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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] Symphony’s Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟

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@angelangie I've caught up with ep 27-28 this morning...

Ahhh.. I didn't expect Li Zheyan's papa becoming Xiao Wo's teacher in Paris... awww... hope we'll get family reunion or at least a closure for Li Zheyan. 

I've always feel like Paris arc is the place where Nodame grows the most. Even with changes here and there in the adaptation, the theme still held, Xiao Wo/Nodame will grow of out her cocoon into the beautiful butterfly she really is. And everyone are waiting for it to happen. 

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10 hours ago, angelangie said:


yes one thing she need to learn is that she doesnt live for others however for herself....she had forgotten her initial feeling for piano.....the melody that her fingers dance freely on the keyboard.....


i hope she wake up soon.....as much as Li ZheYan can be there for her....i think she is becoming a burden of a sort and if she doesnt grow up soon....she will drag ZheYan down......


making a person your whole world might be sweet but being yourself is also equally important.. so I understand perfectly what you mean.... We're all here waiting for that moment. 

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Flowers, pink walls, warm sun Paris like a fairy-tale makes love more fragrant here. The love story of the Li Zheyan - Fang Xiao Wo Couple will start a new chapter here in Paris.








I've finally cracked the code hahaa..... It took me so long to finally notice that youtube have a function called community post where the admin can post stuff.. with pictures too hahaha...

There's quite a number of poster shared there too... :wub:

All the posters for this drama is really lovely... some has a slight yellow filters that add to the warm look... I like it.. 

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