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Call     Genre: Thriller Release Date: 2019 Director: Lee Choong Hyun Produced by: N/A Distributed by: Next Entertainment World Screenplay: N/A  

KIM SUNG-RYUNG TO JOIN PARK SHIN-HYE IN UPCOMING THRILLER FILM 2018-10-02 180       Kim Sung-Ryung will appear as the mother of Park Shin-Hye in upcom

Auditions are being held for the cast for the movie these days.... as per IG post below...understandable since the filming for ‘ Call’ starts in Nov for premiere in 2019 sometime...    

salt_ent IGupdate November 27, 2020











cr. instagram.com/p/CIFj__8jUui/?igshid=q8e1vmyrt4o3



#박신혜 #Parkshinhye #朴信惠
영화 <콜> 공개 D-Day!
박신혜 배우의
영화 <콜>이 드디어 공개되었습니다 :)
지금 바로 '넷플릭스'에서 만나보세요!
#영화 #콜 #서연 #한통의 #전화로 #운명이 #뒤바뀐 #여자 #매체인터뷰 #사진촬영 #비하인드 #저장을 #부르는 #아름다움 #오늘 #11월27일 #넷플릭스 #Netflix #공개


#Park Shinhye #Parkshinhye #朴信惠
The movie <Call> was released D-Day!
 of actor Park Shin-hye
The movie <Cole> has finally been released :)
Meet it on'Netflix' right now!

#Movie #Call #Seoyeon #One #On the phone #Fate changed #Woman #Interview #Photoshoot #Behind-the-scenes #Save #Calling #Beauty #   #Today #November 27 #Netflix #Netflix #Public

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[HanCinema's News] Park Shin-hye Talks About "The Call"

miniminiphoto1159177.jpg By William Schwartz on 2020/11/28 at 21:40 PST

With the worldwide release of "The Call" on Netflix comments by leading actress Park Shin-hye on the supernatural mystery thriller have taken on new interest. A recent interview with the actress had Park Shin-hye expressing a sense of being unnerved at how the movie is only releasing now, some eight months after the first press conference in March. Nevertheless, Park Shin-hye was appreciative of how the movie is now releasing to an international audience instead of the original limited Korean one.


"The Call" deals with a young woman played by Park Shin-hye who starts receiving mysterious time slipped phone calls at her new residence. The feature film is the first from director Lee Chung-hyun, who premiered on the festival circuit with an award-winning short back in 2015. Director Lee Chung-hyun has drawn special attention for being a young director. He is thirty years old- the same age as his leading lady.



Park Shin-hye described the experience of working with such a young director as being quite strange at first. She mentioned an anecdote of jokingly saying to him, after filming had completed, that they could talk to each other in informal terms now. But Park Shin-hye noted that she didn't really mean it. Over the course of "The Call" she appreciated that Lee Chung-hyun was a serious professional who knew how to take charge of a movie set.




Park Shin-hye mentioned that being the same age allowed for easy give and take when it came to various filming ideas. In contrast to the older directors, Lee Chung-hyun has had similar life experiences to Park Shin-hye, and could more easily relate to her ideas. Park Shin-hye claimed that getting into the script filled her with an increasing sense of revulsion. When Park Shin-hye discussed this with Lee Chung-hyun, alterations were made to better take this into account.




One specific example was a scene that, as scripted, involved an explicit plea for help. Park Shin-hye thought this made her character look callous, particularly as it was originally edited right before a scene involving serious bodily injury. Re-takes of the scene were done as necessary to the point that minor lines which seemed like ad-libs were actually originally scripted, given greater impact with more fleshed out context. "The Call" was released internationally on Netflix on November 27th.



Written by William Schwartz







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KBS Entertainment

[Interview] Park Shin-hye “Character fight, war against time, and platform selection”

Input 2020.11.26. 11:11 am


Actress, paving the way-I'm in my

30s. The determination of the actress.

“There seems to be a work that naturally comes to me. When I was in my twenties, such a fresh and growing work seemed to suit me as well. It seems that even now, the right work has come. When the problems and experiences I encountered in my personal relationships and social life were piled up step by step, I came across such a work strangely. And when I think I'm ready, I come across such a work. It was like that of <Alive>. There was something like a knot that couldn't be loosened, but when I thought about what it might be, a proposal for <Call> came. The time came when I had to explode my emotions with <Call>. When it popped up like that, there was a way. The waters burst and meet the next work. That way, I will be doing more diverse works.”

-What kind of work you want to do in the future?

 I am doing various genres. I want to tell an honest love story. I have thought of that. I wanted to find fun and be happy. There was a moment when I tried to run away while avoiding what I had to say. I'm tired and tired. But, aren't the moments that you must do? You have to say sharp, thorny words. I want to tell a story that contains an honest story between people and people. Love story, friend story, family story. I want to meet a work that can calmly and calmly solve the various emotions I feel in my 30s. That's the idea.”

-Eventually,'Call' is released. A word to the long-awaited fans.

“It's a movie that I wanted to show from this March, so I'm more attached. Although it is not a theater, please visit a lot. It's scary to see it alone, so I hope you see it'safely' with your family and friends. I want you to feel the excitement with the corona-frustrating heart call.”

Actress Park Shin-hye said, “I wish I could talk with reporters face-to-face. After the premiere, I miss the time I was shaking and interviewing.”


 (KBS Media Park Jae-hwan )

[Photo = Park Shin-hye / Netflix provided]





Park Jae-hwan kino@kbsmedia.co.kr

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Sports Dong-A

"Crazy acting" "I'm really scared"..Netflix'Call' popularized

Reporter Yoon Yeo-su Input 2020.11.30. 06:56
Automatic summary
Ranked 10th in Latin America after Korea and Taiwan
A scene from the movie'Cole'.  Photo provided | Netflix
A scene from the movie'Cole'. Photo provided | Netflix
The movie 'Call' starring actors Park Shin-hye and Jeon Jong-seo has been paying attention since the beginning of the release and is paying off. 
'Call', which has been released in 190 countries around the world through Netflix, an online video streaming platform (OTT), is predicting popularity as it rises to the global popularity chart from the 27th.

According to the statistics of'Flix Patrol', an online streaming service ranking site on the 29th,'Call' ranked 10th on the Netflix global content chart. South Korea and Taiwan, as well as Asia such as Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, as well as Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Africa. It also ranked 10th in Latin America, including Peru and the Dominican Republic.


 It is expected to be even more heated in the future in that it is the heat that was elicited after two days of release.

It seems that the interest of Asian users was driven by the fact that the lead actor Park Shin-hye has established itself as a'Hallyu star'. However, it is also evaluated for the power of the movie itself.


'Call' is a unique fantasy thriller that depicts the story of two women living in the time of 2020 and November 1999 communicating through a wireless phone and getting caught up in an unimaginable violence. In particular, the gaze comes out that the role of Jong-seo Jeon, who performed intense acting by revealing madness and violence as a psychopath, which is rare as a female character, was effective. In fact, netizens' praise for Jeon Jong-seo's acting such as “crazy acting ability” and “seriously scary” continues.

In the wake of the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19),'Call' chose to disclose it through Netflix instead of opening the theater.

 In this regard, netizen expressed regret that "Netflix also creates tension, but it would have been better if it had been seen in a movie theater."


Reporter Yoon Yeo-su tadada@donga.com




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'Call' Director Lee Choong-hyun "No matter how much I think of you," Park Shin-hye cast secret story

Input 2020.11.30. 12:47 PM
Director Lee Choong-hyun of the movie'Cole'

[Reporter Heo Min-nyeong on the news]

"No matter how much I think, it was only Park Shin-hye."
It's a story that I really wanted to catch Park Shin Hye by putting off the shooting time. The result is success.

Choong-Hyun Lee, the director of the movie'Call', who met with subscribers around the world through Netflix, shared a story about the casting of Park Shin-hye and Jeon Jong-seo.

On November 30th, in an interview conducted by video according to the social distancing stage, director Lee Choong-hyun, especially with Park Shin-hye, said, “I was initially rejected because of exhaustion due to the filming of the drama”. I couldn't erase the fact that the enemy was only Park Shin-hye.” The sincere love call that I can wait for was said to have led to a successful appearance.

Jeon Jong-seo's hot performance, which is getting an explosive response right after Netflix's release, cannot be missed. Regarding this, director Choong-hyun Lee said that when he was writing the screenplay, "It was the time when the movie'Burning' in which Jeon Jong-seo starred was released," and that he did not hesitate to select Jeon Jong-seo as a person to embody a multifaceted character.
Director Lee Choong-hyun introduced the two-top combination of Park Shin-hye and Jeon Jong-seo, who led the film, as "the same age or the same age," and confessed the advantages and disadvantages of this. He said, "It seems that (similar age) gave us smoothness in communication."

The movie'Call' was originally scheduled to be released in the theater.

Director Lee Chung-hyun, who expressed his regret that it could not be displayed on a large screen, said, "I think that being able to show it to fans around the world is rather another opportunity. Also did. The movie was released on November 27 as the Netflix original movie title. 
(Photo = provided by Netflix)

NewsN Heo Minnyeong mignon@ article reports and press releases newsen@newsen.com copyrightⓒ NewsN . Unauthorized reproduction & redistribution prohibited
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Director Park Shin-hye x Jeon Jong-seo 'Call' "It's possible enough for an explosive thriller led by women" (General) [Interview]

Bora Kim Input 2020.11.30. 17:44 Edited on 30 November 2020. 17:52




Director Lee said, “When I saw the finished work, I was satisfied with the fact that the actors' performance was intact. It was his first work, “I could have done better” and “I should try this way,” although there is a directing regret, but overall, I think it did not come out as I did my best.” He expressed his satisfaction with the first commercial feature work.


Regarding Park Shin-hye, who plays Seoyeon, he said, “I'm the same age as me, but I have been active since I was much younger than me. The genre she always played was usually romance or melo, but seeing the central figure there seemed to suit hard genre stuff.” I thought  she was an excellent actor in expressing her original emotions.” 


Park Shin-hye, who mainly digested innocent and pitiful characters in a romance melodrama, began to show a subjective appearance that was not previously seen in the movies'#Alive' (director Ilhyung Jo) and 'Call'.


When asked what direction he wanted to express with Youngsook's character, he said, “Although Youngsuk's character is expressed as a killer, it seems that it is not a character that can be defined as a simple killer. He is a character who has a lot of complex emotions,” he said. “In the beginning, she is like an innocent child, and when talking with Seoyeon, she is like a normal student. Rather than being expressed in the word serial killer, I would like you to see that there are many aspects within her. It seems that the potential part of everyone has been expressed in the wrong way.” 



'Call', which is filled with fantasy settings, characters, intense bloody lighting, and overflowing blood, is a time-slip genre created by new director Lee Choong-hyun. In response, Lee said, “Because there are many complex genres these days, mystery elements are as important to me as storytelling. (Next time) Even if I do other genres, I think I'll add a little bit of mystery elements.” 






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Korean economy

'Call' Jeon Jong-seo "Park Shin-hye, thinks she's a bad boy and acts" (Interview)

Input 2020.11.30. 2:47 PM
 Edited on 30 November 2020. 5:12 PM
Using text-to-speech services
Original image
Actor Jeon Jong-seo shared his thoughts on acting in the film'Call'.

Through an online interview held on the 30th, Jeon Jong-seo said, "If you look at reviews from many audiences, they said that they had fun while eating a can of beer on the weekend, and that they watched it on their mobile phone because there was no time. I'm happy" he said.

In'Call', Jeon Jong-seo plays Young-sook, a woman who wants to change the future, and establishes a confrontation with Park Shin-hye, who plays Seo-yeon, a woman who is trying to change the past. Jeon Jong-seo is regarded as the best woman in the Korean film industry,'Villan,' for his amazing and intense acting that was not shown in previous filmography.

Jeon Jong-seo said, "To act, it was the order of understanding. My actions were also valid and the audience seemed to be able to understand. I approached the opposite. I thought Seoyeon was a bad boy and acted. I will do this to you. I constantly created a reason I could not help. It seems that it was designed to explode because it naturally became persuasive, and its power grew like a snowball."


원본 이미지

Jeon Jong-seo showing intense acting in'Call' / Photo = Netflix





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[5-Minute Interview]'Call' Jongseo Jeon "Park Shin-hye, an actor with what I don't have"

Interview 2020. 11.30(Mon) 15:18



The Celebrity Reporter Jeon Ye-seul] Actor Jeon Jong-seo shared his feelings of breathing with gratitude toward Park Shin-hye .

On the afternoon of the 30th, an interview with Jong-seo Jeon to commemorate the release of the movie'Call' (director Choong-hyun Lee) was held online due to the aftermath of the re-proliferation of Corona 19.

'Call' was initially scheduled to open at the theater last March, but was temporarily postponed due to the spread of Corona 19 . 'Call', which had been drifting, eventually gave up the theater release and chose the OTT service, Netflix, and was released around the world on the 27th.

'Call' is a mystery thriller depicting a maddening obsession that begins when two women in different time periods connected via a single phone change their fates . In the drama, Jong-seo Jeon presented the most powerful female villain character in the history of a Korean movie, breaking down into Young-sook, who knows his terrible future and is runaway .

Jeon Jong seo  said, “When I exploded, actor Park Shin-hye had to hit the floor. If I had to do that, it would have been a big blow mentally.” It seems that they were in good balance with each other,” she expressed her gratitude toward Park Shin-hye.

She said, “I felt like I was shooting alone . Young-sook itself is the concept of being alone, confined, and living alone in a big house. Today, when it comes to breathing with another actor, it was a series of scenes such as fighting with that actor or murdering. There was also a desire to keep in breath. It seems like Youngsook's character was born because of that.”

[The Celebrity Reporter Jeon Ye-seul news@fashionmk.co.kr / Photo = provided by Netflix]








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