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[Current Drama 2019] Blessing of the Sea, 용왕님 보우하사 - Mon - Fri @ 19:15 KST

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On 5/17/2019 at 2:21 AM, Mucky said:

Would someone pls kill that shaman and the aunt

Both women will end up getting a slap down I believe. The shaman mom will have to deal with reality very soon. The money that her daughter ave her to hold she has been scammed out of it I bet or she will use it to cover what she has been scammed out of it. The woman only has greed in her heart and has no idea how her daughter truly got that money. When her daughter comes back to her for the money she will not be able to give it back to her which is going to be a huge issue as the money was not her daughters in the first place.  


Another eye opener is the knowledge that the little girl living in her house unable to speak is really her grandchild that her daughter had. The woman was so quick to talk about another persons child knowing that her daughter is the real murder but did not want the truth to come out to ruin her daughter and in the end the only way justice will be served is for her daughter to have to pay for that crime that another person went to jail for , to learn that her daughter caused the death of that man's mother and has done shady dealings that are going to lead to her going to jail or dying. Given her daughters personality she will try to run and then use that child to have people keep her out of jail. 


As for the aunt she is flapping her mouth because she is angry she never got to be with the painter she wanted when she was young. I have to wonder is CY's adopted dad really that man? What happen to him? Did he suffer memory loss or is this a relative?DId he hide himself because he was harassed? Its going to be very interesting to see what truly happened back then. She thinks he betrayed her and ran off but I do not think that is what happened. 


Now we are coming closer to the truth. I am happy to see that adopted dad is smart enough to think that evil guy is the one he saw tampering with the car and he tussled with in the woods back then. I loved how he looked back and saw the man leaving knowing the man was hanging around watching him. I am truly afraid this man will be hurt or killed before the full truth of what he saw back then comes out. Will he tell our male lead everything he saw? That the two fathers were happy to see one another and hugged? Or will he just let his guilt get to him and confess to stealing the painting? He is an indirect cause of the accident because he took the painting and they went searching and he never thought to say he saw someone messing with the car.  The guilt has eaten at him for years. I do not see him as a bad person only someone that made a mistake that set in motion a series of events that changed lives. The real culprit is that crazy man who harmed 5 people back then. 


In order for them to go forward they need to learn of what he witnessed back then to be prepared to fight that man. The man is dangerous and he has killed already so he has no qualms of doing it again. 

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It‘s about time this useless and stupid  dad should  talk to the right people. They are making  the villains always way too smart.

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True to reality kind of drama which means in reality there really are people like the Shaman Mother Bang; Murderer Sister Ji-Na; Conniving VP Seo; Cuckoo Aunt Jae-Ran; Brainless Cousin Gwi-Nyeo...somehow as I watch this series i group these 5 as a batch as the way they handle things, talk are lots to do with self self self... Despite these 5, I enjoy this series as I find another group who are kind-hearted despite what they have or may have done but willing to account for their own action and these people are Poong-Do, Chung-Yi, Hak-Kyu, Chairman Ma Young-In, Manager Ko and Ryan...
As i continue with this series, I am wondering who will be the winning team... 
Stress out at the same time as I want the ending soonest possible...
Fighting to the couple team Poong and Chung; the parental team Chairman Ma Young-In and Father Sim Hai-Kyu; and lastly the loving supporting team Manager Ko and Ryan:kiss_wink:

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