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Seol In-Ah 설인아 [Current Drama: Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful]

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Seol In-A

Seol In-A-p1.jpg


  • Name: Seol In-A
  • Hangul: 설인아
  • Born: 1996
  • Birthplace: South Korea

Drama Series

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Kim Dong Wook And Park Se Young To Star In Social Satire K-Drama + Seol In Ah In Talks

Kim Dong Wook And Park Se Young To Star In Social Satire K-Drama + Seol In Ah In Talks

Kim Dong Wook and Park Se Young will be starring together in an upcoming drama, while actress Seol In Ah is still in talks to join.

The two will be starring in “Special Labor Inspection Team” (literal title). The drama is a social satire about a civil servant who puts his apathetic, easygoing attitude above all else. The civil servant is appointed as a labor inspector in the Ministry of Employment and Labor and sets out to punish the evil power players of society. It is written by writer Kim Ban Di, who previously wrote “Angry Mom,” and directed by producing director Park Won Gook, who previously directed “Drama Festival – Turning Point” and “Ruler: Master of the Mask.”

Kim Dong Wook will be starring as Jo Jin Gap. Jo Jin Gap is a former judo athlete who was forced to quit when he protested an unfair call during a match. He used his experience to become a fitness teacher, but was kicked out again after being unable to hold his temper in front of the director’s son. Eventually, after passing the difficult level nine civil servant exam, he settles for a safe career as a civil servant. However, when he becomes a labor inspector for the Ministry of Employment and Labor, he decides to butt heads with the influential who take advantage of their power.

Park Se Young will be playing Joo Mi Ran, a former judo athlete turned detective and Jo Jin Gap’s ex-wife. She and Jo Jin Gap met in college as fellow judo athletes. Though she married him because she fell in love with his personality, circumstances led to divorce. The two characters remain on good terms as they care for their child.

A source from MBC confirmed, “Seol In Ah is currently in talks to appear in MBC’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Special Labor Inspection Team.'” If she appears in the drama, she will be playing Go Mal Sook.

“Special Labor Inspection Team” is slated to air this spring


Credit soompi news 

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Seol In Ah And Kim Jae Young Confirmed To Lead Upcoming KBS Drama

by L. Kim

Seol In Ah and Kim Jae Young have been confirmed for the star-studded cast of new KBS drama “Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful” (literal title).

“Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful” depicts the romance between a brash woman studying for the civil service exam and a mean-spirited man who doesn’t believe in marriage.

Seol In Ah will take on the main role of Kim Chung Ah, who has been studying for the civil service exam for eight years and has given up dating and marriage. She is a woman of love and loyalty who will warm the hearts of viewers with her hard-working mindset.

Seol In Ah was loved for her acting in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” and “School 2017,” and she has gained attention for her appearance in many variety shows including “Running Man” and “Law of the Jungle.”

Kim Jae Young will take on the other main role of Goo Jun Hwi, a man who isn’t interested in either marriage or other people’s affairs. He is a person who abstains from dating as well as relationships, but he will undergo a change of heart while meeting Kim Chung Ah, fueling questions about their relationship.

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