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[Upcoming Movie 2019] Call, 콜 - Park Shin Hye and Jun Jong Seo

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2019.03.16 syd_lim IG






[TRANS] DCINSIDE send a coffee truck to #ParkShinHye today 2019.03.16


“Call Bassett” “To support Seoyeon I brought a Coffee Truck here.”


Picture cr: DCINSIDE

Trans cr.@YYSY_

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#콜 #Call #서연 #박신혜 #ParkShinHye #朴信惠 #パク・シネ






(cr : http://anji.style  https://www.instagram.com/p/BvnF8ejgW7W/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=ey1kye3wtfj6 )


Call filming is almost over  According to one of the staff, they will wrap up around 2nd or 3rd of April  I hope that it will be released this summer and hopefully the plot and shinhye's role will be interesting and worth their hard work!!




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TRANS] @PSH_JP send coffee truck to #ParkShinHye.


Pinkle is rooting for Actor Park We have made a <Call> for the Actors x Staffs  

Our ShinHye chan(?)


Japanese fans are always sending HOT love so that seohyun can film with a smile on her face everyday.

cr: @LoeyBerryTrans

via https://twitter.com/YYSY_/status/1112006434621812736

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Actress #HanBoReum sent a coffee truck to ParkShinHye's movie filming set.








© Able coffee truck https://www.instagram.com/p/Bvtk3C8lhkx/ )




I made a call to Jung Heejoo but what she is doing here? (Word play with 했어요 to 했 서현(SH’s name in Call movie)

To #ParkShinHye who has beautiful face and heart, cheer up:heart:

 To all actor n staff have strength until the end of the shoot!! ^^


cr. @LoeyBerryTrans

via https://twitter.com/YYSY_/status/1112706734974357504

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Coffee truck support Park Shin Hye movie 'Call' from PSH Thailand & PSH International Fanclub
cr. star_lightangel [Park Shin Hye message Transltion]
To Starlight Angels

Thank you dear Starlight Angels. Wishing everyone good health. Don't get sick!!
Because of this, I can enjoy delicious drinks and has energy to film in a good mood!
Thank you!! Original Thai trans cr. PSH Thailand

via angelshinhye IG




@psh_ifc & @psh_thai along with 박신혜's Official FC sent food & beverage truck to support PSH filming her new movie "Call" <콜> 190401
Cr. 박신혜's Official FC

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