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[Drama 2019] Babel, 바벨

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4 hours ago, imgreatgal said:

@philosophie Director Woo Vietnamese wife needed a heart transplant and it wouldn't be possible unless JW is brain dead and i don't think it was possible for JW to donate any of her organs since she is pregnant. Anyway Director Woo's wife died. 

it takes so long for subs to come out and it still not completed the last i look. At the prison convo between WH and HS, HS was still being arrogant and told WH that she will be out in no time and have him and JW killed. Then WH started to tell her something about a meeting between him and the chairman. The subs stops there. I think its about the will. I remember in the earlier episode the chairman wanted WH to prepare his new will. The will that JW gave HS must be the old will. 

I believe the revenge in this drama is not WH's but between the chairman and HS. He hated HS for having an affair but kept her by his side tormenting her. He had a illegitimate child (MW) and brought him home to be raised by HS. MW was the chairman's tool to torture HS. On the outside he praised MW while ignoring SH and mistreats him. It was a way of showing his hatred towards HS. They are both crazy!

Thanks Chingus. I skipped alot lol:sweatingbullets:. Indeed they are both crazy:crazy:

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Finally the sub is 100% complete. Phew.


The chairman wanted to make a new will. MH was out. Chairman was aware of his evil tendencies.  Naturally SH was the next in line.  Pity both he and HS never consider YR when actually she is the geosan thoroughbred. 

No mention of the baby in the end. I suppose it was not important whose the father was. The baby was a plot device to move the story. It was MH's so that JW can get geosan to defend her. It was WH's to provoke MH that lead to his death. :P


I guess it must be MH's since in the end the writer conveniently took it away from our otp grand reunion. 

Oh well I stayed on watching becoz I love a whodunit story not the otp. SH was my bias.

Chingus...thank you for keeping me company in this thread. 

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What I meant was YR loved geosan and has the savvy to run it. While SH has more talent in art rather than business. 


The affair between HS and WH's dad happened way after MH was born. HS started to hate her husband after he brought home MH and forced her to raise his illegitimate child. 

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