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Jang Hyuk Joins Yang Se Jong, Woo Do Hwan, And Seolhyun In Upcoming JTBC Drama



On February 21, Sidus HQ Entertainment revealed that Jang Hyuk has confirmed his appearance in JTBC’s new historical drama “My Country” (literal title). The drama takes place between the end of the Goryeo Dynasty and the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty.


Previously, it was confirmed that Yang Se Jong, Woo Do Hwan, and Seolhyun will also star in the drama.


Jang Hyuk will be taking on the role of Lee Bang Won, the prince who helped his father overthrow the Goryeo dynasty to begin the Joseon dynasty. While he was expected to become the successor to the throne for his contribution to the founding of Joseon, his father shows favor to his half-brother instead. Thus, Lee Bang Won begins his lonely journey to become the crowned prince.


Jang Hyuk responded to the casting news, “The overall development of the drama fascinated me. The story is also interesting. This is my second time taking on the role of Lee Bang Won after the 2015 film “The Age of Innocence.” This time, I would like to portray a different side of the antagonist.”


“My Country” is scheduled to premiere in the second half of this year.



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First look of Lee Bang Won  

For those who are not aware, there was actually a time jump of 4 years from ep 4-5. 1388 - YSG did the Wihwado retreat 1392 - YSG becomes the king   The little boy should have grow

DAMN,this is immoral,to expect us to wait till Friday after that freaking cliffhanger!!!!   I'm quite sure that Hwi double plotted with Bang Won to cross Nam Jeon and go all out with the ass

jTBC’s Historical Drama “My Country” Rounds Up Stellar Cast By Emylyn Castalla | 




Yang Se Jong, Woo Do Hwan, Jang Hyuk, Kim Seol Hyun and Kim Young Chul are all confirmed to star in My Country.

 The drama, set in waning days of the Goryeo period to the early Joseon dynasty, centers on the desire for power and patronage. In the middle of this power struggle, two friends will go against each other because of their conflicting beliefs.

My Country Cast

Yang Se Jong plays Seo Hwi, a general’s son. His father is a fierce warrior who is in charge of conquering the north under the King’s name. As such, Seo Hwi is resolute when it comes to injustice. However, he retains a cheerful attitude in a life full of strife.


Meanwhile, Woo Do Hwan portrays the character of Nam Sun Ho, Seo Hwi’s longtime friend. He is a smart and well-skilled individual with a good appearance and comfortable smile. There is an issue surrounding his birth as he was born to a mother who is from a low class and an aristocrat father. He dreams of joining the military to overcome the pain of being an illegitimate child.

Jang Hyuk takes on the role of Lee Bang Won, the nation’s prince who helped his father, the King, to topple the Goryeo dynasty and establishes a monarchy in the transitioning period. Although people expect him to inherit the throne, his father favors his half-brother over him. As a result, he will begin a lonely fight to claim his birthright.


AOA’s Kim Seol Hyun will be returning to a television drama after four years. She plays Han Hee Jae, an intelligent and forward-thinking woman. Hee Jae is discouraged and embittered with the dishonesty and unscrupulousness of those in powers. She will have a fateful meeting with Seo Hwi and Nam Sun Ho.


Lastly, veteran Kim Young Chul, who has portrayed memorable characters in his long career, adds credibility to the cast. He plays Lee Seong Gye, a gentle and level-headed character who has combat training.

 The combination of these actors makes My Country one of the dramas to watch out for. PD Kim Jin Won (Just Between Lovers, The Innocent Man) takes on directing duties and screenwriter Chae Seung Dae pens the script.


My Country will air on jTBC in the second half of this year.



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9 hours ago, anony12345 said:

Why get such a solid set of actors and then hire an idol actress as the female lead - it's like they're asking for her to get criticised when she inevitably ends up sticking out in the show

You have a point.

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Upcoming Drama] My Country, 나의 나라 - Yang Se Jong, Woo Do Hwan & Kim Seol Hyun - Premieres Second Half 2019
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Yang Se Jong + Woo Do Whan= maybe bromance?  they play best friends.. will probably be enemies later on?


First time they'll be in historical drama genre. I am excited to see them. They both good actors.


I'm going to watch of course esp for Jang Hyuk!


So my watchlist of upcoming dramas mostly coming from JTBC :thumbsup:

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41 minutes ago, stargazer187 said:

Woahhh... what happened to this drama? Will they air it or not? 

 I read about September broadcast but I am not sure.

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On 6/25/2019 at 5:17 PM, stargazer187 said:

I don't know how to end up returning into this thread again. There were some posts I posted almost a year ago too. Woahhh... what happened to this drama? Will they air it or not?


I agreed. The synopsis would likely go that way, hoping the same thing. Hope they'll air this soon and happy ending for both men. I need to see YSJ again on my screen. He's being absent pretty long now.


This is a pre-produced drama, they are filming it now and will air it from 27 September.

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I want this Drama to be success please be a hit and don't make Dohwan's character useless or annoying like JIW's character in MoonSun pleeeeeeeease. I'm rooting for the three male leads all of them are my favs. I hope this drama revive their careers. They all need it tbh especially WDH. The two are going to the army next year they need some success to survive. As for the drama i really love well written friends turned enemies shows. I hope they give them a good reason to fight over other than the stupid love triangle and don't focus on the romance please. The supporting actors/actresses are awesome too. Don't waste this cast pleeeease writer i'm talking to you. Whoever counts how many pleases in my comment is getting a prize :lol:. I'm so hyped for this drama. please be a good drama.

Oh and I wonder how this two became friends in the first place like son ho is supposed to be a noble son who live in the city while Sehwi is general son who's in the charge of conquering the North that's means he most likely lives in those military camps i saw in Six Flying Dragons.

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Upcoming Drama] My Country, 나의 나라 - Yang Se Jong, Woo Do Hwan & Kim Seol Hyun - Premieres in October
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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2019] My Country, 나의 나라

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