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[Movie 2020] Call, 콜


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Netflix is here, find Netflix in 'Stranger Things'.









New-wave in Chungmuro
A brilliant debut for directors born in the 90s


#June 16th release #Ha Yoon-Kyung #Kim Jung-Young #Kim Jung-Eun Director #Indie Story



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Shin Hye and Jeon Jong-seo mentioned in an interview with actress Lee Si-woo


- Do you have a role models?

I like Park Shin-hye and Jeon Jong-seo seniors. I really enjoyed the movie 'Call'. When I was filming for 'House of Paper', I was overwhelmed by the fact that I was a fan of Jeon Jong-seo, so I was filming with her. Park Shin-hye sunbaenim  can pull off any genre.  can digest any genre well. I have no experience during “Sisyphus” but she taught me a lot during that time. That makes me want to be that kind of sunbae and role model.  


Former Jongseo sunbaenim wants to resemble her energy when acting. She has to act in front of her role model, her senior, so she gets nervous and nervous every time she shoots. When we first met, she said that she was a fan so I asked if I could hold her hand, and she smiled brightly and took her hand (laughs).




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15 Award-Winning Korean Movies That You Should Watch On Netflix

Here are 15 award-winning Korean films that are available to watch on Netflix:


The Call (2020)




Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Synopsis: Connected by phone in the same home but 20 years apart, a serial killer puts another woman’s past — and life — on the line to change her own fate; based on “The Caller” by Sergio Casci
Running time: 112 minutes
Starring: Park Shin-hye, Jeon Jong-seo, Kim Sung-ryung, Lee El, Oh Jung-se, Lee Dong-hwi, Park Ho-san
Writer: Lee Chung-hyun
Director: Lee Chung-hyun
Cinematographer: Jo Young-jik
Distributor: Netflix, Next Entertainment World
Release Date: November 27, 2020
Rotten Tomatoes: 100%



3 wins out of 12 nominations:




cr: https://korean-binge.com/2022/08/30/15-award-winning-korean-movies-that-you-should-watch-on-netflix/

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19 Amazing Korean Movies on Netflix

Are you a Korean movie buff, or learning to speak Korean? Then these Korean movies on Netflix are a must-watch!

Below are some of the best Korean movies on Netflix for language learners — and just the general movie lover.

South Korea has a thriving movie industry (often called Hallyuwood, for the “Korean wave”) which has produced top Korean movies like Train to Busan, Oldboy, and Parasite. Speaking of Parasite, it was the first non-English language movie to win an Academy Award for Best Picture!

Listed below are the best Korean movies on Netflix for any genre: action, romance, comedy, horror, thrillers, dramas. There are even a couple Korean kids’ movies!

Let’s jump into the Hallyu, the “Korean wave” of popular entertainment from South Korea!

A note from the Fluent in 3 Months team before we get started: You can chat away in Korean for at least 15 minutes with the "Fluent in 3 Months" method. All it takes is 90 days. Tap this link to find out more.

Korean Action Movies on Netflix



Hangul: 콜
Released: 2020
Director: Chung-Hyun Lee
Genre: Horror, Thriller
IMDb Rating: 7.2/10

In two different times – 20 years apart – one phone call connects two women. As the women end up changing the past (and thus the present), they unleash a pandora’s box of death.

This movie stars megastar Park Shin-hye!





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