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Call     Genre: Thriller Release Date: 2019 Director: Lee Choong Hyun Produced by: N/A Distributed by: Next Entertainment World Screenplay: N/A  

KIM SUNG-RYUNG TO JOIN PARK SHIN-HYE IN UPCOMING THRILLER FILM 2018-10-02 180       Kim Sung-Ryung will appear as the mother of Park Shin-Hye in upcom

Auditions are being held for the cast for the movie these days.... as per IG post below...understandable since the filming for ‘ Call’ starts in Nov for premiere in 2019 sometime...    

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Netflix’s The Call Review: Another Amazing South Korean Thriller


Archi Sengupta     NOVEMBER 27, 2020

The Call is a South Korean horror/thriller film written and directed by Lee Chung-hyun. The film stars Park Shin-hye and Jeon Jong-seo in lead roles.


South Korean horror/thriller movies have a way of inflicting horror in the hearts of its audiences. 2020’s The Call is a tad bit different from the films of the genre. It’s a mix of sci-fi, thriller and horror and the meshing of the stories along with the performances make this one memorable.



The Call follows two women, connected through a telephone 20 years apart, whose lives go through phenomenal changes due to their chance acquaintance.


The Call is a dizzying, gloomy ride through what I can only describe as manic fun. Okay, it’s not really fun in the traditional sense because there is a lot of blood and gore, but you get what I mean. From the moment the film starts, you know something dark is about to happen. The story is a twisty tale of two women who come across each other because of the home they share 20 years apart and a telephone. This encounter proves fruitful to Seo-yeon, but along the line, she realises she has unleashed a monster.


The monster comes in the form of Young-sook, who is, well, a psychopath. These two women are similar, but not really. And this story would’ve been just another murder mystery had The Call not decided to show us Seo-yeon’s life literally changing as Young-sook manipulates her past. The film ends on a cliff-hanger, and the way the shots change from one perspective to the other is extremely entertaining and also very frightening.

The credit has to be given to cinematographer Jo Young-jik, along with writer Lee Chung-hyun. Apart from having a tight storyline, the cinematography adds leaps and bounds to the narrative. The dark and gloomy atmosphere and sets add terror in the hearts of both Seo-yeon and us. The background score, too, is great.


I remember watching Park Shin-hye in #Alive which is one of my favourite zombie horror films. She was phenomenal then, and she’s phenomenal in The Call as well. She and Jeon Jong-seo carry the film on their shoulders, and you wouldn’t be able to look away from the screen – their presence is magnetic. Seo-yeon’s vulnerability, strength, confusion and happiness are deftly brought on-screen by Shin-hye, who never breaks character. On the other hand, Jeon Jong-seo is absolutely terrifying as the deranged Young-sook. The way she stares at people is enough to give anyone nightmares.

The Call constantly manipulates time and showcases cause and effect deftly. There’s a moment in the film where you see Seo-yeon happy, and in spite of knowing that is a thriller, you wonder if things would work out in her favour. However, it doesn’t and I have to blame that on Seo-yeon. To be honest, she makes a lot of incorrect decisions which probably doesn’t make much sense, but then again, when a crazed killer is holding your child-self hostage, I don’t know how I’d react.


Fans of gore and all things messed up, The Call delivers on its promise. The hopelessness of the situation and Seo-yeon’s wickedness go hand-in-hand with the horror. It’s absolutely mind-blowing and is, well, quite hopeless. The blood and gore all look very real, and for the most part, it is believable, the characters are fleshed out and you get hooked to it from the get-go.

Summing up: The Call



The Call, with its messed up but original storyline and presentation, creates a hopeless world where winning doesn’t seem like an option. it’s a delightful watch that will keep you thinking long after you’re done with it.

The Call is streaming on Netflix.

Liked The Call review? Read our other reviews here.




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I just watched it. Omgosh. It freaked me out. My heart is still pounding. 


So basically it seems like park shin hye character never escaped the serial killer at the end? Because we see the mom disappear and the killers eyes are open and she’s alive. Then we cut to a grown up park shin hye tied up in the secret room. So she’s been kept hostage since she was a little girl? 


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TV Daily

'Call' Park Shin-hye "A work that was emotionally exhausting but worthwhile" [Interview]

Reporter Kim Jong-eun Input 2020.11.28. 09:02


Park Shin-hye, who came to the public of'Call' in such an eventful manner, but the process of choosing to appear in'Call' for the first time was not smooth. "To be honest,'Call' is a work that I once refused."


However, I was also worried. The first concern was about the character. Park Shin-hye said, "Because Youngsuk's character is so strong, I wondered whether Seoyeon was drawn with a feeling of being too defensive and dragged. In the existing thriller genre, a character like Seoyeon mainly played a dragged role, what would I do?


I think I've been thinking a lot about whether it could give me a difference.” “I also had a lot of worries about how much emotion to express Seoyeon's aggressive changes. Even when actually filming, I focused on the areas that raised emotions, and also with the director. We talked a lot,” he said.






#Parkshinhye trending with #call





“The two main characters are wonderful. They interact so well and have this great back and forth.” And he praises just about everything about the movie.
 The Call (2020) Netflix Movie Review
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[Fanart] Seo Yeon  & Young sook













#Advertising Netflix movie <Cole>

The crazy acting combination of actor Park Shin Hye X Jeon Jong Seo!
Director Lee Choong-hyun's feature film debut that swept the short film festival

Thriller of all-time female characters
After seeing, I became a fan of the two actors.......

On weekends to fight against corona



cr. imyoukki https://www.instagram.com/p/CIIcBFllXcN/
After all #Netflix

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11.28.20 Instagram post by YongFilm






cr.@yongfilm.inc  https://instagram.com/p/CIHAg-HpswG/?igshid=6hjr4jakjruo


This is a dragon film. Call was simultaneously released worldwide via Netflix. Thank you to everyone who has worked hard to create a near time call for the past 5 years.

Although the final decision was made to Netflix, the author Kang Seon-ju, who would have struggled with the story overturned several times throughout the script work, Lee Young ,Producer Jeong Hee-soon, who carefully coordinated and led the difficult films from NEW's Director Ham Jin, Bae Hana Team Leader, Lucky, Dokjeon, and Call, who became a stepping stone to gain light in the painter world.


An amazing actor Park Shin-hye who showed frustration, collapse, and hard anger with sadness.

A sweet named Oh Young-sook Actor Jeon Jong-seo expresses the coolness of humans with an innocent expression.
The acting of the actor of the Holy Spirit with a determined expression trying to protect Seoyeon by holding the sword with his hand is still vivid.
Actor Lee L who upgraded her new mother's acting, which must have been deep in agony, into a unique atmosphere and expression.

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