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What K-drama & movie are you currently watching?

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So, here are dramas that you may like and believe me their hit are proved!!


- Hospital playlist -




- The world of the married life -




- SKY Castle -




- Love Alarm -




- Extraordinary You -




- Hotel Del Luna -




- Crash Landing On You -




- Father is strange -




- Angel's Last Mission -




- What's wrong with secretary Kim ? - 




- Her private life -



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Do you like zombies and a serious plot that keeps you on your toes? If so, "The Kingdom"!!


Want something lovey dovey with a kinda serious-ish plot? "Crash Landing on You"


Want something super lovey dovey and light hearted that leaves you in a puddle of mush? "Touch Your Heart"


Want something old-school lovey dovey? "My Sassy Girl, Sung Choon Hyang"

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It's Okay to Not Be Okay


Backstreet Rookie


To All the Guys who Loved Me--May drop this one though, not sure yet. It's cuz I like the 2nd male lead way more than the ML and it's obvious she won't end up with him so... I'll give it a few more eps to decide.


Was It Love?


Into the Ring



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Right now I"m watching TRUE BEAUTY because I loved the webtoon and wanted to see Lee Suho in real life drama since his personality was so awesome to me. It's really good. 

It's not a deep Kdrama but something that make you enjoy life and the journey of young teenagers facing different problems in life and in school. 

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