that we all felt ups and downs while watching the different characters and the various sides of youth. Many things will occur to them. Please send cheers and applause to the passion-filled youth of ‘Welcome to Waikiki 2,’ and I hope you’ll join them for the story of the six characters who are off to a new beginning once again.”




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It feels like it’s ep 13 but we’re on the penultimate ep and it’s the finale tomorrow. Ahhh it’s so frustrating that they’re not yet together. I have no clue how the writers will squeeze everything in the finale. There’s a high chance that it’ll be a cliffhanger hoping that there’ll be S3 to continue it.


Based on the clips and next ep, I guess there’s no hope for Sooyeon at all. She realizes that she likes him but she overheard that Wooshik now sees her as a friend and in fact it’s her fault that she turned him down in the first place (although she set her priorities straight) and he has the right to date someone else. With her father shows up to bring her home, she cried that she may not be able to see him again but I guess it’s a final straw for her to confess to tell how she feels to him? Ahhh. Idk.

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IDK. But before tonight's ep I imagined the plot for season 3! LOL. YR and KB have child, Junki and Woosik have lil nephew or niece. I thought WS and JK relationship will not end well. So, only KB, YR, WS, and JK for the season 3.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut! tonight's episode really makes me want them all for season 3!

And new member! Kook Se Chang!!!! Woosik has lil neph!!! :w00t: I am soooooo happy!!!

I really want season 3! But with the same members. Pleaseeeee...


Thanks for all the great time here! See you in another thread.. :) 

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I never thought that Yuri will get pregnant! Wooshik has a nephew! Baby is so cute. If there'll be S3, it will be like S1 again that they have a baby to take care of which I don't mind. 


Anyway, I watched all the clips, it was a fun ride. Will add it again if subs are out.


Waikiki is one of the rare dramas that can have multiple seasons, if tvN has Rude Ms. Youngae (17+ seasons), JTBC has this, we want to see the misadventures of the Waikiki gang.


Kazaaaaahhhhhh, Season 3, Kabozaaahhhhh!!!


EDIT: JTBC needs to release Sunho's version of 'I Love You' and 'Even Just A Minute'!!!

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2019] Eulachacha Waikiki Season 2, 으라차차 와이키키2

It's over.. it's really over. I have nothing to watch. T.T Waikiki makes me happy everydayyyyy. I will surely miss them. I lowkey hoping that there'll be S3 with these characters or maybe some characters from S1.


Speaking of S3, I think there are hints that there may be a 3rd season. Notice in the Waikiki sign in the end? It blinked 3 times and the sign lit up in the end. It may be a continuation to see the misadventures of the gang. Cross-fingers hoping that it could be renewed.


I read some of the interviews of the casts, so far, Yikyung, Gayoung and Hyunsoo had an interview already. Yikyung's interview can be found here (1 | 2) about the possibility of the 3rd season, chemistry with Sohee etc. I'm quite relieved that he may stick to this one if the show get renewed and hopefully it will be the same casts.


Summary of Gayoung's interview: (1 | 2 | 3)


* She felt pressured to meet the expectations to those who loved S1. She had faith to the director, staffs, she had fun when she read the 1st part of the script.

* Her memorable scene is when she sang as tone-deaf. It requires for her to show comic and loveliness of the acting, she's worried that it may be uncomfortable to the tone-deaf people. She felt pressured too and got relieved that the staffs enjoyed her tone-deaf acting. Many got confused if she is tone-deaf in real life, she said that don't be confused with her tone-deaf acting. Her singing is average but not in tone-deaf level.

* She enjoys working with Kim Sunho. Many were surprised about their 10 years gap since he's the oldest while she's the youngest of the cast and got said that they looked good together. She didn't watch his works but saw a video of him dancing in '100 Days of Prince'. When she met him, she knew that it'll go well. The 2 of them talked about their work and played pranks to each other, plus that he took good care of her and she's able to film comfortably because he's nice and considerate towards her and thanks to that they showed good chemistry.

* She mentioned she had no regrets about the ratings. There are 1% of viewers who trusted in the end. The show is not widely watched due to an exaggerated comedy but a few fans enjoyed it and upload on IG. A lot of foreign fans enjoyed the show as well.

* She thinks that the ratings is not quite good due to S1. There are scenes that are quite recycled from S1 and showed a similar pattern there. Since S2 have a different actors and each of them showed it's own charms and skills.

* She'll likely do S3, if the viewers want S3 (?). If there'll be S3, it can be started of what happened to those 3 years ago (prequel?), especially the pictures they displayed at the guesthouse. The relationship of Sooyeon and Wooshik, how Junki and Jungeun got together(?), parenting life of Yoori and Kibong


Hyunsoo's not that much, he shared about his kissing scene with Yewon. (1 | 2)


* If there's S3, he jokes that it has nothing to do being a father to Sechang.(?)

* They thought that their kissing scene with Yewon was extra until they saw the shot, he thinks that the kiss is aggressive and the staff shouted. Since Kibong and Yoori are lovers, the kiss shouldn't be that intense, they tried to change their point of view of kissing scene and it was passionate than before. He was embarrassed that Sunho and Gayoung's kissing scene came out more passionately than his.




Random, I finally found the Rebecca song!! LMAO




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Just adding little bit from the article here -> newsis (Shin Hyun Soo's interview)


On the set Lee Chang Min PD says to always stay safe. Don't drink and go home early.. Shin Hyun Soo said he doesn't drink nor drive, so he doesn't have to worry about dui or another crime. 


Waaaaaa.. I hope all the season 2 casts always stay safe and never get caught in any controversies. So we can meet them  again in the next season.

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