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Did anyone find the scene which YBW and gang were ambushed in the forest so abrupt? Previous ep we saw them starting their trip,  and then suddenly HJ was fighting against the bad guys, the queen already injured, and YBW's bun became disheveled.







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First look of Lee Bang Won  

For those who are not aware, there was actually a time jump of 4 years from ep 4-5. 1388 - YSG did the Wihwado retreat 1392 - YSG becomes the king   The little boy should have grow

DAMN,this is immoral,to expect us to wait till Friday after that freaking cliffhanger!!!!   I'm quite sure that Hwi double plotted with Bang Won to cross Nam Jeon and go all out with the ass

I think there are similarities to how BW is portrayed in our drama and in SFD.

BW obeys orders but no one knows what he really means.

He is just waiting for his opportunity.

And when he says what he really thinks then its scary.

Its clear why Nam Jeon sees BW as a threat.


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Today's episode wasn't as fierce as previous ones yet I enjoyed it as usual. 


Hwi is heartbreaking. He keeps on losing everything, his friend, his sister, now also forced to part ways with his love, and now starting to lose himself and walk through ways he didn't plan to. He should stop being weak and used by others, specially Sunho and his father to achieve their ambitions and climb the ladder. 


That scene with Yeon was so heartbreaking I shed tears with him. His trembling lips. I understand Sunho is trying to protect him in his own way, but it's still frustrating. 


And that last scene, wow, made my heart racing! I don't know about you but Seolhyun is doing a great job here.


Looking forward to tomorrow's episode. 

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1 hour ago, hyunxing XD said:

the comments from the public are all positive but ratings are 4.2 % 


sad this drama deserves more. i think they are airing it at late night and it's suffering from that 

the ratings is consider very ok. since this is a cable channel. 

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Top comments from knetz on ep 5:

(google translated)


1. Wow, the story is so good. It's so sad and powerful. (+617 -16)


2. Jang Hyuk is Lee Bang-won, and I am very grateful for it. (+519 -23)


3. Oh ~ I think Seolhyun's acting is getting better ~ She is good ? (+673 -188)


4. Kim Young-chul and Jang Hyuk's acting are both immersive . In the drama 'Money Flower', his dark charisma. daebak .... Jang Hyuk as Lee Bang Won in this drama ~  His eyes and lines are overwhelming... ! (+416 -18)


5. Jang Hyuk, Kim Young-cheol, and the scenes were very tense. (+199 -7)


6. Jang Hyuk, you're so energetic. Lee Bang won seems to be alive. Jang Hyuk and Yang Se-jong, please join as a team soon. (+111 -3)


7. Seolhyun's enunciation is good this time. What? (+140 -40)


8. My country is fun. Let's cheer for actor Yang Se-jong! (+106 -7)


9. At the end, it was so sad when Hee-jae held Hwi's hand with her hands. At first, I thought it would be great. Seolhyun matches  Hee-jae's role very well. It's great. After watching trailer, Hwi and Heejae are even better. (+99 -4)


10. From now on, my country is Seolhyeon. (+146 -59)






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19 minutes ago, Prettysup said:

For those who are not aware, there was actually a time jump of 4 years from ep 4-5.

1388 - YSG did the Wihwado retreat

1392 - YSG becomes the king


The little boy should have grown up a bit haha.


Oh I was not aware of that, I mean nothing much seemed to have changed, also didn't they say Seo Seol doesn't have much time left with the disease she has? At least she would be more sick. 

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I think this series has found its footing. I understand why others thought there's something wrong with the pace in earlier episodes, but episode 5 seems stable, right? I'm happy. 


My favorite parts of this episode: 


Hwi's four-man team, they work well together. 

I also like Seun-ho's team  up with the Jurchen soldier.

Don't you think they'd make a good team if these six people came together, plus Hui-jae giving them information in the sidelines? 


The cool background music sounds like the Lucifer theme, if you watch that show. 


Funniest line: "This came out of a chicken's butt. My mouth is cleaner."


Hui-jae told Seun-ho what happened to Hwi was his father's fault, not his. I think it will help later on that someone like Hui-jae believes in Seun-ho to prevent him from completely turning into the dark side. Aside from Hui-jae, there's also Hwi's sister who will prevent Seun-ho from completely falling over the edge as he knows he needs to look happy in front of her. Seun-ho told his father Hwi will die for Yeon, but I have a feeling this is foreshadowing and in the end, it will be Seun-ho who will sacrifice for Yeon. 


I like that Hui-jae is ambitious. I'm looking forward to where she'll end up. 


That scene where Hwi scolded his sister was so cute but also sad at the same time. Also, the market pavilion scene was so intense. I like the hesitation in Hwi and the conflict in Seun-ho's eyes of seeing Hwi look at his sister but also mustering up the courage to make Hwi look bad in front of Yeon. It's a heavy scene because you known both Hwi and Seun-ho are in pain.


So far, we know that Hwi has the makings of a good leader. People follow him, which is why in earlier episodes, they rallied behind him in the battlefield. So when it comes to the gamblers, I hope the gambling den owner softens towards Hwi and they become allies because Hwi would earn their respect. I can see that this is how Hwi will amass followers and an army loyal to him as the series progresses. All the groups he will come across will naturally follow him because of his good traits. Maybe this in the First Strife of the Princes, Bang-won said he needs Hwi. 


Seun-ho's power move in the end to report directly to the king and blindside his father... SO COOL. 


I'm loving this series more and more.

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I laughed when BW flew through that gate, riding with that

open fan. Cool. 

Everyone seems to be happy because BW agreed to have that boy

be the crown prince.

Even the queen is no longer so careful.


I like that Hwi  and HJ finally met. They need each other.

Its a good thing Hwi has his gang and they are totally loyal to him.



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1 hour ago, liltash85 said:

I don't know what is the writer intention but it seems like the writer trying to make Yi Bang Won looks evil? Am I the only one feels that???

I think this show was made for those who already know the historical background of the era this drama sets in. They didn't really bother to explain what BW went through for his father and how he felt betrayed that's why he looks evil for some of the audiences..

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2019] My Country, 나의 나라

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