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[Movie 2020] Call, 콜


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When are you opening? The second half domestic release 5
Written by Mimi Sung (Reporter of Online News Team 2) 2019-08-10

If you completed the first half of 2019, now is the time to expect the second half. Movie fans have been listening to each production process, including casting and shooting news. The anticipation of the release of some of the anticipated works, which waited for the release only, is drawn to some extent. It collected five domestic release movies in the second half, which many fans expect.




In 2015, there was a short film that made the film industry lively. Lee Choong-hyun has emerged as one of the most anticipated new directors with his short < Random > showing a beautiful one-take and shocking ending . His first feature film, Call , deals with the story of two women who live at different times on a single phone call. Curiosity is attracted only by the names of two actors Park Shin-hye and Jeon Jong-seo cast as the main characters . Particularly at this point of time is the news of new actor Jeon Jong-seo's entry into Hollywood, who made an impressive debut with Lee Chang-dong 's < Burning >. This is the reason for the expectation that < Call > will find the audience first this year . It is working on post production with the aim of opening in 2019.


full article:  http://www.cine21.com/news/view/?mag_id=93610 


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Meet South Korea's Next Wave of Film Auteurs

7:15 AM PST 11/7/2019 by Patrick Brzeski



5 South Korean Filmmakers to Watch


Kim Bora

Lee Jong-Eon

Lim Sun-ae

Lee Kyoung-Mi



Chung-Hyun Lee


Courtesy of Subject


The surprise twist in Chung-Hyun Lee’s 2015 short film Bargain won him so many admirers that South Korean studio Yong Film bankrolled the 29-year-old director to write and helm his debut feature starring Jong-seo Jun, the breakout lead actress of Lee Chang-dong’s Burning (2018). The mystery thriller Call centers on two women living in different time periods who are mysteriously connected by a phone. Early buzz emerging from the production about Jun's performance has made it one of the most anticipated titles of early 2020 in Korean industry circles.



full article: http://thr.cm/moTwbi




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January 1, 2020


Korean film scene goes experimental in 2020


By Choi Ji-won The Korea Herald

Encouraged by the astounding achievements of 2019, the Korean film scene is set to go more adventurous this year, bringing zombies, clones and spacecraft to the big screen.


Though such subjects have sometimes been a taboo in the local film industry -- due to past failures -- it looks like the achievements of 2019 have encouraged such experimental items to take part in the major entertainment scene.


In the past, Korea’s film scene had been focused heavily on periodical works, romance or comedy, and criticized for the limited diversity. However, science fiction delving into unfamiliar and futuristic topics are expected to present a fresh challenge to the local film industry.


Following are a few of the must-see films set to be released this year. 



Concept image for “Peninsula” (NEW)


Fans of zombie flicks will rejoice that director Yeon Sang-ho of “Train to Busan” will release the movie’s much-awaited sequel “Peninsula” this summer.


The original -- featuring Gong Yoo and Jung Yu-mi -- was one of the most popular zombie movies here, breaking the vaulted milestone of 10 million viewers in 2016 when it was released.


“Peninsula” will be set four years after the zombie outbreak of the original film, telling the story of the survivors.


“Victory” is about the journey of the eponymous spacecraft. The film has garnered great anticipation after it announced its star casting of heartthrob actors Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri. The movie, created with a high production budget here of 24 billion won ($20.7 million), will be the first Korean movie to incorporate robotics motion capture technology.


Korea’s first film centering on human clones will also be released this year. Park Bo-gum and Gong Yoo team up on the big screen for the first time in “Seo-bok.” In the film, Ki-heon, a former intelligence agent played by Gong, comes across mankind’s first human clone and faces off against forces trying to possess the clone. Park plays the first human clone, Seo-bok. 



Concept image for “Call” (NEW)


Director Lee Chung-hyeon, a promising newcomer who swept the domestic short film awards last year with his 14-minute “Bargain,” makes his feature film debut with thriller “Call.”


Featuring actresses Park Shin-hye and Jun Jong-seo from the Cannes-nominated “Burning” alongside veteran Kim Sung-ryoung, the film tells the story of two women living in two different time periods, connected through a mysterious phone call.


Song Kang-ho, lead actor of Cannes-winning “Parasite,” is making his return to the screen with the movie “Emergency Declaration” this year. Although disaster movies may seem to be a cliche, coming back almost every year with similar plots and settings, “Emergency Declaration” maybe worth the watch just to witness the chemistry between Song and another award-scraping actor Lee Byung-hun.


As the title -- an aviation term used to declare the need for emergency landing of an aircraft in abnormal situations -- implies, the film is a suspenseful disaster film unfolding inside a plane.


While an August release is expected for “Peninsula,” no dates have yet been set for “Victory,” “Seo-bok,” “Call,” and “Emergency Declaration.”

By Choi Ji-won  (jwc@heraldcorp.com)

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28.01.2020. 11:50 PM

Thriller "Call" starring Park Shin Hye confirmed to premiere in March




A mystery thriller with a fresh combination is about to hit theaters.



It has been confirmed that the movie "Call" (director Lee Choong Hyun) will premiere in March. Recently, the film's launching poster striking with two lead actors' intense image has also come out.




"Call" is a mystery thriller that depicts a story about two women living in different times in the past and present and connected by a phone call.


This is a new work by Yong Film, a famous production unit behind many films of various genres such as "The Handmaiden", "Believer", etc. It is also the debut feature film of director Lee Choong Hyun, who has been dubbed "Rookie monster" after sweeping the world's leading film festivals with the short film "Bargain" (2015).



Featuring a novel content when everything is changed due to a phone call between the past and the future, ''Call'' is promised to show a different attraction compared to other mysterious, horror films, from the dramatic storyline, characters with the bold personality to impressive Mise en Scene.



Moreover, the film is also starred by actress Park Shin Hye - who owns a "colorful" charm and always shows new aspects in each work - as Seo Yeon - the girl who wants to change the past. In addition, Jeon Jong Seo - who has emerged as Chungmuro's "blue chip" through ''Burning'' - will take on the role of Young Sook, who wishes to change the future. The two are expected to show new acting that has never been shown in their previous works.



Besides, Kim Sung Ryung, Lee El, Park So Han, Oh Jung Se, and Lee Dong Hwi joined and completed the top-notch cast of "Call", thereby expectedly creating a mystery thriller that will arouse the most curiosity this year.




In the published poster, the symmetrical images of Seo Yeon (played by Park Shin Hye) and Young Sook (played by Jeon Jong Seo) - the two girls who want to change the past and the future, respectively - and various icons. drew great attention. In particular, the appearance of the two looking at two different places but connected by non-original lines also stimulated a sense of tension and viewers' curiosity about their relationship.



The tagline "When the phone rings, everything will change" on the poster heralds the fate of the two girls as the past and the present intersects, which makes everything change. With interesting genre and novel charm, the mysterious horror movie "Call" promises to captivate audiences' hearts in the first half of this year.



Reporter Cho Yeon Gyeong cho.yeongyeong@jtbc.co.kr

Everything Idol, Everyday

Exclusive ▶️ https://vtoday.vlive.tv/home



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[Photo] Launch Poster Released for the Upcoming Korean Movie "Call"



2020/01/29 | Permalink | Source




Launch poster released for the upcoming Korean movie "Call" (2018)

Directed by Lee Chung-hyun

With Park Shin-hye, Jeon Jong-seoKim Sung-ryungLee ElPark Ho-sanOh Jung-se,...

Started filming: 2019/01/03
Started filming: 2019/04/02
Two women living in different time spaces are connected by a call.

Release date in Korea : 2020/03



Source : /www.hancinema.net/ko...







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Launch Poster Of Park Shin Hye’s Latest Movie “Call” Unveiled

By Lilly | January 31, 2020


Park Shin Hye is returning to the big screen soon with her newest movie titled Call. Next Entertainment World confirmed that the movie will be released in March and also dropped a launch poster featuring intense visuals.


The movie Call is a mystery thriller that tells the story of two women who live in different timelines, past and present. Both these women are connected by a single phone call. It is a feature film debut of director Lee Chung Hyun, who had garnered praises for his short film Ransom.


Park Shin Hye Call


Starting with a unique route that changes everything with a single phone linking the past and the future, Call showcases a varied content apart from the mystery thriller genre. It will include tension-filled and unpredictable stories with unique characters.


Headlining the movie is top actress Park Shin Hye, who has constantly showed different charms in each of her works. She takes on the role of Seo Yeon who lives on the present. Joining her is actress Jeon Jong Seo who received massive recognition for her performance in Burning. She will be playing Young Sook, a woman from the past who seeks to change the future.


Both main actresses are raising expectations for their highly anticipated acting in the movie. Additionally, Kim Sung Ryung, Lee El, Park Ho San, Oh Jeong Se, and Dong Ki Ri complete the strong casting lineup to herald the production of the most mysterious thriller of the year.


The released poster is eye-catching, with various symbols added to the symmetry between two women, Seo Yeon (Park Shin Hye) and Young Sook (Jeon Jong Seo), who are trying to change the past and the future. Also, the two people looking at different places connected by unidentified lines raise questions and tensions about their connection.


In particular, the quote “The phone rings and everything changes” foreshadows the fate of two women, when the past and the present gets aligned and everything changes. This new mystery thriller Call is expected to fascinate everyone in the first half of the year, with its genre and fresh appeal.


The movie Call, which will brings forth a different story that has never been seen before, is scheduled to be released this year in March.



Source: Sports Donga

Image Credit: Next Entertainment World




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