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First look of Lee Bang Won  

For those who are not aware, there was actually a time jump of 4 years from ep 4-5. 1388 - YSG did the Wihwado retreat 1392 - YSG becomes the king   The little boy should have grow

DAMN,this is immoral,to expect us to wait till Friday after that freaking cliffhanger!!!!   I'm quite sure that Hwi double plotted with Bang Won to cross Nam Jeon and go all out with the ass

10 hours ago, Prettysup said:

New stills for ep 13 tonight



Uh oh, Hee Jae is looking real distressed in that still. Writers, please. Don't touch the Hee Jaes. This shows already bleak and depressing enough :(.


Also, is it just me or is survey link not working?

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Girl, how many times have you confessed to him already? Honestly the garden scene is quite...well...let's just say it's not how I thought it would be.


And the ending scene is truly anticlimax, given that we see Hee Jae alive and well in trailer for episode 14.

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‘My Country’ ep 13 Knetz comments

1.    It looks like you did a great job casting. If Jang Hyuk starred in a Lee Bang-won epic, I may be bored, Six Flying Dragons was very successful….  Lee Bang-won's story is so interesting because Jang Hyuk acted well. The main and supporting actors all have similar screen-time, there is no lead here, everyone acted well and is suitable for their roles. Such a pity it’ll be over soon. (+358 -19)

2.    Jang Hyuk’s Lee Bang-won, Lee Bang-won’s Jang Hyuk ... Overwhelming immersion in water.. Holding my breath (+261 -9)

3.    To be honest, I only see Jang Hyuk. He's so overwhelming (+269 -20)

4.    From Jang Hyuk I learnt that not everything is about quantity (+204 -4)

5.    When Kim Young-chul fired the arrow and Jang Hyuk's hair got dishevelled, my wife turned to look at me and her face fell … What a night of poor self-esteem. (+171 -1)

6.    When can Nam Seon-ho smile? (+70 -8)

7.    Jang Hyuk’s overwhelming aura, a pack of smoke that flows between sorrow and strength.

8.    Hwi only wants to live comfortably, but he is in a crisis every day... (+55 -2)

9.    Seon-ho, when can I see you laugh? I like Hwi and Bang-won, everything is good, but Seon-ho is pitiful. (+51 -6)

10.    Jang Hyuk is really one of the top 3 best actors in our country! (+47 -7)




1.    Wow, Jang Hyuk's acting of Lee Bang-won is beyond crazy (+42 -0)

2.    If JTBC has an acting award, I want to give it to Jang Hyuk (+35 -0)





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Wow, Netflix really did us dirty. I actually stayed up till very late to watch the episode, but it never came. :angry:


I remember all 16 episodes used to be listed on the mobile app with the release dates of each episode  up until 23rd Nov, but it's been pulled down now 


It makes absolutely zero sense to license 12 episodes out of a 16 episode series and leave their viewers hanging in limbo. 





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So I actually contacted Netflix live support. I'm watching from Netflix Australia, so things could possibly differ across regions, but customer support told me there 'is a possibility of a licensing issue' and there's really no telling when the rest of the episodes will be released or not.


Crossed fingers that their customer support doesn't know what's actually going on, but I'm pessimistic and I don't have high hopes.


Also, going by that release schedule on whats-on-netflix from that tweet, last weeks episodes should of also been delayed by a day, but it wasn't. So I'm not sure how credible it is to be honest.

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Thank you for that. I heard it is the same for Southeast Asia regions. It doesn’t make sense. They would already know beforehand about this. And they should have made announcements too. Plus they showed all the episodes with air dates before. To say about licensing issue at the tail end of season doesn’t make sense.


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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2019] My Country, 나의 나라

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